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  1. good to see you didnt burn it to the gound running around in your tighty whities
  2. It was really a $hit show last night lol.
  3. lol we started wrapping headers after we quickly found out doing a firesystem with only 1 door that can open all the way will SUCK! so its going to wait till we can pull the trailer out and move the car away from the nitrous car
  4. Nick's car is teh secks.
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  5. IT"S ALIVE!!!
    IMG_20140201_151609065.jpg IMG_20140201_154448782.jpg

    I should note that this is before the blower tubing was finished but you get the idea...
  6. New Bead lock rear wheels from Mac Fab IMG_20140131_134859356.jpg
  7. At Designer Wraps in Millville NJ as of this morning ready to get covered in some color!!!
    IMG_20140203_095318309_HDR.jpg IMG_20140203_095307048_HDR.jpg
  8. I have to give you a huge thumbs up for getting this thin back together as fast as you did I love this thing
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  9. Meh, keep it like it is!
  10. I can't believe you got it running so fast. Can't wait to see it with some skin on.
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  11. Too late! Its already a done deal, the vinyl will be done by Friday. Its been ugly long enough lol
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  12. This last week has been spent out in the garage till 1 am every night! I've had some help from friends too. Kris the owner at All Out Automotive has put in some late nights with me as well as loading the new tune up in it Saturday night when we fired it up. I couldn't have done this with out him!
  13. what color is it going to be a green correct ?
  14. Should have the Incredible Hulk on it, it will be badass enough to live up to that!
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  15. Exactly! Its going to be a metallic lime green with black carbon fiber accents.
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  16. Schweeeeeet
  17. Progress update. Car should be back by friday.
    IMG_20140205_142410664_HDR.jpg IMG_20140205_142422240.jpg
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  18. The only vinyl wrapped vehicles I've seen have been for business use and had a lot of advertisements on them. This is the first time I've seen it be used with this simplicity to replace a paint job and it really looks good. It could probably fool some people for paint from a few feet away unless the picture is making it look better than what it is.

    Any idea what an average Joe would have to pay for something like this?

    Kudos on the progress.