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  1. I now PWN page 12!!!
  2. dude, somethings messed with your board settings. you are not on top of 12, you are at the bottom of page 18!! Why wont this thread die?
  3. let me feel special with my handicap settings of 40 post per page :(
  4. that being the case I would say you are the king of all the pages on your computer.
  5. im thinking of referbishing my fort from a like 10 years ago...its half dug in on the side our property. The trees and bushes we planted around it to blend it in are now finnally hiding it. In fact they hide it so well i forgot it was there ! need to bust out my camera!

    Oh yeah, did i mention i used to have the best tree house! 3 stories ! with a king size mattress on the second floor along with a lazyboy chair! it was so big, the tree couldnt hold up to the santa ana winds....took the WHOLE TREE DOWN! :crazy:
  6. All your base are belong to me
  7. you are very weird :shrug:
  8. Almost 450 posts, this thread is rediculous, lol. :D
  9. now it's ludicrus
  10. HMMMMMMMM page what?
  11. 12 ???? 12????? 19 more like it.
  12. this thread is really getting long :shrug:
    hey matt i am im you :flag:
  13. you are with me?
  14. your name is matt :nice: to
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.