Back from the track... And now in the 12 sec club!

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  1. you mentioned in a previous post that time was with , 4.10, exaust, ET Streets and Predator tune. No race gas. Race gas will not help you anyhow, with your setup.
    I have already said , I believe that it can be done with a very good driver. Prove it to me and everyone else. Take the video camera you used before to the track. Make sure they will display ET and MPH and film the car. you don't have to race anyone , just make the pass. Then no one can call BS.
    I never saw an answer, so I will ask again, Do they normally show the MPH at 1/8?
  2. Here are my three best timeslips:

    I was number 756. Number 671 was the "not stock Bird". Number 226 was my friends Civic in drag trim (H22A, ET Drags, open headers, chip, intake, flywheel, clutch, diff, drag wheels weighting 12 pounds each, completely stripped interior).
  3. Unfortunately not, even if this is a NHRA certified dragway.
  4. Looks like you can't read. Many people, including myself, think great weather / driving can do wonders. Don't hate cause you can't do it :notnice:
  5. Here's the vid of my third timeslip posted earlier. If you concentrate really well, you can see 13.04 on the right panel and 12.96 on the left one.


    This is the last proof, if you guys still don't believe me I don't care.
  6. If those are your timeslips, then your car has more done to it than you know. You will not pull 1.8x 60s and run 8.2x-8.3x in the 1/8 without something helping. Not just tune and suspension. Even with tracrtion, that will slow you down a little because of bogging. Your can must have internal work done. I have no reason to doubt youre claim until you say how stock the car is.
  7. Man, you're always lining up against that Civic... coincidence ?
  8. When he's in full drag trim, it's always a really close match. I ran my best times against him because I wanna beat his time by the usual 0.0X second. :D

    Against other slower cars, I'm always a bit slower too hehehe... That's why I like lining up against him.
  9. You must be right, I wouldn't pull on a LS1 like I did yesterday anyway. If you listened to my exhaust video, there's clearly no cam under there.

    There only option is some minor head work. When I bought the car, the only installed mods were the 4.10 and Flowmasters. It would be stupid to do internal work without at least a chip and a mid pipe?
  10. whatever dude... fkn cobras run low 8's in the 1/8th and u expect all of us to swallow your bs... pfff i'm done with you
  11. :stick: :lol:
  12. I can't believe you guys are buying this...

    12.9 with just those mod's? Your car ran 14.2 stock, and your is just about stock :lol:
  13. hmm how much of a shot are you running? You trapped 104 in that one vid agains that honda. 3mph is more probably over 30hp. Traction will not give you 3 more mph. In that first vid, its just plain ****ty but it looked like a 14 second run. Also, running 12.90s with 107 trap speed with a 1.8 sixty time doesnt add up. looks like you are hitting nitrous at some point down the track.
    Probably second.

    plus in the vid you posted racing that f-body, your engine reved a hell of a lot faster than a normal GT with 4.10s. Smells like nitrous.
  14. ^I agree...a 30shot of the spray would probably do it in good weather. Undectable by revving and noone can ever prove it. See man we have been around this game for too long.
  15. Well, it wasn't 104 but 104.8 mph. I also ran 13.28 @ 105.2 the same day. This was my first experience ever at the drag after only 1 month of ownership with slow 2nd to 3rd gear shifts. That's 1.9 mph slower than my 12 seconds run which has been accomplished after 4 full months of practise... Weather and alot of practise can be the only key.

    It looked like a slow run because the oponent is a 13.0 seconds car. In fact, I ran my best 1/8 mile time on that specific run (8.245) with a 1.75 60 ft. It didn't look slow at all in person.

    I don't have any nitrous but thanks for the great comment. :hail2: :p I'll post some shots of my engine bay next time.
  16. It is impossible for a stock weighted, stock engine GT to trap those speeds with only an H pipe, MAC cold air induction and gears. You have maybe 240rwhp. Predators are junk and that tune will adjust your air/fuel tables and timing. That isnt going to give you the other 60hp you need to run that speed.

    stop bull****ting.

    only other thing is, did you buy the car used?
  17. Yes!
  18. then there is other mods to the car.
  19. How can I find out if I have cams or any internal work?

    It sounds like any Flowmaster + MAC OR h-pipe 4.6L...
  20. does the car have the factory springs and shocks all around? I said before and will again, If those are are the timeslips, your engine is modded more than you know. It is possible to get to 12's without cams but requires weight savings and a very , very good driver. You would have to power shift. One of the first to ever do it was in Florida. That is about as close to sea level as you can get, in some places , below. That was with around 260 rwhp I think and weight reduction.