04 cobra not fast enough

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by woomaster, May 5, 2004.

  1. Do not use g-tech numbers to compare. Something is wrong if you cannot flat out walk a stock '01 Cobra from a roll.
  2. ...

    Something is definetely wrong. either you or the car....

    I didnt know how to drive very well in 02 when I first bought mine and I managed a 12.76 and then a 12.56 when I went to BFG Drag radials.

    If you spin the tires at all though your 1/4 mile time will be in the low 13s..

    Too bad you cant get to a track. Its easier to know whether its you or the car when we can see your 60ft as well as you MPH and 1/4 mile time.

    When were you shifting? What RPM? to get the most out of it stock I seemed to do my best just over 6000 rpms....not right at the red line as I first thought......

    ALSo in warmer weather this car definitely runs slower. I think im about .3 slower when its warm out and my car is hot.

    Chip, pulley and drag radials turned my 12.76 into an 11.70! (in cool weather with a cool engine)
  3. What kind of tubing did you use for your homeade air system? Could the tube be collapsing under a WOT run? I had an issue with my old 89 Gt that I had done a homeade RamAir system. I kept getting ****ty times, and couldnt figure it out. Then someone noticed my tube was collapsing. Worth a look...

  4. Friend just got yellow 04, raced from 40 to about 120 and i could hold him about a fender or so. Given he is bone stock. This was done in a modded Mach 1 n/a.. And for the record no driving issues on either part.
  5. your mach 1's main weapon are those 4.30 gears.... huge jump on 3.55s....
  6. With all those mods and traction, King, I bet your car is dipping into the 12's, so it's not hard to believe you faired that well against him...your Mach is fast :nice:
  7. Never had it to track yet, I hope it does well you guys wish me luck :D As far as the cobra we will have it runnin low 11's by end of summer i hope. It was nice to get him once, that was my only chance while he was stock.
  8. sounds like you can't drive, if both cars are stock or mostly stock you should win both. Maybe he's a better driver too.
  9. I beg to differ... :D
  10. i forgot to add "stock"

    not built. :rolleyes:
  11. What? I've never heard of anyone losing power through a CAI on a 03/04 Cobra. there have been issues with certain CAI because of poor design, but it's a GOOD mod without a tune.