FloPro's Single Turbo GTS (PICS!!!!!!!)

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  1. Man thats awsome that you do your own tig very motivating for me i am a young welding junkie, i finished up my 1st arc class and oxyfuel at College. took me 2 days to complete all my flux core and hard wire, it seems a monkey could learn in a day it came pretty easy to me i fabracated and welded a flower using oxyfuel for my girlfriend and it turned out great i should post some pics.absolutly love it, i cant wait for my tig class to start. keep up the great work! ---DJ
  2. I have the old spec Stage 3, adn it seems to be holding ok for now. My last Dyno run the guy running it said it started slipping at about 4500 RPM's. I think it was just really hot from the 5 back to back runs.

    Keep in mind that your car will make nasty-powerstroke-diesel-like torque at low RPM's. As such I dont think a centerforce is going to be able to hang on.

    If not the 3+, maybe a Mcleod street twin? They seem to hold really well for the turbo guys.

  3. I will probably run up to 12 psi with 100 octane, but we'll see. I'll be buying an intercooler in about 2 weeks. Then I'll have a bunch more work to do.

  4. I just realized that I recognize you from turbomustangs.com. You have a pretty sweet car. Don't you know Darin? I've been buying some parts from him and have to place a few more orders soon. What type of boost controller do you run?? I was thinking either the turbo xs hp ($95) or the manual turbosmart ($88) or one of the hallmans (not sure which one).

    I think I'll end up getting a spec 3. I didn't realize that the + was way more money and I probably don't need it anyways.
  5. what kinda camera do you have? those are some great pics, i have a sony t1 and they dont look like that, maybe im just retarded, by the way, awsome car, maybe you could pm me some details and what it cost to get it done, im mechanical so i would not be paying for labor.

  6. Thanks funny, I actually have a T1 also. I've taken some great pics with it, but it sucks at night unless the object is really close or there is extra light.
  7. Thats pretty hott
  8. More Pics:



    Down pipe almost done:


  9. you cheap bastard. a 1g dsm bov LOL.

    just kidding. i'm gonna use the same thing.

    whats the canister infront of the upper rad hose on the last pic?
  10. catch can?
  11. As far as parts go, I'm buying some odds and ends (pipe, couplers..) along with an intercooler and a mass air meter within the next week or two.

    For a clutch I'm still looking around and have to decide between a spec 3, Mcleod twin disc, or a Kustom. I've seen them all for around $325.

    Also, I'm not too sure on a vac/breather system. I think I'll put a check valve in my pcv line, but not to sure what I want to do about the vent line on the oil tube. I obviously can't just run it like stock or I would boost the crankcase and I am not running draw through, so I can't run it in between the meter and turbo. I'm also not really a fan of an open filter, although I've seen them work great before. This past summer I had trouble with my pcv valve coming out and I bet I'll still have the same problem.???
  12. Its a jaz catch can. That is another thing I have done to clean up the engine bay (I relocated the CCRM also and got rid of that metal bracket and huge overflow tank).

  13. Yeah, I had to save money when possible, plus the dsm is pretty nice. I got it for $30 shipped. I should have cleaned it before taking a pic; its a little dirty. Luckliy no one will be able to see it.

    That reminds me. I have to buy my wastegate and bov flanges yet. I am putting my wastegate between my downpipe and alt. It is going to be sweet!
  14. are you going to jet hot the down pipe, and how tight will it be for plug wires?
  15. Lookin Good FloPro, Keep it up man!

    Later, Matt

  16. I'm calling about jet-hot today. We'll see how much it is. If its too much, I'll wrap the downpipe and paint the rest. Spark plug clearance is as good as it could be. I placed the downpipe with that in mind, but I also didn't want to fry the paint on the strut tower either. I'm putting heat boots over the wires and don't think I'll have a problem.
  17. Yep, I know Darin ;) - he lives real close to me, he has worked on my car almost as much as I have, hehe.

    I have the hallman by virtue of the fact that its the one that came with the kit. if I could get my boost datalogger working right, I might have some solid data on how well its working, but as long as you dont hook it up wrong the way I did intially, you should be ok with any of them. Boost controllers are pretty simple. *shrug*


  18. Do you know the model number or brand of the header gaskets you have??

    I am finishing my downpipe today and yesterday I ordered a y-pipe along with an oil filter adapter and a few other things. I hope to have my whole exhaust done soon. Then I'll mount my wastegate when I get flanges.
  19. They are fel pro and I believe I still have a new set lying around. You want them?

  20. No, matt has some aluminum ones that he swears by.

    I may just use yours if you have them though.