Do current so called "cold air intakes" really give any power?

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  1. Just picked up the 5.0 Mag Shootout issue!!

    My congratulations to JLT for posting the biggest gains!!

    My thanks to all the testers and the test subject owner for picking my system to remain on his Mustang.:nice:
    I've followed up with him on the production system I sent him and it's performed flawlessly.

    The prices listed in the article have changed due to the expenses involved with the polycarbonate heat shield and the custom molded 9" Green dual-cone filter. I went with quality regardless of expense.

    The system posted +24.4 rwhp gains.
  2. john, im surprised there were not higher gains . esp. with your 95mm mass air housing.and i wonder with the new openended filter if this will make a diff. also . your thoughts and now you can post your own findings . the wms filter i assume was a untuned reading they never did give a finding with a MD motorsports tune , hmmmm. dissapointed there. i do believe yours has more it can do. thx vynle.
  3. I've contacted SCT to see just what the exact difference was with the 2 different Green filters. The dual-cone area does add more CFM flow and I've found the Greens, albeit expensive, to be worth the price and in over a year now haven't had ANY warranty claims or problems with them. I'm still waiting on a reply.

    I wish I had the open end and the shield ready for the shootout but just got the prototype completed.

    The 2 recommendations about the filter and shield have been addressed.

    The HEAT issue was stressed over and over in the testing and that's the main aspect where my system will really shine. with the power dropping as much as indicated in the article then a system designed to stay cool and with the best shielding will give the best everyday performance.

    When the test subject picks your system over every one that's been tested and with tunes, and it's not the improved production system, that tells me that I'm on the right track.
  4. 5.0 & Super Ford answered this question for you. :nice:
    They saw 28 RWHP with the JLT and some quick tuning. This was the highest HP and TQ gain of the 11 kits tested.
    Even though I have seen as high as 35 RWHP I like to tell customers to expect 28-30 on a 93 tune.
    I tested a 05 GT auto with the 87 tune and saw 20 HP and TQ across the run. A stick will see more.
    91 tunes can expect 23-26.

    Since the test we have upgraded to a all Billet MAF housing and ABS construction.
  5. These shootouts sure do keep us burning the midnight oil!!

    The nice thing is that all said and done WE'RE ALL FELLOW ENTHUSIASTS trying to build the best product for our BELOVED MUSTANGS!!

    After owning Mustangs since 67' I still got the same thrill last week when I punched up the 05' auto with the lowest performing 87 tune and it BARKED 2nd and wouldn't before!!

    You could hear the system 1/8 of a mile on the strip in front of my shop!!

    Gave us GOOSE BUMPS!!

    What size is your new meter and wouldn't it change the results attained on the shootout system?

    It would be interesting to see how the meters stack up. Between Murillo and Superchips it's great seeing how well my first meter is working without conducting any heat!! It was as I expected that the heat factor greatly figured in with the increase with the metal.

    FROM THE MURILLO TESTING: " The thing I found most impressive about the JTI (DeMolet system) was how linear the mass air transfer function was easy to map out and consistant across the rpm range. The air fuel with the the JTI (DeMolet system) was a rock steady 13.1-12.9-1"

    The Superchips tuner called me a couple of weeks ago to relate that the system isn't a dyno-queen and aced all the MORE important MAF transfer functions and drivability.

    It's the BEST QUALITY available that I'm after, with the numbers secondary. Hell, all the gains are going to varry with the different tunes anyway.

    Again, Congratulations on WINNING FIRST PLACE IN PERFORMANCE!! You've gotta feel GREAT about it and my hat's off to you!!!

    I've now got the 'LIVE UPLOAD' program for all the systems going out and the ones in-service!!

    One thing I've forgotten to mention is that the systems WILL NOT be available in custom colors.
    The extra strength and insulation with the REAL carbon fiber will be the way all the systems will be produced. You can still add color with the colored filters.

    The polycarbonate, carbon fiber materials have raised the cost of the system but will be WELL WORTH IT in the long run, and ESPECIALLY with everyday driving when its' HOT WEATHER!!
  7. The JLT Performance Inc MAF is just shy of 89mm.
    As I have learned from the 6-700 RWHP Cobras 90mm will suport well over the HP a N/A 3 valve will ever need. It also makes tuning very easy.

    There has been no size changes to the JLT system, so it boasts the same power as in the test.
  8. PLEASE keep trying if you've called and didn't get an answer on the toll free order/ tech line.

    I take all the customer calls personally. I have call waiting but haven't been able to get to some on the 'wait'.

    The phone will seem as though there is no one here, but we are.

    I apologize for this and we ARE OPEN. Our hours are 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST, Monday-Saturday (4:00 PM Sat.)

    Just try again if you don't get an answer.

  9. With the tech calls I've been receiving with customers narrowing down their choice on which CAI to go with there are some points that are important to elaborate on:

    1. The 'full wraparound' type of heat shield is critical to eliminate any possible 'FAN WASH'. This won't show up as much with the car in motion but when idleing, sitting in traffic, staging at the track, it becomes important.

    2. The heat radiated by the radiator hose dictates that the TB pipe absolutely DOES NOT come in contact with the radiator hose. It will cause warpage on plastics and a lot of heat being conducted to the intake charge with metal.

    3. The shield 'seats' against the hood blanket to 'box' off the filter area but is also angled to allow the conical filter the correct airflow area around the entire filter. If you look at the pics on my site you'll notice the angles of the shield to the filter and the amount of airspace around the filter.


    - Suspended 1" above radiator hose by polycarbonate shield (shield will not warp, ever)
    - Polycarbonate heat wedge.
    - 2 layers of Carbon fiber above wedge.
    - 3M coating for adhesion/ extra insulation (between CF & ABS)
    - 1/4" thick ABS plastic center tube

    The TB pipe is 'overbuilt' to maintain the coolest intake charge over any other TB pipe available and won't age or be affected by the heat over time.

    Big power gains are important but will also be quickly knocked down with the increase in underhood heat with other TB pipes and cheaper inferior shields.
  10. I'm very happy to announce that where all the 5.0 shootout testing was conducted has signed up as my newest dealer.

    Apten also has great tunes to go along with the system.:nice: :nice:

    'THE MULTIPLE SHOOTOUT TESTERS CHOICE'...Systems Recognized for Design & Tuning excellence.

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