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  1. I went to my Ford dealer in Daytona Beach and talked to the sales manager. I did him a favor and he let me in on the price of the new 2007 Shelby. He told me that the dealer would jack-up the retail price about $5k and they would not be discounting it with any "A" or "X" plans. So be prepared to pay a hefty price for this car. I would guess the cost will be about $43k to $45k. Bend over here it comes.

    I want one anyway!
  2. That may be true for your local Ford/SVT dealer, but they aren't all like that! I'd say your dealer sucks major ass if that's the way he pays you back for doing him a favor! Why not find a different dealer?

  3. GT 500 Price

    I talked to a local dealer here in Virginia Beach who said that these cars will likely be very limited in their first year and may be auctioned to the highset bidder like the GT supercar.
  4. Then let those guys deal with the first issue bugs!
  5. The '03's were jacked 5K around here. Many of these cars sat for 18 months. Mine was one of those that had a $39,500 price tag. I paid 29K for the car with 20 miles on it.
    The GT500's will be greatly anticipated. This is an in house Ford offering where the addition of the "Shelby" nameplate does not physically change anything.
  6. In the lastest issue of Autoweek a ford rep stated that they would build as many GT500's as customers demanded.
  7. They are going to build a projected 7,000 per year. Yes I said 7,000 per year. So don't be sad.. if you got the cash you will get yours. I am going to get mine for sure. Mr. C. Shelby said he wanted all to enjoy this GT500. So he said they would be under $40K. When Shelby speaks.. ALL listen.
  8. Not trying to flame you but, when did he say that? I've never read that.

  9. it pays to know the dealer,I get X plan from gary on anything. :D
  10. Under 40k? Not trying to bash anyone but A base Saleen goes for more then that. limited production, 500hp, GT500= 50,000 and up. If they do go for under 40k that would be a bigger bang for the buck then the 2007 ZO6. That would be pretty Impressive. :shrug:
  11. I agree.. I think its odd that ford hasnt said anything about price yet. I hope and PRAY that its under 40k because there will be one in my garage.. but im very skeptical that its going to happen. I think they are going to let the hype of the car determine the released price tag. If its under 40k there are going to be alot of pissed off GT owners that forked over 30k for there 300hp cars, and even more upset 03'-04' Cobra owners that were paying upper 30's for there cars at 390HP .. just MHO :shrug:
  12. I thought Xplan was only for Ford vehicles not for SVT vehicles.

    And yes both the Rep's and Shelby said the price target is 'under 40k'

  13. Which one? I'm not going there when I get mine! The two dealers that I've talked to in the area say that they're going to mark them up - one said around $2K and the other said at least $20K (not going there either)!!!
  14. My dealer speculated "market" may be as high as 75K for the first few cars. Just be patient, they will come down as time goes on unless Ford announces they will be a limited production vehicle. I doubt very much they will do this because Ford needs all of the sales they can muster.
  15. Here's my two cents - my local Ford Dealer has a Black 05 GT convertible - auto - everything except the Shaker 1000. Hanging from the rear view mirror is a big green sign that reads; "No Hassel Price" $39,995.00! If that's that "market bump" on an 05 GT vert - I don't even want to think about what they are going to do to the Shelby. That's going to one major BOHICA job - that is - IMHO.............
  16. Autoweek april 4, 2005
    "final prices are not set but the last SVT cobra cost $35,000. Ford officials say the goal is to keep this car priced less than $40,000. "you won't be able to touch this performance for the money," Thai-Tang says. Ford won't commit to a production number, but says it will build all 500s drivers demand."
  17. Gary is a good dude but he shot me down on the plan. When I sit down with him.............we will see.
  18. This is not the norm...that car will sit on the lots plain and simple.

  19. for 45 grand for a GT500 it would be best to save some extra and buy a C6 for bang for the buck

    and bang for the buck against the LS7 Z06?? depends on the price, but if that vette goes for under 70 grand, more like mid low 60's as i have heard, it will be the best bang for the buck ever. it offers sooo much on par with exotics.

    GT500 with its 450hp aint gonna have a chance, not on performance in the straight, the corners, or braking...

    but its a damn good bargain still.... for 40K or so
  20. LOL! The new Cobra will be $1000 away from 550-600bhp.