And the experiment begins...

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  2. he's just mad cause he is getting owned by everyone posting that in their sig.
  3. i dont think this is true. When they say an electric blower has 1.5hp i think its talking about the power the actual motor puts out, this has nothing to do with how much power it could potentially give a car if hes doing what hes doing. When they talk about supercharger specs they dont say it puts out 100hp they say it puts out 8 pounds of boost and essentially what hes doing is making his own 'mini' supercharger
  4. To elaborate, the power of the air going into the intake tube on a stock mustang is nowhere near 260 hp, if it were, you would except the engine to engulf everything around it.

    If you use a horse to push air into a box filled with gas and light that and have the energy created turn a wheel, it would be a hell of a lot energy than the horse is pushing.
  5. :nonono: I can't believe this thread is still going. crapola
  6. haha added it to my sig too i couldn't help myself...bump!
  7. id really like to know the results
  8. I have no idea what you are trying to say here....

    BTW can we get an update please?
  9. we need updates......
  10. He's probably too embarrassed to state them. :rlaugh:
  11. I went to Borthers Performance this past weekend.
    Made 3 runs
    1.218rwhp Stock
    2.227rwhp...Switch Flipped
    3.217rwhp Stock

    Not as much as some thought it would give me but on a car that responds to mods better maybe it would be.

    I have a video but like I said before, no software...I have a Canon ZR85 camcorder...Anyone know where I can get the software. I found nothing on their site.
  12. I have the software but I can't send it to you because I'm on my way to go buy a vortex Home Depot blower for my car....

    actually no i don't have the software, but atleast you gained some hp :crazy:
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    10 whp isn't bad actually. 10whp for about 40-50 bucks you said? VERY FEW mods can give 10whp for 40 bucks on our N/A engines :nice:
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  15. yup not bad at all, too bad it looks tacky when you open your hood up
  16. :nice: Good point. You can't knock dyno results. This was definitely an enlightening endeavor.
  17. so what

    you act like i care what you think.

    you guys can quote me on everything i say. maybe you will learn something...maybe not.
  18. ........that post was about as pointless as your first post.