Attempted to get duals today...

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by echo7, May 5, 2005.

  1. Yeah, looks nice, now i might cut my own hole if it seems to be that easy...
  2. @All My very dear friends!!

    Today is a fine day I must say! I just performed the "Air Intake Box" MOD..

    Guys, OMG!! Jesus Christ !! LOL!!

    I bought the K&N Air filter today.. I then was told how to perform the MOD..

    I already had a 2.5" Circular Hole Saw for a 3/8"in drill..

    I cut about 5 extra holes in the stock intake box, below the air filter line..

    I just got back from a test drive, and let me tell you my dear friends.. Haulin ass is a pure understatement.. Guys, the car was pulling so hard, and was screaming so loud and beautiful!! For the first time, I was shifting at 6500 rpm.. !! Man, let me tell you, it was all a blur..

    I will say this for the record, but I have owned an 88 Saleen Mustang, and a 93 Ford Mustang Cobra-RED.. This car after these mods will smoke them both.. I am so beside myself right now on that rush to 115MPH. You have no idea.. I am shaking as I try and type this for you. This mod is a must do..

    I believe what I am witnessing, is a combination of all the work up to this point.. Plain and simple guys, it would be really hard for an older GT to take my car right now, I feel.. I gotta get this baby dyno'd.. I need to know the numbers so bad... You guys must complete the stock "Air Intake" box mod.. It is a must.. It must be done!!

    "Important Note"

    My car allows me to rev past 6500RPM.. I chose to shift @ 6500RPM.. It pulled hard all the way to this point...
  3. Sounds intresting, and of course costless, where did you get the instructions on how to do it, or do you just randomly make some holes?
  4. @ALL

    I entered the freeway on-ramp in 2nd gear.. I nailed it all the way to 6500RPM.. I shifted to 3rd gear, and it screamed past the the cars already at speed on the freeway.. I shifted again at 6500RPM in 3rd gear and then the exit ramp came and I pulled the parachutes!! LOL!! Jesus help me..

    I did notice however, we need a "Short Throw Shifter kit"..


    Can we buy a short shifter kit for the GT? Will it work?

  5. My good man echo7!! With a 2.5in circular hole saw, you will see exactly where to make the holes.. On further contemplation, its more than 5 holes..

    1. 2 holes on the bottom

    2. 1 hole on each side of the box.

    3. 2 holes in the front of the box.

    4. 1 hole on the back of the box..

    So about 6 holes with a 2.5in circular hole cutting saw..
  6. dang MSP, I would love to see your description of a post supercharger installation...

  7. hmmmm may have to try this, but I dont havethe K N filter yet...
    if it does help this could say at least 100 dollars giving the fact that a CAI is over 169..

  8. very very nice!!!

  9. I only paid a total of $230 for my duals. I got a stock sytem from the cats back off an '05 GT for $100 plus shipping and Car-X put it in for $80 and they added an "H" crossover (more or less an "X") when they put it in. Sound great and got some decent performance out of it too.
  10. Me too!! LOL!!
  11. An H crossover is not more or less an X-PIPE..The difference is 500%!

    But sounds like you got a pretty good deal.. I wish we could race sometime.. Where do you live?.....I'll check under your name to the left..

    Meet me in Las Vegas! LOL!!

    I'll have my car dyno'd soon.. Once I submit my results, you do the same..
  12. @ALL

    Hey guys, would the MAS (Mass-Air-Sensor), have anything to do with my cars ability to freely TACH at 6500rpm?

    I think this is a sign that the AIR-BOX mod works great..

    Also, its 7 holes.. LOL! If you count the number in the directions I posted.. Sorry...
  13. Got my x pipe today, and i like it, so I'll be calling that shop I've been looking at and see if i can get it done sometime this week.

  14. Sweet!! cant wait for you to get it installed.. Which Mufflers are you going to install?

    Also, I know I promised to get the bullit wheels like yours, but may I ask a question?

    How am I supposed to resist these babies in this link? Is there a way you can talk me out of this? I find these too irresistable echo7!
  15. "AIR Intake BOX" MOD!




    Here you go guys.. Save yourself $100-$150 Bucks, and go spank some GT's!! :nice:

    One more thing guys.. To remove the Intake Box, you must remove 1 bolt, which is 10mm.. Make sure you have a 10mm socket, or a 10mm box-end/open-end wrench..
  16. Im gonna resist the temptation to cutting holes in the stock air box.. just seems like its going to pull a load of hot air in from the engine bay and destroy resale value if I ever have to take it back to stock.

  17. No aftermarket short throw shifters out for the v6 yet that I know of, none of the ones made for the GT will link up with our tranny, but I believe seeing someone who took the shifters from the GT and used it in the v6? They have an already reduced "short" throw to ours.
  18. This mod, in combination with the X_PIPE dual exhaust(set to the furthest point forward), has given my 2005 Mustang V6(4.0), a shift point of 6500rpm..

    Which I must add, the car pulls hard all the way to 6500rpm.. This is enough to maintain atleast a 1/2 a car length on the GT's, by the time you get to the next stoplight.. LOL!! 1/2 a car length, is all that is needed for them to start giving us the respect we deserve..

    The party is not over yet.. Next mod will consist of headers, a new chip with 1 program installed, 2006 Cobra Wheels, and a ducktail for a rear spoiler.. This will all be capped off with a SuperCharger, once they become available..

    This will ensure that the newest legend to the Mustang Family, will not only save you on gas and insurance, but will have you ripping 11's in the 1/4 mile! LOL!!

    We must always remain positive guys.. Most guys who read this will think we are dreaming.. But the guys who truley know whats going on, understand the 05 V6 Mustangs are the best sports cars in the world, money can buy on a budget!! LOL!

  19. Well, as far as HOT air is concerned, I have noticed a considerable difference in the Mustangs pulling power all the way to 6500RPM.. Tell me this, the cold air intake product off the shelf, pulls in the same air does it not? I mean, the filter sits exposed to the elements, such as dust and oil.. Not like this mod. The filter is housed protected from these things.. Am I right?

    Should you resale the car, you could inform the buyer of it.. Being that it looks original when viewing the car with the hood open, it may be a much appreciated mod.. If not, you could always give him a credit for $100 bucks, to buy another box, or a Cold Air Intake System.. What do you think?
  20. Also, one more thing, my good friend Zodiac.. Keep in mind, I thank you for your alternate opinion, or pros and cons input.. However, Mustangs were made to be modded.. Most who are educated enough on Mustangs, understand that mods which happen to the car in good taste, will not detract from the cars resale value.. Of course my friend, "Good Taste", is the key here.. Do you find my mod to be in "Good Taste"? Or do you find it to be somewhat lacking on presentation? I believe it looks to be a clean looking mod.. Granted it does not halve the polished pipe of the Cold Air Intake System, but it does make the car to appear to be stock, to those un-suspecting competitors who like to look under your hood before a race..

    Where I live, at midnight, everyone meets up to test the newest mods installed during the week.. The first thing we all do is look under the hood of each others car.. Which means, you will never see my Mustang in a state of un-satisfactory condition... Ever!! LOL!! :nice: