Gt500 In A Fox?

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  1. I can't think of a motor that is a V8 or smaller that you couldn't put into a Fox. I just don't get the fascination. :shrug:
  2. Guess it's just the new into the old. Something different when you pop that hood. But more than likely I won't ever get there. More of a fascination than an actuallization
  3. Seamless integration of a modern engine into and older vehicle is more of an art than just doing something different. Bonus points if it's something that doesn't have a swap kit or harnesss commercially available.
  4. The bonus points are for the ass pain and not the art. :p
  5. When I found out that a fox mustang chassis was shared with other ford vehicles I wanted to build one. Add to that the chassis hadn’t changed much from 1979-2004 and the seed was planted. A v8 station wagon with a cobra independent rear suspension and a manual transmission. I call it the Daddywagon. full.jpg
  6. That fox coupe with the gt500 is awesome! I would do it to the 4 door sedan version of my wagon! Haha!
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  7. Bah! Screw Noobz, I think it would be totally btchin'!

    Get it! Do it!
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  8. You ever get that starter motor out of that car?
  9. Shut up. I'll update my thread in a minute here, I was reading through the new stuff first.
  10. You spend too much time looking at dyno sheets. There is more to a modern drivetrain than peak power and torque numbers.

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  11. Shock and awe
    Shocked that it fits
    Awe'd that it has twice the hp as what was originally there
  12. Love the idea make it happen
  13. Years back, one of the Rodding mags did a series on putting a 460 in a Fox. Quite a hunk, it was! Now, a 427 SOHC "Cammer", that would be interesting. Saw one in Cicero, Illinois, around 1971! In a guy's garage, it was awesome huge!! imp

  14. Since we're giving tips, you should get to know your audience a little. I own two cars. The first is a 1986 Mustang GT. It's a Dart 331 and 2.2L Flowzilla that refers to dyno queens as "my bitches". The other is a 2012 Cadillac CTS-V that refers in the same way to nearly all luxury luxury cars and considerably more than half of all "sports cars". :rolleyes:

    The point is.:, I'm fairly well aware of the differences in the drive-lines and furthermore, don't hate on any particular drive-line up to and including the 6.2L supercharged LS.

    Now perhaps you guys have a lot of REALLY nice jack-stands that you just never get tired of looking at because that's about the majority of what I see in these "swap threads". Now, if you're trying to tell me that the only way I can get smooth running motor into a Mustang is to abandon the Windsor and shoe-horn some other POS that doesn't belong into the engine bay of a Fox (or other), I will direct you to to have a look at their Fox content. Take special note of the cars that are running and those that are mostly immobile sources of frustration.

    Examples can also be found on bookface. You're on your own with that one as I don't participate. That was a decision that I made after returning to college to complete my degrees in Information Systems Technology and Digital Security Risk Analysis. Something that was difficult to complete because I was spending all my study time looking at dyno-sheets. :jester:

    This is a "dyno-queen" that I'm fairly fond of:

  15. It's been done for years now. That and a Boss 429 by two guys that live in the same town, and are friends. Both own Fairmonts.
    The Boss 429 car was harder to find..( maybe he wrecked it?)
    I found this poor example instead.
    While I'd kill to have the top example in the Monster,..the weight of a FE alone would be detrimental. Add those monstrous heads, and that nut bustin intake manifold, and I'd bet the engine alone is close to 800 pounds.

    The hard fact is that you couldn't buy one of these engines for less than 15k. When you can buy the engine and trans out of a wrecked GT 500 for less than 11k and get a far superior engine that parts can be had for " today" and is somewhat reasonable ( try buying anything for the SOHC head that doesn't require a gold mine to fund), it seems stupid to even lust for old iron.
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  16. HELL YA!
    Hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot
    That a boy noobz, give it to um!
    THATS what you get fer mess'n wid a guy that plays with life size fly'n toys that never leave the ground.
    wrench drop

  17. Wait... I can fly them too. Not a particularly coherent task for er... some people :rolleyes: but with me in the seat, I use the term "fly" very loosely. :D
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  18. Mike is right, the stangnet voice of reason, unless it's a restoration and concours show bound those engines are just old eye candy, well, 'cept that gt40 noobz posted. Car guys have been put'n modern power in old iron for years, just look at the kits out there. I applaud guys like mike that look for different, or guys like steve that take the same 'road less traveled' , It's cool just hanging around here with a bunch of car guys and keyboard racing, comparing jack stands and who's building what or giving advice to 'kids' that think they need that electric water pump or an e-cam.
    As long as you get out there drive that junk you built!
    It's just 'hot rodding'
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