Yet another T5 swap question

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  1. 1) What does the conversion cross member do rather than slotting the holes in the factory mount? Is it taller?

    2) Is it possible to use a late model pedal box/assy in a classic with fab work (allows modern cable with out mustangsteve's' conversion)?

    3) What is the difference in the yoke of the T5 and C4?

    I was talking this over with a couple of buddies who are big into Fox 'Stangs and one of them is a master trans tech for Ford. They have swapped T5's and C4's into late model 'Stangs before. We were discussing what all would need to be done to swap in a 5 speed from a C4 in my car. It was decided that the yoke is possibly the same, the cross member would probably need to be slotted, and a set of fox pedals could be fabed to work under the dash. I have read the site too.
  2. I did the T5 swap and replaced my old 3 speed so it may be different that your c4 but....

    1) I believe the T5's mounting bolts are much further aft - much more than you'd get by slotting the original member's bolts. That said, if you're handy with a welder and have some stock laying around, I'd consider fabbing my own - the aftermarket piece I bought didn't impress me too much.

    2) Yes, it is possible. When I first did the conversion I had the car stripped and made a slick hybrid pedal assembly using parts of the original and parts from the Fox (specifically the clutch and original cable assembly). Then several months later when putting the car back together I found that in my design the quadrant hit the wiper motor. At that point in the restoration I was lazy and decided just to buy a hydraulic system rather than re-engineer what I had, but I'm confident it can be successfully done.

    3) If the C4's yoke is similar to the yoke on my 3spd (and I'm assuming they're the same) it'll fit perfectly in the T5 and will give you no problems even though it's longer than the T5's original yoke.

    Good luck.
  3. There are different C4 yolks. I've heard you can cut down certain ones and use them with a T5. You might as well get a T5 yolk from the donnor car you get the trans out of.

    The swap crossmember sets the proper pinion angle which is important for the life of the tailshaft in the trans, also the u-joints in the drive shaft and the gears/bearings in the rear end.
  4. 1. c4 or three-speeds crossmembers may be too short to compensate t5 height. You may have to extend it a few inches (i.e. cut+reweld).

    2. Late (i.e. SN95) model pedal assembly will hit wiper motor. No way around it. You would have to relocate the plastic quadrant to the driver side of the assembly. then, you would have another issue, how to properly fix it to support dash sheet metal. If you want to manufacture something it is easier to weld clutch pedal with aftermarket quadrant to classic automatic assy, wherever it fits the cabel you want to use.

    3. C4 yoke will fit t5
  5. Cool, didn;t know about the wiper motor. This is why you ask questions.
  6. Which aftermarket clutch quadrants are metal and not aluminum (so it can be welded)? Cause thats the way I i'm going for my t5. :)

  7. I was not talking about welding quadrant to clutch pedal!! And don't weld it if you think this way as it has to stay adjustable. Only cLutch pedal mounting rod needs to be welded or otherwise firmly fixed to the pedal assembly
  8. Ok, so can I add JUST the clutch pedal arm to my stock auto assembly or do I need the complete clutch pedal assembly?
  9. You can but I think you have to cut the stock brake pedal pad down or it will interfear with the clutch pedal. If you do it nicely and put a pedal pad on it for a stick shift brake pedal it would be basically impossible to tell from the front of the pedal.
  10. Ya, I knew about the brake pedal so thats no suprise. So what else do I need? I have been looking at the pedal assy. on eBay on used ones, but I would hate to spend the same amount of money buying used stuff just to have to replace/repair it with new parts. I plan on doing the MUSTANGSTEVE weld on quadrant as I like the idea of late model cable.
  11. Check your pedal support to make sure it isn't jack up. Make sure the bushings are in good shape and what not. You might want to put the roller bearing kit from Mustang Steve in there as well.