Anyone ever dealt with

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I have never bought anything from them, but have considered it. I won't consider it anymore! What good is saving a few dollars but buy a bunch of headaches with the money you saved. Summit is the way to go, always great service and superfast shipping!
  2. Its humorous that you have to explain your quote?

    Sorry for trying to make you laugh. I am American not British. But thanks for the free English lesson.

    Anybody correct me if I am wrong, but what's humorous is that you keep coming back without admitting that the OP was mistreated. Who cares if he messed up, doesn't mean you mistreated people.

    If you wish to keep trying to prove that you are "smarter" then everyone else here, I wish you luck.

    I may be dumber, but at least i have friends.:nice:
  3. Before you start correcting people, consider that a language is spoken or played, sounds are not objects or things, if you want to be a smart ass, then what you should say, "Its an aesthectic thing," makes more sense, my antagonistic arse.:nono: Don't bring that "garbage" around hear "New Guy.":D:stick:
  4. As I think about it, instead of everybody posting that they won't do business with these a-holes, send an Email to them and tell them what you WERE going to buy and then why you will buy it somewhere else. Probably won't change a thing, but can't hurt:D
  5. What is everybody having to drink tonight?
  6. Don't know yet.

    But I agree. We should keep this going as long as possible. :nice:
  7. I'm going to have a beer, and it sure as hell won't come from BuyFordRacing.
  8. At least someone else understands my situation. I just can't seem to get BFR to grasp the simple logic here. The cancellation is/was NOT the issue (for the 500th time).

    BFR's website specifically mentions (I can post a screenshot) that customers will NOT be charged if the order is cancelled due to a billing problem. My original email to them was simply an inquiry as to why I was charged. I was not hostile, upset, sarcastic, rude, etc in my email.

    The issue here is how BFR responded.

    My situation was one thing, however in reading the other threads concerning that shotty business I am utterly shocked that they continue to operate and have not been shut down.
  9. you sir just won the internet :D
  10. For the 501st time do you understand that they never charged your card? Your credit card company can verify this. If you check online you will not be able to find any evidence of a charge from them. If you can you should be able to post it here to validate your claims. When you accuse someone of stealing your money when they never had your money for 1 second that might cause someone to go on the defensive. Drink up. The Kool-Aids fine.
  11. Seriously, are you on crack? Is there anyone there at BuyFordRacing with an IQ of over 100 that can respond for you? Trying to have a discussion with you is like trying to reason with a 2nd grader.
  12. What's the problem just post the charge on your card and show all of us. Maybe you weren't born in Hawaii. We're not asking for your birth certificate. Just copy and paste a line off your credit card statement. Or get off of it Homer.
  13. Jack it is..... Just got a bottle of the good old 86 stuff that hasn't been made in years!
  14. It was credited back to my account today. From Monday to this morning there was a $139 debit from Diversified Products Marketing. THAT WAS NEVER THE ISSUE. CAN YOU NOT READ?

    Why would I have sent you the original email if I wasn't charged?
  15. Just like that birth certificate. If there is a charge OR a credit on your statement show it or shut up. If they never charged your card your entire post has been based on BS that originated from your own mistake. You seem to be the one that is having trouble reading. You claimed they charged your card which they claim they did not. Every person on this forum has seen charges and credits on their statement. You can't have a credit without the debit. Problem is you cannot show either one and that my friend destroys your claim that they charged your card. Drink up.
  16. LOL their **** never changes. they were a POS company 2 years ago and still are today. the fact that they send their employees to argue on here is even more pathetic.

    if you want to make things right, send the man what he ordered for FREE! show some real service for once and just maybe you will still be around in the next 5 years!
  17. should i dig into my ebay account to show the BS i had to go through b/c they were too stupid to use signature confirmation on my order. it took me forever to get a replacement and it was only after i told them i was doing a charge back b/c i paid over $300 for parts that never came in
  18. Oh for the Love of God. I honestly can't believe you guys are this dense. You really pull some low class ****, honestly. You truly are disgrace to FRPP and I hope they eventually cut you loose. Good God.

    I suppose that I just felt like making this thread for the heck of it. I just suddenly said to myself, "Hey, I think Im going to make a thread and try to bash BuyFordRacing for no apparent reason".

    ....and stop referring to BFR as "they" instead of "we".