300HP? Thats It...Whats wrong with Ford

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  1. the LS series is basically the best of the sbf/sbc in one motor. It really is a good pushrod design.
  2. Mopar and GM?

    Oh wait, and Ford. Do us all a favor and go look at what kind of design the crate motors you can get with Ford.

    And the design is QUIET different. Again, you have displayed that you know nothing about them. Do I have to go over every significant and minor differences between the old small block design and the LS series?
  3. "I said design not parts,you still have not named any manufacturer that uses this money saving ,space saving ohv architecture."

    Chrysler just went back to using them.

    Pushrod engines are at a disadvantage compared to OHC engines because their engine characteristics favor low end to midrange torque. However, with muscle cars, that is what we want--these type of cars aren't tuned for high end torque in the first place. The simple fact is, it makes no difference to the end user. Do you really think you would hate your Mustang that much more if instead of its current 4.6L 3 valve OHC engine, it had the slightly higher horespower engine from the 2002 Camaro?

    I can see a problem with OHV in say, a high revving performance car like the RX-8 but not in the Mustang or Camaro. Besides, the LS2 revvs 500 RPMs higher than the engine in the Mustang anyway...
  4. LOL.. the higher reving cam motors were developed by the japanese way before pushrod engines... SOHC and DOHC are ultra old technology if you wanna look at it that way
  5. I'd say the LS series makes fine high end power, advantage of the cathedral ports and the 15 degree heads :flag:

    edit: I did a quick google search for the person wondering about LS series and how it is different in design and materials since the 50's small black.


    edit again: That article says it is a 350.....................
    its a 346 for anyone that didn't know that before hand.

    Happy reading :)

  6. Ever drive a 69 Z/28?

    Neither have I but it sure did rev high :):):):)
  7. Can't name one SPORTS CAR WORTH A F--- .Let me help your camaro mind set. Acura? NO BMW? NO FERRARI? NOOOOO! HONDA? NO JAGUAR? no MERCEDES?NO NISSAN? NO PORSCHE? NO and on and on . GET with the program they dont' make the f body's for a good reason , figure it out. The Corvette is the only good car cheevy makes today

  8. Wow..... :rice:

    So you name a bunch of import companies? How about you go buy one. Wanna see a good sports car that is just as fast as everyone of those imports?

    I can't believe I am talking to such a ricer on a Mustang site. Sheesh.

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  9. HELLO the mustang is also in that group . Go back to your GM board
  10. Back to my GM board?

    Go here:


    It looks like

    a) I named a sports car that is just as fast as all of those imports are except for three cars that all cost 4x as much.

    b) I didn't even bring in the Corvette or the Z06 (especially the new one)

    c) You are now claiming that the Mustang is in the same class as Porsche. :shrug: (even though you didn't even list Ford or the Mustang in your list)

    d) The 2005 Mustang uses old school single cam technology. Time to go to the glue factory Mustang, you only use one cam which is old school technology.

    e) I gave you an article that describes in detail how the LS is different than the 50's small block+

    Shall I continue?

  11. Can someone lock this thread?
  12. MERCEDES uses single cam for a good reason go check it out. Since you brought up the Z06 ,call your local cheevy dealer and ask them how many ring jobs they do a month on the 01Z06 .
  13. You just compared Mercedes Benz to Chevrolet. :flag: :flag:

    Ring jobs on the Z06? Quite a few (not per week, there aren't that many of them out there), not for the 02+ and it wasn't because of those blasted pushrods.

    Since you seem to know everything (actually, quite the opposite thus far), why does MB use SOHC (they are stopping too btw, moving to DOHC)?
  14. MERCEDES well why not OHV with two valves .
  15. Because it is bad for the Autobahn, doesn't get as good gas milage, is louder, worse for emmisions and people who buy Mercedes Benz like to feel they are on top of the world for technology.

    Seriously my friend, this isn't rocket science we are dealing with here.
  16. You should check and see of the Jag or 300c are modular. My guess - No. What does that mean....you're pretty much stuck with what you get out of the factory.

    Not with the Mustang however. It's marketed and built to be modified. That's the point, and the main reason for their popularity, besides the fact that it's an american icon and looks badass. Good luck strapping on that SC to the 300c; want some steeda springs for that 300c, or how about some 46 lb injectors... doh... that's right you can't do that with a 300c or at least not easily.
  17. Got to go. Why don't you go drive a 05 GT with some miles on it and see what it's like. I think you see what we like about this new stang.

  18. Boost has more to do with the stregnth of the bottom end then how the engine was built.

    I am not modding my 300c btw. Nor would I want to.
  19. Where did I say I don't like the new Mustang? And I plan on getting one in 2006 for a three year lease already before you said anything. (I will have to get over the styling though :notnice: not my taste..especially the rear-end)

    edit: I have probably owned many more Mustangs than you have most likely.
  20. You must be kidding. How many aftermarket companies make SC's for the 300c? Of course bottom end is important, but if you dont plan on making the engine modular then guess what... less options down the road. I'm modding my Mustang... that's part of the fun and mystery driving them.