2010 Mustang Concept thoughts?

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  1. I half agree with that comment.

    You obviously have some validity to it,
    however given the fact that the VP of Design for Ford introduced this concept, tells me that this car will probably have a LOT of influence on the 2010.

    Not to mention that the amount of speculation about its design cues are said to hint very closely to what the 2010 may look like.

    I said before, I don't think ford will go with it.
    Personally I think it's too 'fashion forward' for Ford...

  2. It simply looks too sophisticated for a mustang. not that sophistication is bad, it just doesn't have to be flashy.

    I'd like some modest sophistication a la bmw + lexus

    but no wood trim :nono:
  3. It looks like a metro-sexual Mustang.... :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:
  4. everything looks more sophisticated these days. If you keep it looking sub-par, it's going to look cheap, and continue the idea that we can't keep up with everyone else, and make rickety old fords. sophisticated doesn't have to mean expensive, but at least at par with other $30k cars. Isn't it sad? we're trying to stay par. We should be kicking ass! setting the bar! :nonono:
  5. funny that you mention that. today in the toronto star I was reading how the leader of the Canadian auto workers union (CAW) took a trip to China...he basically said that our auto industry is in for some **** if we don't start competing with their companies...which will be rolling out cars to Canada and the US within ten years...at very, very low prices.

    oh and the quality will be high too

    I'm just hoping it means better cars all around though (domestic and import)
  6. im never opening this thread again because i dont want to see those pictures ever again:puke:
  7. Hopefully the very very low prices is a true statement.
    Somehow I don't really believe it, simply because, imports have always been ridiculously expensive. Along with everything else available these days.

    a 2009 Supra will probably cost $120,000 when it gets released.
    I don't think it will be much cheaper in Japan because it was built there.

  8. I though it was going to be in the 45-50k price range.. It is overpriced but you cannot expect a car thats received so much publicity to be cheap.

    The only thing imports are missing is the brute v8 power, they are pretty much dominating the handling/ engineering department. You keep forgetting the mustang is at the lowest of low end (sports?) car.. anything to help it look "cool" rather then "cheap" is definitely a step in the better direction. I dont know about you guys but im pretty unimpressed with the build quality of sn95 mustangs.

    Another car that is almost direct competition for the stang is the 350z. It is very near if not the same price category as the mustang gt. And apparently the 2007 model is rolling out of the factory with 330hp.
  9. :lol: that's a rediculous exaggeration. Use Nissan's 350Z as a good indicator of price range. Think about what you can buy for $120,000
    A very nice porsche
    a cheap ferrari
    a Ford GT

    supra in that category? gimme a break.
  10. Engel & TheRedBlur: the 1998 toyota supra: 3.0 I6 Turbo 320 bhp, sold for $65,000 brand new.

    the 2010 supra is supposed to be a 5.0L, 450+ bhp, so although $120,000 is an exaggeration, it's not THAT far off... you'll see.

    i'd love to see you buy a ford gt with $120,000.
  11. Maybe Ford should build that car as a Thunderbird. Some tweaks and stuff and it could be a competitor to the Corvette. (Ford seriously needs to compete with the Corvette with a car called "Thunderbird"!!!!!) This is NOT a Mustang. Doesn't look like a Mustang. Doesn't feel like a Mustang. The original Mustang (The one that EVERYONE wanted) was actually based on the cheapest car Ford built. (Falcon) The second favorite (Fox) was built on, you guessed it, the cheapest car Ford built. (Fairmont) Seems to me that EVERYTIME Ford tries to move the Mustang "upscale" it gets fat and "unsporty". ('71-'73 and '95-'95 The '74-'78's don't even really count as Mustangs. Pinto was too big a peice of poop that even calling it a Mustang couldn't make it cool.) They should stick with the formula that got them here! Build us a cheap car to play with and build the upscale guys a badass Thunderbird to brag to their friends about.
  12. I dunno the article i read said initial price will be around 50k, things change though

    They are nice cars but not worth the inflated price, they handle like boats still and I would rather have a dohc twin turbo mustang to take the supra to school and back.

