Anyone up for a VT Stage 2 N/A Cam vid?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by jasonh_86, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. I wish I could find someone here to do it for a reasonable price. The main problem is finding someone to tune it on a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean :(
  2. if only they had dynos on boats...
  3. Well, we have about 3-4 dynos here, but no competent tuners to tune the car.

    I'm still trying to convince Tim to come and vacation in Hawaii :nice:
  4. Get ahold of the guy on the MPH forums (like molocove or something like that)...hes wanting to do the same thing LOL.

    Seriously, I bet you could go half and pay him to fly over there :nice:
  5. what tools did you use to take out valve springs. I bought this tool but it's slips off all the time and so far only 2 valve springs has been change in 2 weeks
  6. I was going to do it myself and I was going to use the Snap-On tool, but I decided to take it to a shop.. I didn't feel like messing with it and being held liable for anything that gets messed up lol
  7. May I ask how much the install cost you. Here in vegas they want $ 1000.00 for valve springs and cams install
  8. Nakaz tunes SCT and Diablo now. His car used to run 8s so I think it's safe to say he knows his ****. Too bad he charges an arm and a leg. I know his father in law, so I'm gonna try and get a discount :D.

    That's Motoko. I had chem and bio with this guy but never met him :notnice:.

    I'm going to see how much Henry would charge. His mother passed away yesterday or something so I'm gonna give him time before I call. Or would could have a GTG at your place and have a cam and valve spring swap party! Me, you, Cole, and Terrance! w00000t :nice:
  9. No kidding, didn't know that. Wonder how good he is tuning a 4R? If you don't get the shift points/part throttle shifts/tc lockup correct, it runs like total ass.

    I may as well make my appointment to remove one testice and sell on eBay it to pay for labor with Nakaz....he charges a hella lot for labor. He did my friends Procharger in his Charger and couldn't get it to run right, but still charged him full pop. I wonder how it's running now...I see him on Sunday so I'll ask him.

    Damn, I didn't know that. I should call him later to give me regards. Henry is one of the nicest guys you'll ever come upon and boy can he wrench too.

    Err, which out of the 4 of us is going to SACRIFICE their car first? :shrug: I pick YOU be the sacrificial guinnea pig!! FTW :nice:
  10. she actually passed on july 25, but i found out yesterday whoops.

    we should really see if they can give us a group discount :D.

    i'd be willing to have my car go first. after the 2nd set of valves, we're all gonna be tired and say **** it :lol:.
  11. You call Naka and pull some favors. I have no idea what labor could be for this.