Roush 2000-2004 S-281SC 1/4 mile time slips

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by SGOODRIC50, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. does anyone know how much i could expect to lose in the 1/4 if i had 3.73s?

  2. I would have thought the "drag radials on pro stars" had helped you more. But still a 1.9 from a SC saleen is pretty good. Most SC saleen guys are pulling 2.1 to 2.3 60's due to having zero traction. 4 tenths of a second is pretty significant.
  3. I would think if you have the traction you'll GAIN not lose... maybe 1 to 2 tenths...
  4. last season i pulled a 1.9 60' on my street tires but only ran a 13.3 at 104 and i didnt have the o/r x pipe, last weekend i still only pulled a 1.9 with the d/r's but shifting into 4th before trapping helped my et and mph.
  5. What is a Mac cai? (I am new to this :( sorry )
  6. A mac cai stands for, Mac (the brand), and Cold Air Intake...CAI so its a mac cold air intake :nice:

  7. Wow, thats really fast! Is that typical?
  8. 12.6 at 110 with just intake and exhaust? Somethings Fishy?
  9. I was thinking that to...But you never know with saleen...
    maybe they felt like making there cars motor nice for once :rolleyes: ...
  10. Well my car has been running amazing since my mods. It has some balls now. 4th gear dont take long at all :)
  11. I am racing mine in the next couple of weeks! I need to know :)
  12. i hit 125 Mph on the freeway today :)
  13. Any speeding tickets?:)
  14. I got a new best and ran 3 back to back 12.8'[email protected] a couple weeks ago.
    I think it still has some left in it because I never powershifted that day.
    But I did cut a 1.68 60ft :banana:
  15. Nice times. No tickets Yet..... 130 Again today. Car is Runnin Phenominal and i dont have a tune Yet :)
  16. Anyone have 10 second Saleens 99-04? With an SOHC?
  17. No lol. I dont think so. Ive seen a mystic 96-98 saleen runnin 10's.
  18. What is wrong with them? SOHC can't get it done? Or the Body is just too heavy?
  19. You can find a 10 second Saleen over at
    They built one thats pushing 600rwhp with the stock heads and intake
  20. Got a new best with my 02 last [email protected] still want to get in the elevens...its so damn close i can taste it...