  13. I dont know man seems they got a ford gt already, and the vette z06 is catching up if not passing it for 50k or so less..
    Ford shouldn't compete with chevy but rather with the imports. Its the economy/mid range cars that make up the majority of auto sales not sports cars. Don't forget if it wasnt for the v6 mustangs we might not even have a mustang at all, I forget its something rediculous like 80% sales v6 mustangs

    I dont understand it either but apparently there are "people" that do not care about speed :/
  14. stupid lag makes me post to much
  15. i agree with every point you just said here.

    i'm also not opposed to buying something other than a 'mustang'
    but i'm no vp at a corporate office.

    my salary doesn't accommodate those inflated prices.
  16. It just seems to me that if Chevy can put out a car that can run with or beat, in nearly every regard, most European supercars, (for less than half what they cost!) why can't/doesn't Ford? We need a two seat, awesome handling great looking iconic supercar for about $60k-$80k. Show the Euro trash that we CAN do it better and cheaper. The GT40 is a car that NO ONE but the super-rich can even think of affording. I know "Regular Joes" that own Corvettes. The Corvette is Chevy's flagship. I guess the Mustang is Ford's. They Mustang just can't compete with the Corvette, though. I guess Ford would have to start from a clean sheet of paper to design a car to do that. Something they don't seem to be good at, lately.
  17. Well at this point, Ford really doesn't give a **** if they have a car that will compete with the corvette

    sales of Corvette's probably account for around 5% of Chevy's profits (this is just a guess) and Ford is hitting some pretty bad financial times right now. Last thing they're going to concentrate on is reviving a thunderbird or creating a totally new car. Ford is going to focus on the family car, the economical car, the car that gets good gas mileage...etc.

    and the GT500 is basically a competitor for the vette. I don't see how this isn't true?

    lastly, don't call it euro trash. please. that's just insensitive to exceptional engineering. Hell, our cars wouldn't look or perform how they do, if it weren't for German influences and cues. That's definitely not a bad thing...it's just globalization - closed economies won't survive without a dictatorship...so instead of trying to simply tariff other brands coming into the states, NA auto makers should be focusing on what people like about imports, and using that to their advantage
  18. I have nothing but respect for European cars. No one engineers a car like Germans! (I am a huge fan of the XR4ti, an awesome car that was not properly backed. I know I have had several.) Nothing souds sweeter that ANY internal combustion engine from Italy. (Their lawnmowers would prolly make my hair stand on end.) I didn't mean "trash" in a necessarily bad way.

    The Ford GT could never be a competitor for the Corvette, unless the Corvette was priced at $150k, plus. You can buy an entry level Vette with almost all the trimmings for about $60k and a Z06 for about $80k. I think that if you spent $100k, plus on a Vette, it would SMOKE the pants off a GT.

    Like I mentioned, Chevy has an awesome flagship in the Corvette. I'm sure they are losing money on every one they sell. But guys still come into the showroom to look and may end up buying one of those family sedans. It's all about marketing. There aren't any GT's in a showroom in any of the 7 Ford dealerships near me. Hmmmm. There is at least one Corvette in EVERY Chevy dealership showroom that I drive by.

    The Big Three are in trouble because they agreed to pay their workers (and former workers) for something that (ultimately) they couldn't afford to pay them. THAT's why they are all three in financial straits. If I made promises to an employee that I coudn't keep, I'd be screwed. They need a serious overhaul of the way they do things. Even if they piss the unions off. They also need to get people into the showroom. A little competition would help with that. That's what I was trying to say.
  19. :nice:

    good points, I think we're on the same page.

    I mentioned the GT500 as a competitor as opposed to the GT. It seems like a better comparison to me...I've never seen the GT as anything more than a race/lemans type car
  20. Some good points between the two of you, but I think I can elaborate a bit on costs... etc.

    Let me begin...

    To anyone who has sat in an '07 vette and or gt500.
    compare it to... an infiniti G35.

    My point is that performance is a piece of the puzzle. A vital piece, but you're not catching the whole picture. The reason why some cars are SO expensive, is because of materials... it's not cheap to use good quality materials in a car.

    Why is the vette, the gt500, the solstice so cheap? Because anyone who has sat in these cars will know, even if they don't want to admit it or not, is not as luxurious, sexy, and quality made than a G35, a Cayman S, an Audi R8.

    The Audi R8 is a v8, 400 hp sex machine. It would get SPANKED by most high end cars today... the gt500, vette, viper... to name only a few, but it costs $140,000 to buy. All the cars I listed cost HALF that, or less!

    These cars are designed for a market, for the elite, and most of the companies base their markets around it.

    Ford/Chevy don't have it. They never will. They build some pretty high end machinery, and they can compete with the best of them, a-la Ford GT... amazing piece of engineering... but they won't bother with the finesse...
    they can't bother with the finesse... that's not a "FORD" or "CHEVY" market.

    Although I wish Ford would make the Mustang, add a bit more luxury expensive sex appeal, that's just not their market.

    Never was.