Help me decide on my paint job!!!

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  1. No and it will take time... are the runs in the clear... or the paint... if they are in the clean and really thick you can take a blade and cut the "drops off and sand the run out"

    I was having problems with runs in the clear with my bay... this place helped me alot :: View topic - Drips in clear coat!!!!
  2. A couple pics from the trip to pick up the pile.

  3. Like you said Shaun... It looks good from far :)
  4. I was gonna say the same thing :D
  5. at least i got that goin for me!

    Been busy this afternoon!:nice:

  6. soneone got antsy!!
  7. Well, the motor was just sitn there and the car was looking lonely, I had a couple of beers....and one thing led to another...........

    notice the wheels too!? I think I was more excited about putting them on than getting the motor in!
  8. Looks sweet with the wheels on it....gonna need some better pix of it outside to tell though :p
  9. When I get the hood back on, ill roll her outside for some quick pics!

    Notice the nasty overspray in the engine compartment.:notnice:
  10. :nice:
    At the risk of being thoroughly chastized, I'll suggest that maybe this is not such a bad thing. Driving the 95 has convinced me that I'm going to dial back my paint job plans on the 67. Originally I was going to go all out, with a high-end, show car paint job.

    But seeing how many rock chips I'm touching up on the 95, I'm leaning toward a good paintjob, that won't break my heart when it gets chipped and dinged, and won't break my wallet either.

    First and foremost, I'm building my 67 to drive. I don't want the paint to be so nice I'm hesitant to thrash the crap out of it!

    So, maybe you got a good deal after all (with a little cleaning up). Cuz it looks like you're building the car to run, not sit around and look purty.
  11. Pretty much if you want that 'as glass' look you will HAVE to colorsand and buff. As long as there is enough clear on it; it shouldn't come out too bad at all...but it sure sucks you have to deal with it.

    I am the pickiest a$$hole alive when it comes to my paint; and I have paid decent coin to get it that way, but even the best painters will have to colorsand and buff if you don't want orangepeel.

    Fisheyes are lame...shows poor prep work usually and contaminants (can be airborne) but there are additives to prevent them for the most part. As long as they aren't too deep alot of them will dissappear when its sanded and buffed.

    Might be worth $400-500 to take it to a pro shop for a cut-and-buff.
  12. Glad you got it back though!!! :)
  13. Haha, can you read minds!?

    Thanks, id say its about time! Better late than never i guess. :rolleyes:
  14. Not to be a dick and pile it on, but that has amateur hour written all over it.

    The color combination is bomb, you had a good concept. It will look mint after you clean it up.

  15. I can't argue with you there.

    He has a 67 chevelle that he painted and it is flawless, and that is the quality I was told I was getting. If I only could have know what I would get back.....
  16. Friend or not I hope you gave this guy a piece of your mind. He had the car forever and it turned out like crap. I mean there are no 2 ways around it the guy is a jerk for treating you that way.
  17. Cant....figure....out
  18. eh SC squeal drives me nuts. It's worse then nails on a chalkboard to me.

    Glad ya got it running though