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  1. BTW: Ford will keep this car under 40K even if its 39,990.00 LOL. Base C6's start at 44K so you can bet Ford will not want to encroach to close to that number.
  2. It would be great if that car MSRP'd for less than 40 but this is what the cover story on May 2005 issue of Motor Trend Says:

    "Some will ask why not 500 horespower?....SVT brain trust has addressed this issue from an engineering standpoint, but drives the message home at the bottom line. Unlike the 500 horse, IRS-suspended Viper, which costs $85K-plus(including destination and guz tax), and unlike the 500-horse, IRS-equipped Corvette Z06-likely to run anywhere from $60,000-$75,000-the Ford Shelby GT 500 will cost a lot less. Best guess? 40-45 grand. A pricier version-as an SVT Cobra-was under consideration, which would've had an IRS and even more powerful engine. But the business case was rejected by management as too rich for a Mustang."

    (Cover Story) ford shelby gt 500, Matt Stone: Motor Trend, May 2005 p. 57.
  3. sounds pretty good tho... a good car in the price range of some vettes now, and i known a few guys that got 03-04 cobras over a vette cuz its more practical LOL

    sounds like the 07 will be an amazing machine.. and that blower helps things out alot for performance and a few pulley mods/tune and your lookin at 500+ horses
  4. Yeah, but even then you have to consider, braking, weight, aerodynamics, suspension and all the things that make a well rounded performance car

    450 bhp
    450 lb/ft tq (these are probably underrated i know, i know)
    height: 55"
    final drive: 3.31
    front brakes: Brembo vented and cross-drilled disc, four-piston aluminum calipers 14"
    rear brakes: Brembo vented and cross-drilled disc, two-piston calipers 13"
    weight: they haven't given this yet, but it wouldn't suprise me if it was up around around 3700 lbs.

    500 hp
    475 lb/ft tq
    height: 49"
    final drive: 3.42
    brakes: Vented & Cross Drilled Rotors w/6 Piston Calipers, ABS
    weight: 3130 lbs
    tires: 275/35ZR18

    sure you can go and mod a cobra and crank out a lot of power, the cobra may be faster in the 1/4 than the z06 but what about around a track, and top speed? either way i'm really excited to see these cars hit the streets. another variable in all of this is the viper srt-10 coupe. i saw that this weekend and out of all of them i liked it the most.

    bottom line, if you have enough money you can make any which one faster than the other. cause i know a lot of you will argue the point that you could invest the extra $25k+ into the cobra and be faster than the z06. i personally don't care too much to mod my car at this point, because as soon as i do i know the reliability will probably go down the tubes.
  5. I think performance aside from any other car, these will be a great bang for the buck. Why? Because it's a Ford(not in a negative way); all Ford's are priced low. I would imagine this car being MSRP at $40, maybe $45 max. Now because of demand dealer will surely sell them for more. It may be more in one city, and less in another. One thing is for sure, they will not cost more than the Vette.
  6. well if bang for buck on straightline performance is your thing, its always best to buy a Boosted car. they go faster for cheaper cuz the blower/turbo makes up for cams/intakes/heads. thats why ford is so successful on that part. too easy to make a cobra quick....
  7. Well here in Canada it's 58K for a coupe and 65K for a conv't... Crazy price! :notnice:
  8. :rolleyes:

  9. Not only for straight line. I'm sure it will handle very well even though it's going back to solid rear axel. And to compare, well at that price range the closest thing would be the Vette. But for a minimum of $10K more for a Vette I don't think handling is worth that much. Plus, if you put any car that far the ground, it will handle better.
  10. I'm not to happy about the small and skinny 255 tires... I hope we can put bigger than that in the back??? Compare to the 06" 325 tires for Z06!!! :nonono:
  11. Tires isn't the only factor for handleing. I do admit they probably a little small, but I'm sure biggers will fit. But not as big as the Vette though.
  12. i think the stang is gonna be heavy and not feel as nimble as the vette. the vette is bred for that kinda stuff, the stang is more of a power house drag kinda car with some handling.

  13. Hmmmm. Right. Every Mustang seems to be getting heavier and heavier. Oooooo. More power, more power.

    In all seriousness, The only thing I have heard here is that will be fact is that Ford will not price the new Shelby/Cobra more than even the base C6. Like some of the guys said here there were 03 Cobras sitting around a while and there are still new 04's. After the hype fades I'm sure anyone who has to have one will be able to as long as Ford produces as many as they say.
  14. Weight is a tad less than 3500#, so it is not bad considering the extra engine weight.

    No, it won't be as nimble as a vette, but it is not exactly built for that. That being said, the S197 platform is much improved from the tired ol' SN95.
  15. i agree, the new platform is great. i am a fan of the solid rear axle. the car is impressive and not ment to be compared to the vette, but its the only thing else to compare it to, next to the GTO and possibly now the new Hemi charger and cars

    but yeah, 3500 lbs isnt bad at all. sorta like the old Ls1 fbodies, and later SN95 stangs
  16. Guys, the price (MSRP) will be under $40k. But there might be a lot of dealer mark up out there. I have one on order, but the dealer wont give me a number yet. They also dont even know the colors yet. I will not pay a penny over sticker, so I might have to wait after all. But the dealer has said no mark up. We'll see...
  17. If you Like chevy's leave! Vetts don't hold there value at all!! The Shelby Will! The vette engin does'nt last long, a couple years in it and your 60-70k just went to 6k-7k. Damn, that says a lot for chev. LOL. Chevs SUCK!!! My Opinion!
  18. where did you come from???

    doesnt hold there value well at all?? you try buyin a vette lately?? late 80's ones are going for 15-20K still!!! and thats only a few grand off what new mustangs sell for??

    LS1 lasts forever man, not sure where you got that at......

    :shrug: :notnice:
  19. Then you need to get a news paper from Wash state and go through the classifieds and see... I respect your thoughts though this is just what I see every day. Check and see..... Thanks for the reply.