Ford Racing CMVC Delete under $100

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by JTGrant, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. I have NO clue... I haven't dyno'd the car since before I installed the cmrc's or the BamaChips tune.

  2. After the install I will check my a/f ratio and post
  3. The Steeda charge motion plates are larger and flow better than the production plates with the butterfly removed. :D
  4. But these are not Steeda delete plates ?? their FRPP and from what I understand ?? the FRPP delete's are much less expensive than the Steeda's and maybe a bit different..:shrug:
  5. the car is completely different, no lose in low end. Even feels like more low end. The car really takes off in the mid to high end range. The SOTP feeling is very much noticable. This is a great mod.
  6. yes the Steedas do appear to have larger ports; but unless you have ported heads you won't notice a difference because the Steeda ports are larger than the head ports. The FRPP plates are just fine.
  7. And their sounding better and better as becomming my next mod :nice:
  8. I just ordered the the C&L with the SCT II from evolution performance (shipped today) does someone know if the tuner will come with the CMCV delete? I didn't think about this mod much until I saw this for under a $100. Or I can just wait until tomorrow and ask Fred.
  9. not sure on what tunes will come with the tuner. I'm sure that they have a canned tune for the mod.
  10. from what I have seen, the only tune that "comes" with the crmc delete option is the SCT canned tune and some Predator canned tunes. The only way you will get an Evolution, BamaChips, Brenspeed, etc. tune for the cmrc deletes is if you tell them you need it. Even in their tunes, there is no "option" for the deletes... they are either on or off in the tune.
    The canned tunes and the "internet tunes" have a different format.
  11. On my x-cal II strategy flash tuner, there's an option in the user adjustability for CMRC ? I'm assuming that by selecting stock ? means the factory CMRC are active and selecting the off setting indicates CMRC delete plates ??
  12. you are correct. If your tune has the option of "CRMC: stock or delete", then this will turn off the cmrc motor, turn off the check engine light, AND will also load new spark/fuel tables.
  13. Thanks again Pro Mod ?? as always, I'm grateful for your input..:D
  14. Tom, JT, Pro Mod or anyone who can answer this ? once the new delete plates are installed, do you also re-install the factory servo motor before re-installing the intake ? or just re-install the intake without it ?? The reason I ask is because I spoke with Marty from FRPP who for some reason claims the servo motor should be re-installed along with re-plugging the servo motor connector back into the harness, otherwise the PCM may go into fail safe mode.. does this make any sense at all ?? it sure doesn't as far as I'm concerned..:shrug: also, is a torque wrench also recommended when re-installing the intake bolts ??
  15. I didn't install the stepper motor. I didn't torque the bolts, they don't need to be very tight. The factory torque is 89 in-lbs, which is not very much. That really makes no sense to install the motor and the harness if it is turned off in the tune. Maybe that is just a CYA deal. Not sure, but I haven't had any problems yet. I did the install on monday and have driven the car everyday this week. I hope the car doesn't go into failsafe mode, I really don't see why it would. Anyone else not install the motor? It would have been nice for them to have included a set of instructions, this is an easy mod that doesn't really require much instruction, but I would have liked to have had that information during the install.
  16. I didn't reinstall my motor, nor did I reinstall it on my neighbor's 06. Some people reinstall it, but most don't. It will not go into failsafe mode... that's what the new tune is for. I didn't torque my intake bolts down either. Like JTGrant said, their torque spec isn't very much... just snug them down. With the intakes on these cars, you're not messing with any coolant lines and there are no gaskets (we have O-rings) so you don't have much to worry about.
    I've put about 10,000 miles on my car since I installed the delete plates, and have had zero problems.
  17. I'm sure that it's not as complicated as I'm making it out to be ?? Guess I'm just a bit nervous and doubtful being this will be my first time un-installing and then re-installing an intake on a new Mustang, especially because of all the new technology that's involved ? my previous Stang was a 93 SVT Cobra in which the technology back then just might as well been considered as stone age tech compared to what we now have on the current S-197 :rlaugh: but then again, when I first got my Cobra ? I ****ed about how advanced the technology was at that point as well :shrug: So I'm sure that once I start un-installing each individual part ? everything else will fall right into place..Anyway, if anyone would like copies of the instructions ? Jason from Steeda Autosports is mailing them out and hopefully, I'll be getting them by either monday or tuesday of next week..I'll make sure to post copies when they arrive..And as always, I'm grateful for all your input and advice guys..thanks once again :D
  18. which plates did you buy?
  19. oh don't worry, these 3V cars are a PIECE OF CAKE to work on compared to the 5.0's! The coolant lines are completely separate from the intake; you won't even touch the coolant lines. There are no EGR sensors/valves to fool with, and no throttle cable to unbolt from the upper intake. Oh yeah, there's no upper intake... just an intake :D
    Ford cut DOWN the number of sensors on this car compared to the 5.0. The IAT & MAF are in the same plug; the TPS and idle control are in the same plug; and there are only a few LARGE vaccum lines to unplug. No half-dozen little tiny ones like the 5.0 had. No gaskets, just O-rings... that also makes it easier.

    I installed my first cmrc plates and flashed the ECU in less than an hour. Did my second set in under 45 minutes.