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  1. How original! I bet that line works on all the girls; the ones still wearing stone-washed jeans, tye-dye shirts, and "poofs" in their hair. Let's not forget the soda-can tabs on their purse-straps, either. :rlaugh:

    Did anyone catch the new article in Motor Trend about the Hennessey Camaro, packed with 600+ rwhp, that couldn't muster better than an 11.90 1/4 mile? It must be that 4000 lbs! :rlaugh:
  2. That stupid Transformer movie is one of the things that I hate most about the new camaro.

    And the WORST thing is, you would THINK that the people having the camaro's would try to distance themselves and their cars and that dumba$$ movie. But nope, not at all, they EMBRACE IT.

    It's like embracing the WWF. It's like embracing Hannah Montana.

    Your car is a cartoon in a movie....a dumb, teenage movie. Distance yourself from it...run from it. People have given you that mullet label through the years and you never could get past that, so please. for the love of all that is good and holy in this world, step away from the Transformer crap.
  3. I totally agreed with you until you started with the dumb "mullet" crap... :notnice:

    Get over it with the mullets already. Just as many Mustang owners in the 1980s had mullets, and I won't even stoop so low as to jab at the "5 point 0" for being every Vanilla Ice fan's wet dream. So, please, just give the mullet jokes a rest. The cheese is really, really old and moldy.
  4. I agree. Although I never heard that one about the Mustang. It must not have been as popular as the mullet saying.
  5. Dunno how old you are, Mike, but Vanilla Ice was very popular with the "5 point 0" back around 1990-1992. In his song, "Ice Ice Baby," there was a clip where he says, "Rollin' in my 5 point 0 with the ragtop down so my hair can blow." If you saw the video, it's even more comical than the song itself.

    Honestly, if I'm not mistaken, it was that song that coined the name, "5 point 0," for the Mustang GT. I can remember everyone saying, "I want a 5 point 0," and it was widely known the reference was to the Mustang GT. The nickname was so popular, Ford probably could have dropped the "Mustang" name and called it the "5 point 0."

    Ironically enough, Chevy's Camaro had an actual "5.0L" engine, yet nobody referred to it as a "5 point 0." Good thing for us Camaro fans! :nice:

    Anyway, scroll to "1:36" to see Vanilla "rollin' in his 5 Point 0." :rlaugh:

    YouTube - Ice Ice Baby
  6. Lol! That is pretty gay. For your question about my age, I would have been a 13 year's old back then.
  7. Well, given the choice between the "mullet" reputation and the "Vanilla Ice car" reputation, I think I'll take the "mullet"....PROUDLY.
  8. I dunno....Vanilla Ice is pretty cool... :rlaugh:
  9. ALL camaros suck, why? Because they're made by GM and GM sucks. Some might say (ss02) "camaros are faster than your mustang" I don't care, camaros are pieces of s***
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  10. The 02 Camaro SS are badass too.
  11. GM made some of the best Muscle Cars of the 60s and 70s, and lest you forget, they also made the Buick Grand National/GNX and 1989 Pontiac Turbo T/A; both of which would smoke your Mustang, and they're over 20 years old.

    Oh, and BTW, GM's never had to recall or buy back their vehicles because they haven't made advertised horsepower claims. Yeah, that's right; the 1999 Cobra got recalled and received "the fix" because they didn't make the advertised hp claims, while Mazda (Ford) offered to buy back models of the RX-8 that didn't meet hp claims. :rlaugh:

    Oh, and another thing. Doesn't GM build the Corvette? Why, yes they do; ALL of which models will tear up ANYTHING Ford has to offer, including the GT500. Go ahead, bring up the Ford GT from 2004-2006. The Ford GT was undoubtedly one of the most highly advanced cars to come out of Ford, yet with all that technology, they barely stayed ahead of the Viper and C6 Z06.

    So, all being said, that's okay that GM sucks. They still build the best domestic sports car on the planet. They also build (not for long...) the best sport sedan on the planet (G8). Their trucks are rated as some of the best trucks built today, along with their SUVs.

    I don't think (the majority of...) GM cars suck, I think their management sucks. Ford wouldn't do any better with a bunch of idiots running the company.

    Anything else you'd like to add?
  12. Yeah, despite your opinion, which clearly I don't care for, GM still sucks.
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  13. Sounds like a case of sour grapes to me, kinda like you've lost to your fair share of GMs. Want me to race you with the air conditioner on and the e-brake up? Maybe you'll feel better.
  14. Now now, can't we all just get along? Hell you'd probably smoke my Mustang, and that's cool with me, I liked the 4th gen Camaros. And you're exactly right when it comes to management, having a great lineup of products doesnt mean much when you've got a bunch of bufoons running the company. You can like or hate GM all you want, but if it wasn't for the Camaro our Mustang would have no competition thus Ford wouldn't be in any hurry to be making it any better.
  15. Just because your car may be faster than mine in a straight line doent make it better. Its still a GM and GM is crap, so goodluck with your piece of crap GM. I enjoy my 2008 mustang even more knowing you can't do the same with a camaro.
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  16. Well, the misinformed is certainly entitled to his opinion, and that's fine, but he may want to remember that if it wasn't for GM and the 4th Generation Camaro staying with a RWD platform, Ford was going to replace the Mustang with, dare I say, a car named after a very uncomfortable medical procedure, otherwise known as...the Probe. :notnice:

    Whatever the case, I'll stick with my "sucky GM," because it has 205k on it and still goes strong. We'll see how his Mustang does...

  17. Blah, Blah, Blah.......who cares?:shrug:
  18. He will.
  19. You're coming onto a Ford Mustang website and trying to talk up GM, what do you expect?

    You can try and talk GM up all you want, but remember GM made Pontiac. Just about everything they made was a complete piece of junk and is a leading contributor to why people believe domestics are pieces of crap.

    You're right the 99 Cobra didn't make the 320hp, but what did Ford do? They fixed it. So whats that say? If Ford makes a mistake they are going to fix it.

    And it made me laugh about how you're claiming know one called at Fox Mustang a 5.0 until Vanilla Ice. Vanilla Ice sucks and everyone knew it back then to. Chevy called their 302 in the late 60's a 5.0 to, correct me if I'm wrong. Oh and the real reason people call a Fox Mustang a 5.0 is because of that motor made that car great. Chevys 5.0(305) was a joke, a 5.0 Mustang was quite a bit faster, Chevy needed their 5.7 to compete.
  20. I'm so glad there are people like yourself that read so many of my posts. :rolleyes:

    And you're right, Vanilla Ice sucks, and yet he was "rollin' in a 5 point 0." Better a Mustang than a Camaro.

    As for Ford "fixing" the Cobra, it wasn't until so many people complained that they didn't have any choice but to do the right thing.

    Thanks for playing, now pass GO without collecting your $200.