300 RWHP with stock heads and cam

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  1. I don't, but if you PMd cleanLX, Mike might let you know what it cost.
  2. Well I posted this and forgot about it. Just ran across it today and figured I would answer some of the comments for anyone who cares.

    I have no flow numbers from the heads. They are E7s with 1.90/1.60 valves. A local engine shop named Basko worked on them. This is my daily driver, not a race car at all. The cam is just an E-303 installed straight up with 1.72 RRs. This is with a factory stock shortblock too. Hasn't even been rebuilt.


    I'll let the nice gentlemen at Arizona Dyno Chip know.

    Mine isn't a carb motor. 24lb injectors and an Edelbrock Performer RPM manifold. It has an electric fan and A/C.

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  3. That's one FAT torque curve..........

    RPM I or RPM II?
  4. RPM I...I have been considering stepping up to a RPM II or Holley but I've been happy with where it is at...fat torque curve and all :D
  5. I don't think I'd change that intake...............I doubt the heads flow more than the 230cfm that intake flows stock. Your not suffering from low end torque so why go to a longer runner?
  6. My personal experience is that a H/C/I would be best bet. I'm running the TFS Trackheat, Stage 2 cam, 75mm t-body, 90mm MAF (over kill), and 24lb injectors (under kill?) and I hit 310rwhp and 312ft lbs with a mild tune. Still very much streetable and a blast to drive.
  7. My combo is a 10:1 306 with original gt-40 irons that have been milled .020" and have a 3 angle valve job, explorer intake, steeda # 18 cam, 24 pounders, 65mm TB, 75mm MAF, LT's...blah blah blah

    It put down 280/320 untuned. I havent had it dyno'd since i starting tuning with the tweecer. Dont know how much power it picked up (not a whole lot) but driveability is excellent. And i get 18 mpg driving country roads to work and 25+ on the highway!

    I would say my combo is fairly close to the magical 300 rwhp and makes for a fun street car.
  8. PrimerdFury,
    Nice looking graph.
    You wouldn't be interested in posting your numeric sheet would you?

    BTW, Keith's correction jobbie was not working when I went in, so I got uncorrected numbers... even corrected, my peak hp falls short of what you put down.

    if I ever get mine out from under her blanket again, we'll have to run them(at the track), would be cool to have an E7 hot rod fest.
  9. Vortech SC-Trim!
  10. so wait . . . it went only 109 with 304rwhp and 324rwtq?

    mine went 111-112 with 300rwhp and 312rwtq :shrug:
  11. peak numbers don't translate to track times - too much other stuff enters into the end result. Inlcuding total area under the HP curve, not just the peak. That's why the Engine Master's competition goes by a total of averages, not peaks.

    I've got documentation of a 230RWHP Coupe runniing 12.7 @ 107mph.

    cleanLX ran 12.9 with not much more than long tubes, exhaust and gears on his stock HO motor.
  12. Thanks man. I would be happy to post the numeric sheet, however the link I have for the dyno software (http://www.dynojet.com/downloads/software.php) doesn't seem to be working, so I will have to wait till I am at my home computer to post it. Hopefully I left the program on my computer and didn't delete it...

    Well if you get yours out from under her blanket than I will do the same haha. It would be cool to run with another healthy E7 car, so seriously let me know the next time you make it out to the track.
  13. might this be the nudge you needed Mike? :D
  14. Here ya go.

    Any input is appreciated. :nice:
  15. Back from the dead.
    That motor died out front of the house... long story.
    The 230cfm heads have been junked. As it turns out they flowed 200cfm on a different (reputable) bench, and were too far ported to make any improvements.
    I have a new set of worked E7's now, smaller valves, they do not flow 230cfm.
    Progress is slow on the rebuild and I've gone 306. I have a different cam this time as well.
    Hope to have it together September/October and dyno tune handy that same time frame.
    I have also gone to an E-brok intake.
    This one will be interesting.
  16. which intake, Mike? Gonna tell us which cam?
  17. Intake is a Victor EFI.
    Cam is another custom from Buddy Rawls.
  18. if you want to sell that ported/shortened stocker, let me know and I'll send referrals if I get inquiries, Mike.
  19. I'd like to sell the HCI that made 292hp. Heads are bare and I have the springs and Ti retainers for the cam. That stuff has about 100 miles on it.
  20. I'll pass that along - in the mean time I'd list them in the classifieds here and Corral