Attempted to get duals today...

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  1. Im going to agree with you in part, and disagree. Cutting into anything stock hurts the cars resale value. Which sells more now, the 1965 all original, or the one with replacement parts? For those of us concerned with warranties, what happens if you have to return the car back to stock for warrany work? Never know whats going to come up, or how big a **** the dealer is going to be about holes cut in the air box.

    Aftermarket CAIs work a bit differently in that they increase the air size of the box, rather than allowing it to pull more straight through. Depending on the design they will pull air from other parts of the engine bay, fenders, scoops, etc. Some streamline the air. Another thing to consider, is it really safe for the stock intake to try pulling that much more air? How big of a debris particle could fit through those holes?

    "Good Taste" is purely opinion. In MY opinion, I would rather go with an aftermarket kit and save myself possible time and trouble and piece of mind for later on, and hold onto as much resale value for the car as I can. I have not, nor am I, in any way bashed or detracted from your modification here, only tried to add my opinion to the topic.

    Now I may not be "educated enough on Mustangs" for your taste. I understand and appreciate the heritage. Most people dont. But thats the horrible beauty of these cars. They're cheap, dependable, and sporty looking. I would bet you atleast 85% of every Mustang owner or driver on the road couldnt even tell you what year the car was designed, or anything about it. I am however "educated enough" to know I would be highly skeptic about buying a used car with holes cut in a stock air box.
  2. I will be using the GT mufflers, mainly because i don't want my car to sound obnoxsious and attract to much attention, also becuase its cheap too. As for the rims, they look hot, but the pic is definitly of atleast 19", which are to big, those 17" will look good, and you'll prolly be the only one without em. I know i went with the bullets because i though i would be the only one, but it tunrs out the regular GT's come with em, and i was pissed, but mine are much different than those, much more defined. $740 is alot of money though, mine were 495 total after shipping, but then theres tires too.....
  3. Also, those have the 45mm offset, which is about the same as the stock rims i believe. Mine are 29mm offset, so they stick out of the wheel wells more, makes it look much more meater (but usually cant tell in pictures)

  4. Ok Zodiac, you made a very good point.. Taking the car to the dealer for warranty work.. LOL!! Thats a really good point... This could potentially cause a problem if for some reason you needed a new engine installed, maybe..

    But, if you look at whats important from a dealers standpoint.. A dealer only executes on the warranty.. They do not lose anything on it.. In fact, this is how they make their money.. So I doubt a dealer would deny you a warranty service when they are the ones who stand to make the money..

    But you have made a point worth considering for sure.. Thanks man!


    Zodiac makes a good point.. Please consider it before performing the Intake box mod..

    It would be nice if a real Ford Dealership Mechanic could chime in on this, in relation to how the Service dept. would view such a mod.. How would it be seen? Would it be ignored?
  5. echo7

    Did you get the xpipe installed yesterday?
  6. if he did I am gonna be hella-jealous!!! :D

  7. Hey Whats up Kevin.. What do you think of Zodiac's point? Do you think its enough of a good point to offset the gains posed by the mod? Also, in the same vein, wouldnt you still have to remove the aftermarket Air Intake, if taking in the car for warranty work?

    What do you think?
  8. its a good point, however his point about a classic vs. a modded new car doesnt really hold water, my reasoning is because most who buy classics are looking for orginal parts etc.
    as far as the dealer I have mentioned adding a CAI and the dealer is not sure if it will void any warrenties, I like my dealer, but they still seem clueless about the 2005 model, which is frustrating!
    and the hot air that is being taken in by the intakes, I do believe that even the after-market CAIs are not true "cold air". If my understanding of them is correct a true CAI should be mounted lower and towards the underneath of the engine, grabbing the cold air that passes under the car..
    I am going to hold off before I get a CAI or do your simple mod.
    Your check engine light has not come on since you did your airbox mod??
    I have read a few peoples CAIs have resulted in the check engine lights coming on after installation.
  9. I am truley sorry for this guys.. I failed to mention it when posting the about the Intake Box Mod..

    I have gained back most of the low-end torque which I had to give up going with the X-PIPE Dual exhaust..

    This means, that by increasing the Air Intake volume, I have gained back my low-end torque, and increased my overall horsepower, as well as rev limit..

