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  1. niiiiiice Nick.
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  2. Thanks!!!
  3. Sweet that's what I'm gonna do then thanks for the tip!
  4. Don't apologize ever for too many pics! Keep em coming. Very cool build and amazing you got it all done as quickly as you did. Congratulations and I'm looking forward to watching your results. Good luck.
  5. Thanks again to everyone for the kind words. I just got off the phone with my buddy/tuner at All Out Automotive and we are setting up to dyno the car on Thursday of next week. Keep posted as I'll update the progress with some dyno numbers, video and of course more pictures!! Assuming all goes well I hope to top the 1327 rwhp that we put down last time. We will aslo be testing the new Billet Xi Trim on my combo as well.
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  6. that billet XI makes CRAZY power!
  7. We are going to test it back to back with the Xb105 to see what kind of difference there is if any. It should end a lot of the X275 debate between the Billet Xi and Xb105 that's for sure.
  8. i can see the billet XI getting some weight stacked on them after that
  9. it's 300 lbs from billet xi to xb 105. If anything i would like to see the xb105 weights lowered!
  10. i dont see then pulling weight off the XB105/F1X though
  11. We can all dream can't we?? lol
  12. Carbon Fiber Pro Mod Wing!!! SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  13. That sexy blue I just installed on my hatch, bought one to replace the nose now too:nice:
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  14. Heading to All Out Automotive to drop the car off for some dyno time. Did it really need to snow 4" last night on top of the foot of snow we got a few days ago??? This should be neat driving the car in the parking lot to get it on the dyno lmao. I'll have some results in the next day of two so keep your eyes open. :)
    IMG_20140218_070653070_HDR.jpg IMG_20140218_072904473.jpg
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  15. Wouldve looked better it it were on a non encosed trailer
  16. If that were that case it still would be in the garage!
  17. Wha, not like you have to worry about paint :D
  18. My HP guesstimate, 1437 rwhp!! I don't know WTF i'm talking about, just a guess.

    Thanks Nick! I got my package. Your the MAN! :hail:
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  19. As long as it makes 1 more hp than last time lol I'll be happy!
    Glad you got everything, I know i'm not the best at boxing stuff up, lol. Remember that that is a 1300hp k member your playing with lol

    I bet the blower would look neat with the impeller packed in snow...
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  20. 1300hp? Wow, that's like my 5 y/o son wearing my pants.....lots of room to grow!
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