Attn: Seekonk Sams Club Guys

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  1. Anyone heading over to seekonk today? I was thinking about it since I think I finally sealed up that oil return leak and haven't driven the car in about a week.
  2. Nah, too tired and the cars a mess
  3. Do you guys meet up at the Sam's in Seekonk every Sunday? If so, what time? I'm down in Newport, RI, but would like to head up there on Sunday.

  4. I think some of us are usually there. When I go I see a lot of familiar faces. The show usually starts to get big around 5pm, which is when I normally go.

    It's not just us, it's all old cars and stuff, no imports. Mostly a V8 show :) Oh yeah and I usually donate a buck at the gate, because if you don't give something they really bust yor balls...
  5. I didn't go yesterday becuase I was at an all day car show in Hyannis, Mass. It's my favorite show of the year because they shut Main Street down @ 6:300a.m. and then start moving the show cars in for parking. Man, it was awesome. I drove down the entire main street in first gear at 2,000 rpms, running red lights and watching people stare in awe. The rumble of the exhaust echoing off the buildings was unreal. All of this was done legally too. :nice: Even the cops were giving me thumbs up! Once parked, it was cleaning time and then my wife and kids went for breakfast. :) From there, it was just hanging and talking about cars with anyone and everyone until 2:30p.m. It's an awesome way to spend father's day (they have it every year.)

    Anyway, sorry for the ramble. :D I started going to Seekonk Sam's Club at the tail end of last season. It's an awesome show with 150 or more cars every week (as long as the weather is good.) Us guys with the Mustangs usually like to park together on the left hand side after entering. Come join us!

    BlackFox5.0, I saw your car one time last summer and it rocks! Maybe this year I'll get to meet you. :nice: I should be there next Sunday.
  6. any one going on the sunday july 18 ? just got my brake kit and and wanna do a cruise whats up
  7. That would be a Monday............... :p
  8. Yup, Monday it is. :) I would go on Sunday, the 17th, but I'm going to the MCCNE show at Rodman Ford in Foxboro. I'll be at many more throughout the summer.
  9. Im going to that too figuring I live about 15 minutes away :nice:

    But I thought they cancelled the 17TH date?
  10. Wow! I hope not. I'd hate to drive up there (1 hour away) for nothing. I'm still planning to go unless I hear more people talking about a cancel. Remember to bring a fire extinguisher.
  11. oops i mean the 17 any one going ?
  12. Ah we should meet up :nice:
  13. good to see this thread is still alive

  14. no one going today if the weather clears up
  15. There is supposed to be a binkini car wash today in warwick, which i might just stop by and check out, then maybe shop a little, and head over to sams.....Not sure yet...
  16. Hey guys...just checking in. Haven't been on in about a month now because me and my girlfriend split up and i had to sort out my living situation, car situation, etc.....
    Hopefully i can join you guys for some shows, cruises before the summer is up. I lucked out and have a place to keep/work on my car where i live now. I still live in Taunton.
    Hope all is well with you all. I will be posting more often as soon as internet is hooked up at my new pad tomorrow.
  17. Sorry to hear about you and your GF.
  18. :stupid: that sucks man hope to see you at sams club soon here is my number if you wanna go this weekend 774 259 2973
  19. Man that sucks! Well, hopefully we'll see you at Sams Club soon. I finally got the 'stang back together and the bumpers re-painted!
  20. Aw John I'm sorry - glad to see you are holding up fine!

    Have any of you guys even gone this year? I haven't gone, and haven't heard if you guys went or not recently.

    Phil - What happened with the bumpers? and why was the car apart?