FRPP 99-04 GT Blower Kit

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  1. i'm not sure if they released the install kit for it or not. The blower itself is out since they have the 96-98 kit for PI swapped cars...try calling Randy over at Mod Depot in the parts section, he will know if its ready and or when it should be.
  2. what a good question because I would love to get one but not sure what is what with the kits :scratch:

    This is all that i found on FRPP web site:

    M-9066-M462* 1996-97 Mustang GT (Auto Transmission)
    M-9066-M463* 1998 Mustang GT (Manual Transmission)¹

    This positive displacement “Roots” type supercharger provides instantaneous throttle response and tremendous mid-range torque.

    6 psi boost pressure gives a 55-horsepower increase over production levels, and does not require aftercooling (4.6L SOHC only).

    Unique one-piece supercharger housing/intake manifold design results in a very compact, rigid assembly.

    Quiet, durable supercharger design with a lengthy, proven record in automotive application.

    The space-efficient design allows the entire package to be installed with no hood or engine compartment sheet metal modifications. Production shock tower brace is retained.

    All kit components are of highest original equipment quality levels, and thorough stepby- step installation instructions are included.

    This kit is designed to be used with the production engine, requiring only the intake manifold to be changed. No internal modifications are necessary.

    All required fuel system parts are supplied in hardware kit. Including high capacity fuel pump and 30 lb./hr. injectors.

    Requires an engine management computer unique to this application which is included in hardware kit.

    NOTE: Requires premium no-lead fuel.
    NOTE: ¹ Not compatible with California or “Green States” emission equipped vehicles. Call the Tech “Hot Line” for help.
  3. hot dog 71, where did you find this info on the website?

    so i guess since im in CA im not supposed to have this on my car?

    I wonder if i could get around the "visual" test, would it pass the sniffer test?

    also anyone in CA know how often we have to smog? every two years right? but since mine is a 2004 i dont have to smog for the first four years right? ro will i have to smog in 2006?

    and even if i did have to smog, how hard would it be to pull this kit off? it doesnt seem like it would be too hard... what do you guys think? i wouldnt mind going with this setup. Sure it doesnt make a lot of power like the KB setup but hey its more than i have now and seems to be pretty cheap...
  4. supercharger and install kits at frpp website:

    go to ford racing parts .com, click on mustang, select your year mustang, click on any featured part, on left side click engine then superchargers, 96-98 kits are #13 or M-6066-M462*, 99- 04 AND 96-98PI is #14 or M-6066-M463*

    install kits are at the bottom match your s/c part # w/install kit 462 or 463
  5. now that you have the part #'s go to and price check. this place is much cheaper then the frpp catalog.
  6. great, thanks for the info guys. i had already been to the FRPP website. but all i found was the s/c kit. nothing else, im going to go back and look again. thanks guys....
  7. has anyone ordered any kit from this company before? was the customer service ok and did they know what they were talking about?
  8. PM bdcardinal. He'll know. I don't see why it wouldn't pass the sniffer. KB's and Vortech's do. But then it's not a KB or Vortech. :shrug:
  9. before you go and order this, this is the same kit this thread has been talking about. It clearly stated 99-04 only with correct hardware kit(which is not available yet from what I know). This is the same kit that I bought for my 96. If you buy this kit, it Will NOT work for your 99-04.

    Maybe someone can try to call ford to see if this kit for the 99-04 is still being worked on or not.

  10. i have bought alot of stuff from those guys, Wayne is the parts manager and the customer service is next to none! One time i ordered something that was out of stock and instead of billing my credit card and making me wait 2 months for it wayne called me the next day and told me how long the part was back ordered etc and told me a place that he knew of that had it. Little things like that go a long way with me. Plus their prices are cheaper then most for FRPP.
  11. ok, so does anyone know if this will work on a 2004 GT? i know that the s/c will fit. but i guess you have to have an "install kit" for it? does it have to do with the fuel rails? i thought the install was just, injectors, pump and a tune? any know?
  12. The mystery continues.......................................................
  13. It might pass the sniffer, but if the blower isn't CARB legal it won't pass visual. I failed visual just having a C&L inlet tube on - it's all about knowing somebody.

    *What effective laws we have when a guy can blow pure air out the pipes with a non CARB legal plenum/t-body/etc and fail, and Joe Schmoe can blow blue smoke and stink like $hit out the pipe but still pass. I see & smell it on the freeway almost daily. :notnice:
  14. I don't think their shoudl be any such thign as carb legal or illegal. The goal is clean air. So if you sniff tailpipe emissions and its within guidlines, whether the blower is carb approved or not is inconsiquential IMO.
  15. That is exactly what I would like to find out too? :shrug:

    The info I found on the FRPP web site didn't say anything about 99-04 GT install kit?
  16. +1

    Cars in CA get smog readings taken on a dyno now, which jumped the smog-your-car price from $30 to about $90 - EGR function & passing the dyno test should be satisfactory. It wouldn't be too happy taking a blower off every two years just to make sure I have the appropriate factory equipment in place. Thankfully the 1.5L KB is legal even in ridiculous California.
  17. ok, so it "should" pass the sniff test. but visual it wont. So unless i know someone. I will have to take it off every two years... hmm

    somone said something about a dyno run for smog? i have had my car on a dyno before. back in 2001. but it doesnt messure power, i think it just looks to see what the emissions are like above idle... any know if this is right?
  18. The dyno used to smog the car is only there to put the engine under load. Don't expect to see your torque curve while smogging your car. :p