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  1. Yeah, I just drilled the tb out a bit.
    SableSal came by and helped out for a bit.
    We got it in and I finished up the tranny and exhaust.

    She's all running great now.


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  2. Had a good time Harv! Can't wait to do mine next. Always down to help my friend!!
  3. Just traded my old Trick Flow 3 cam for a 12 pack of Fat Tire. I had to try and keep a straight face when the guy told me he was going to run this cam with a set of Pro Comp heads. I think I got the better part of that deal.

  4. wow Kurt, it's good beer but not sure if it's that good. hope that is a buddy discount!
  5. There was nothing wrong with the cam, but it had 85,000 miles on it, and I didn't feel it would be appropriate to ask actual money for it.

  6. I'm running an iRacing endurance race called the "Roar Before the 24" which is an hour long race at Daytona's Road Course. There will be about 1500 people signed up for this race. A race will be 43 drivers with your choice of car- Mustang FR500, Jetta TDI, Mazda MX-5 Cup cars. I'm actually running the Mazda as I've raced this car for 3 seasons and won 43 career races with it.

    Then next weekend is the real race which is 2.4 hours at Daytona. Your choice of car- McLaren, Riley DP or Corvette.

    Check this bad boy out. My McLaren, 493HP and has a ton of grip.


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  7. Replaced my leaky coolant hardline.

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  8. Finally got all my brake in miles done on my Mustang and gave it the beans. First day it didn't feel so great. Bumped up the timing about 2 degrees and it runs like it's being chased by a bear. It won't hook in 1st or 2nd, and I had to find a real nice piece of tarmac to get it to hook up in 3rd.

  9. I must have missed it Kurt, but what all did you do to the car?
  10. Put a new engine in it about 2 years ago. New cam, reported the heads.

  11. Reviving an old thread :)

    Took the Mustang for a ride today to shake off the cobwebs and keep the battery charged.
    My car went from being my DD to a weekend/track car a few years back.
    Now I barely drive more it than twice a month.
    It's never run better since the dyno tune.
    Still have a long list of things I'd like to do.
    Just nothing I need to do anytime soon.
    With no drag racing tracks currently open in Phoenix there's nothing to do but find a deserted road every once in awhile to open it up.
    Firebird Raceway (now called Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park) is supposed to re-open this fall.

    So, a question for you fine people:

    My tires are about 9 years old. They are BFG Gforce Sports. There's plenty of tread left but there is some cracking starting to show. You think its safe to keep running them or do I need to plan for a new set?
  12. Do a couple of burnouts to round them out. Should be fine after a few layers burned off.
  13. Moving this thread up. I reached into my transmission case to pull the reverse assembly, and there was an a long aluminium burr in the bottom. It went up under my fingernail all the way to the root. Sweet mother of Jesus that is painful. Now I know why the Vietnamese stuffed bamboo shoots under the fingernails of prisoners of war. Tremec needs to make an effort to machine their cases a little better.

  14. Haha. Looks like we both had good days. This is my eye after dropping a 6" long 3/8" extension onto my eye socket.
    View attachment 126986

    It was the size of a large gumball. It closed off part of my eye and I could see the goose egg sticking up.
  15. That blows man. I see you don't shave on your days off either.

    This transmission is killing me. All but one bearing is shot. The control gear on the countershaft broke the woodruff key clear off, free spun, and then seized again. It was too much for my press to even get it off. I had to take it to the gear shop, and they were able to get it off, replace the woodruff key and press it back on with their press. Southern Gear of Smyrna, GA saved me a ton of money today.


  16. Kurt have you posted any pictures of the car recently? Seems like forever since I have seen this thing on the site or heard much about it. Glad your getting some of the things done finally.
  17. I'll post some pics of the transmission stuff soon I guess. I really haven't done much with it in the last year. I've been so busy working on other cars.

  18. Got my 95 running today. Its been in hibernation mode for a long time. Definitely need to start driving it more. Had a crank no start and finally got some use out of my noid light. Had to replace the stator, original lasted me 18 years so I cant complain. Also did a full tuneup and she runs great. Still need to address inner tie rods, rear pinion leak and rear diff leak. I swear it never ends..

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  19. When the Professional Products intake came out years ago it was called the Typhoon right? Made in China? If the bolt location is off that far, how far off is the bore in the throttle body????????

    I went to a Harley store the other day. I don't own a Harley. I was just looking. I was looking at all of the aftermarket parts. Every one of them had a price tag over the part of the packaging that said "Made in Taiwan". So I looked at other parts trying to find one made in the U.S. I couldn't. So I decided not to buy a Harley that day. I would rather buy a Kawasaki or a Honda. At least stuff made in Japan is made well.
  20. I don't know about the typhoon, I'm using a Tubular GT40 intake.
    Just the elbow adapter if from PP.
    The air intake bore lines up well at both the throttle body and intake, it was just that one threaded hole that was off.