    What I need, is for someone well versed on the Air intake situation, to explain to everyone what has taken place.. I mean, please explain that by going to a Dual exhaust which is founded upon the X-PIPE theory, I lost alittle low-end torque.. But by increasing the Air-Intake volume I have gained back what I lost, and then some..

    I believe, in time we will all find that by increasing the velocity and volume of the exhaust, you must also increase the amount of air which the engine has to consume..

    I prey that someone will post validating my theory.. In my eyes, the theory is validated.. I am driving the car, and know what is happening.. I need someone with absolute knowledge to confirm my experience.. Thank you very much in advance for sharing your thoughts...
  10. No check engine light my good friend.. But you have just given me an Idea for phase#2 of this mod...

    Phase two, which is going to be named the Kevin05v MOD, will consist of hoses which go from the holes cut into the Air-Intake box, which then dive down to underneath the car.. Bundled together to scoop the cold air which enters the front of the car..

    You my friend Kevin, may have just made the first Stock Air-Intake box RAM air mod.. I may start the project today.. Tomorrow, I must take my kids to the theme park.. I love my kids.. I have one Girl, and one Boy.. My daughter is 18 months old, and my son is 3 months old!!

    Also Kevin, what do you think of my new information I posted above your post? I forgot to mention it while posting the gains for the Intake Box mod..
  11. @ALL

    Please read

    I think we all can agree, I have done a fairley good job.. I have also manipulated the onboard computer, to increase the amount of fuel delivered to my pistons.. Which means, there is no way, a stock v6 could come close to my car.. We need to see the dyno guys!!
  12. good to hear no check engine light.
    unfortnatly I do not have much if any knowledge, I am learning from you guys here!

    I also have two kids both boys, one 13 and one is 5! what park are you taking them to?
  13. @Kevin05v6

    Just had a good look at the car.. In viewing the area I have to work with, I am indeed in for a tough task of routing the hoses.. The holes cut into the the air-intake box, have all been placed perfectly.. Luckily, I nailed it on the first attempt without thinking of doing this mod.. But all the holes have plenty of space in which to mount the hoses to the box.. Meaning the body of the car, or engine bay do not obstruct the hoses as they exit the air-intake box..

    Next, I need to figure out a routing pattern.. So far, I have a simple plan in mind.. I luckily can exit the intake box, with all hoses, and join them together at some point.. The problem is, routing them down, towards the bottom of the car.. Then, finding a mount point, which I can use to secure the bundle of 7 hoses together in a position which will scoop the air..

  14. Wife wants to goto Bonfonte Gardens... We went to Great America last weekend..
  15. @ALL

    Does anyone know the HP of a newer BMW M3? I just raced one on the freeway, and had like 2 car lengths on him.. LOL!! I am a bad person.. I should be punished!! :cheers:

    Guys, maybe I should stop modding my Mustang.. This can only lead to trouble.. A promise to myself..

    1. Be a more responsible driver..

    2. When behind the wheel of my Mustang, first and foremost, think of the consequences if something should go wrong..

    3. Resist the urge to prove anything, when taunted by another sports car..
  16. how come no one ever taunts me :shrug:

    as far as your mounting quandry, what if you were able to either:
    run the tube to mount into the bottom grill
    or attach to the bottom of the bumper?
  17. Thats my plan.. I think this mod will be a 2 weekend mod.. I first need to run the tubes, to below the car and secure them.. Next, I could search for a collector, which all the hoses could merge into.. The collector or snorkel could then be easily mounted to the bumper... So first things first.. Run to HomeDepot, and find some 2.5in tubing, in the ducting section..

    I already have some foil tape.. But would like to use a beed tie-wrap in which to bundle the 7 hoses together once in position..

    I must stress, that this portion of the mod is right on the edge of looking ridiculous.. I must be really carefull, to make the mod look professional.. It is not acceptable for it to look like a mess.. Which can easily be accomplished.. So I must carefully plan each placement of the hoses.. It must look like an aftermarket item, and not some homemade, ridulculos Mustang obsessed junky project.. LOL!!

    In regards to the taunting Kevin, it could my tires, and dual exhaust.. I look beefy from the back.. I'll show you.. Let me take a pic, and you will understand.. Standby!
  18. Here you go Kevin!


  19. oh very nice!! what size tires do you have?