Ford Racing CMVC Delete under $100

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  1. Normally I'd agree but according to the CMCV delete instructions, once you delete the CMCV, it requires special alignment to re-install. Chances are if the new intake has ports that replace the current CMCV, it won't have new CMCV plates. It will just delete them (makes perfect sense for an aftermarket intake).
  2. but it may bolt on top of the stock CMCV plate. i dont know for sure... :shrug:
  3. I called FAST the intake is due sometime next year quater one. The guy said that only 1 exists at this point.
  4. FWIW

    I just installed my delete plates along with 4.10 gears and a upgraded tune from Bama chips. The car feels really fast and responsive. I won't be able tp dyno till next month.

    Fred :flag:
  5. If anyone would know about the FAST 3v intake ? it would be Doug from bamachips..I'm sure he's familiar with it by now..:shrug: especially if it was on display at the SEMA show..
  6. I've reinstalled the OEM plates and motor with zero problems. When I received my delete plates I took off the OEMs and motor and when ready to install the new ones, I noticed one of them was damaged. I had to reinstall the OEMs so I could drive my car while a new set was sent to me. Car ran fine. There are no allignment issues to contend with.
  7. The special alignment in which those instructions are referring to ? apply only to the Steeda plates and not the FRPP..I believe it has something to do with their billet design and possibly due to their larger ports, where on the other hand ? the FRPP delete ports are the same size as stock and are cast aluminum design :shrug:

  8. I had to take fuel away, first the A/F ratio was 12.1 I leaned to out to 12.8. I had to remove 4% of fuel.
  9. thats interesting. i would never have imagined that it would run rich.
  10. that was also after the brenspeed tune
  11. gotcha, i thought you meant with no other modifications other than the plates the A/F was rich. makes sense now.