Ford Racing CMVC Delete under $100

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  1. Installed the Ford delete plates and took motor and all mounts off. Flashed it with Brenspeed delete plates tune and everything runs just fine.
  2. It's nice to know that Ford finally took us enthusiasts into consideration by making things much less complicating and easier to work with ?? although I still don't agree with their decision of changing over to that GM drive by wire technology :bs: not that I have anything against re-flashing the ECM ? that part I don't mind at all, it's that nasty throttle lag that I can't stand.. :rlaugh: but, I suppose we can't always have our cake and eat it too :D
  3. What kinda tune do you have? Throttle lag is 100% nonexistent with my BamaChips tune. It's like it's hooked up on a cable. :nice:
  4. Likewise with mine!

  5. I don't have my plates just yet JT ?? But I'll definitely be buying the FRPP delete's from either Summit Racing, Mustangs Unlimited or from where Tom bought his ? pretty much whoever has the best price, including shipping..:nice:
  6. I have the preloaded or canned SCT X-cal II Strategy Flash tuner and I'm currently running their 93 octane performance tune w/ the Steeda CAI ..I also called James from SCT tech support and asked if their tunes address the throttle lag issue ? and he assured me, that it does..The reason I may not notice any difference is because I've probably gotten used to the tune after nearly 6 months of use, which does seem to make sense and I'm sure that once I install the new delete plates ?? I'll notice more of a difference in performance..In the meantime, I may not notice the largest power gains at the present ? but this much I can say, I've never run across any drivability issues, no check engine lights and my Stang has never gone into fail safe mode..So for the most part ? I've been extremely sastisfied with SCT's canned tunes..:D Plus, should I get bored with the canned tunes ? I can always re-format the SF tuner into a regular X-cal II 9400 and you can be assured, that I'll be going with either Bamachips or Brenspeed..I've spoken with both Doug and Brent on several occassions and there's no doubt, they both know their stuff and their customer service is also second to none..
  7. Hey Scramblr ?? isn't pmp where Tom got his plates from ?? that $95.00 price including shipping is going to be pretty tough to beat ? but just for the hell of it, I'll see if either Mustangs Unlimited and Summit Racing can match it, otherwise I'll definitely be placing my order with PMP as well..:nice:
  8. Instruction sheets for FRPP delete plates

    If anyone would like instructions for the FRPP delete plates ?? just let me know and I'll send copies via e-mail as attachments..I would paste them on here but there's 4 pages which I don't think will fit very well..:shrug: although the instructions are for the Steeda deletes ? the procedure remains the same..
  9. If you wouldnt mind, could you email them to me?

    I'm pretty sure I've got it covered, but having a write up there would be nice!

    Thanks a million!
  10. I finally got my FRPP plates in today...

    $67 shipped. It's nice having a family member working for Ford :D

    Now I have to wait a few months for income tax season so I can use my refund and buy a CAI/SCTII tuner before I can install em.
  11. fixed. regular ford dealers dont get a discount on FRPP parts. :( otherwise, i would have tons of discounted FRPP parts.
  12. I've sent them out as attachments, so let me know when you get them ? the files are rather large..
  13. Got em. The pictures look great. I appreciate it!

    :nice: :cheers:
  14. you got it..:D
  15. JT, you ever check the A/F after install?

    Tom, what were the dyno results?
  16. Well, my dyno results are hard to interpret because I added Steeda pullies and 4.10 gears along with the delete plates. Follow me for a second and see if my logic makes sense.......

    With the pullies and delete plates, I was hoping for a gain of around 10 to 12 horsepower. But, everyone I've talked to says that adding steeper gears will affect the dyno reading; most people have said that adding 4.10s compared to the 3.55s will reflect a lower horsepower figure by around 5 horses.

    My previous dyno was 296/316; my new numbers are 303/318. I will say that we did leave the new tune alittle richer than previous too- about 12.5 compared to the previous 12.8. Also, we backed off the timing alittle too because on some runs my knock sensors were pulling timing over 5000rpm. So, according to my logic, I would have been around 308 horse but the gears take away 5, which puts me right at the 303 that was measured. That being said, I think that the mods did about what I expected them to do- 7 to 8 horse for the pullies, and 4 to 5 horse for the deletes.

    I will say that the car seemed more responsive without the plates in; overall for $100 I am happy with the install.


  17. Please email me the directions as well:

  18. Are those peak or average numbers?