Anyone local with this yet?

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  1. I think PcinPDX has some!!!:SNSign:
  2. I got a set sitting in the garage do you guy's wanna borrow em? And $hit allen i'll give them to you just to see your car go down the track! Hell even to the 60' mark :rlaugh: peace

  3. Today was not good for DGS Cobra's, so I would be willing to bet both Allen and Bill will be sitting out the slicks for a while:p

    They broke 2 DSG Cobras at Woodburn, Sam blew the housing into a million pieces and Paul broke an axle in a live axle converted Cobra. To add to the carnage, both Vulcan and Ray broke- and Lester lost a clutch. :shrug: What a day!
  4. What happened to Ray and Vulcan???
  5. Ray broke the yoke at the diff (last time it was at the trans side-should be bulletproof soon:)) and Vulcan said he had a converter issue.
  6. Ray is probably getting sick of breaking parts but to be a pimp you gotta break some [email protected]#t. just got the bump figured out now the kit is throwing us a curve ball with all the power. woops wrong forums for all this kit bump talk.
    searously though ray did a great job of saving a out of shape race car today, if it would have stayed hooked it would have been bookin. 5.5 in the 1/8 at almost 128mph was pretty good for a old man.
    later wally.
  7. Thanks again Wally for the use of the tow rig!!!
  8. wow, that is movin.

    Glad to hear you finally found the power ;)
  9. I'm not into all that flashy stuff. Neon is gay but that explains why it's in your garage.:rlaugh: It's not a drag car with the IRS in it.
  10. The KK car was Mineral Gray so only one DSG broke due to some interesting additional weight, launching at 4500+ and lots of VHT.
  11. Oh yeah, forgot about the mineral gray. Just heard it had a stock style diff and axles in it too... no wonder it broke! I Bet the owner's glad to be away from the "other" performance shop!

    And yes, it was pretty funny after Sam broke, the passenger side door swung open and two people go out:rlaugh: He had them in there for traction:p
  12. Hey Jon, who got the vids of you doing your speed run today? Lets get that one up!
  13. I feel bad for the guy and the other shop is a joke!

    When all the guys jumped out of Sam's car it reminded me of the little cars at the circus with all the clowns getting out. :D

    I think Jon had the top trap speed for today. Man... his ride can move!
  14. IRS is no reason to use dont they make some fancy axles for them, Put a 1/4 of the money you have into it and do a real rearend! Or maybe that should be the 2 cobras next mod?? Damn and all this from the garage qween himself :nonono: excuse's excuse's almost like a chevy guy :SNSign: peace

  15. I think both the IRS cars are going Level Umpteen axles, but the real issue with Sams car was that it was all stock back there- no braces. They dont break axles as much as the explode the case! The IRS are well known for being less than forgiving under these circumstances.

    This isnt Sams, but a similar unit:

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  16. Oh Little John,
    Little do you know I have two chevy's in my driveway, so does that make me more of a chevy guy now? Here is my excuse: I don't think I could handle putting in a real rearend with all this power.:rolleyes: If I want to go fast like you, I take out my sons car. :rlaugh:
  17. Your son has one of those Jr. Dragsters? My kids have both wanted one forever....
  18. you should have seen my jr. dragster conversion today Pog
  19. I was planning to come down but I've had a really bad head cold and didn't want to make it worse. I'm really hoping that it'll be gone before Sunday for the flight to Vegas :-/
  20. I just want to know how Ray can get 23 cars a $125 a pop for a play day and we can't get hardly anyone to show up for the Heads-Up races :(

    Are people really that skeered of competing?