11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. so its no shock... im shooting for 11's NA before build a nitrous kit out of stuff laying around

    GT40 exploder intake
    GT40 heads being milled to XX cc's (i'll fill this in after rick mills them)
    B303 cam
    1.72 roller rockers
    aeromotive FPR
    QA1 K member
    QA1 coil overs
    14-175 springs
    stock control arms "modded"
    electric fan
    relocated battery
    ported SN95 MAF
    C&L inlet pipe smoothed the flashing out of it
    65MM throttle body thats been smoothed
    65MM spacer also smoothed and blended into throttle body
    Zoom kevlar clutch
    MSD 6AL2 plan to launch at 4500 RPM off the 2step
    UPR pro adjustable lowers
    UPR radius arm uppers
    4cyl springs (may swap out for V8 springs)
    275/60 hoosier drag radials
    lakewood 50/50's
    full length subframes
    no heat
    no AC
    no radio
    no speakers
    no rear seat
    no wipers
    no power steering
    no smog

    im sure im missing something
    anything else you guys think i may need? yes i plan to drive it like i stole it and if it breaks it breaks i'll fix it.
  2. And aluminum driveshaft is a nice mod. Really picked up the "snap" on the bottom end with mine. I just scavenged one from an AWD aerostar at a local wrecker. Worked great with the right U-Joints. Underdrive pulleys couldn't hurt either.
  3. A friend of mine went 11.22 on 302 (11.5:1 compression), home ported gt40p's, Anderson cam, edelbrock performer intake, shorties, no accesories besides alternator, think the car weighed 3000lbs. Oh yeah, on slicks leaving at 6000. I think your combo may be just shy of his, but you should get 11's no less.

  4. have the pulleys...
    the drive shaft is something ive been looking for. but the aerostars are few and far between.
  5. yea i know i could do it with some compression but i wanted to see how far i can push the stock short block.
  6. According to http://www.car-part.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi?userSearch=int&userPID=1000&userLocation=USA&userIMS=&userInterchange=BEF&userSide=&userDate=1996&userDate2=1996&dbModel= Aerostar&dbPart=431.1&userPart=Drive Shaft, Rear&sessionID=600000000000000000047882035&userPreference=zip&userZip=21009&userLat=39.471&userLong=-76.296&userIntSelect=32491&userUID=0&userBroker=&userPage=1&iKey=

    .....there are 20 of the ones you need within 100-miles of your location right now. Two of which are within 25-miles.

    I had mine shipped 300km to my door for $100 and $30 in U-joints later I was up and running. That's less than half the cost of the FRPP unit. :nice:
  7. i may have to go check a few of the other local ones that are u pick u pull ones. they have better prices by a long shot. drive shafts are like 15 bucks
  8. Gotta watch a lot of those places. I don't know how many of them I've seen ruined by getting crushed with the fork lift when moving the vehicles around in the lot. :nonono:
  9. yea ill have to look it over before i pull it out...
  10. oh yea i have shorties off road H and blowmasters with dumps also
  11. I'm assuming that driveshaft has to be out of an AWD aerostar, and 2WD will not work?
  12. Srt keep them 4 cyl springs they transfer much better man I hope you hit that 11 with that set up guess 10s on the bottle ha I hope my car hits 11 s I've got a pretty close set up as yours and the blower but my car is heavier good luck let me know.when your heading to the.track to run it ill go run my car to
  13. Correct. From a '96-'97 is prefferable as they had the updated shaft...but any '93-'97 will work.
  14. I think they transfer to much for the radials. I'll have to try both to know for sure
  15. Why the bcam over a custom grind?
  16. That's good to know srt as I was thinking of 4 cyl. Springs myself ;)
  17. I'm cheap and it was free...
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  18. I think its a obtainable goal, but im not sure the radials will get it done. It will be much easier to do on a set of stiff wall slicks. Radials and a clutch dont play well together
  19. I killed a couple of stock clutches running the old school M/T ET Drags, but then went out and bought a dual friction centerforce and never had another problem...with clutches anyway.
    transmissions, axles..That's another story.
  20. I say 12.3