I got a Lawyer for us on the Tremec 3650

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  1. Ok Guys here is the deal I do computer work for a lawyer in our office building, and am good friends with him, I talked to him about this problem, and he told me to get as many people aboard as possible and he will take action from there.

    E-mail me: [email protected] your

    Year Vehicle:
    contact info: e-mail , phone number, or whatever.

    He told me to get VIN numbers also , but if you guys fell unsure about that you dont have to, the only reason he recommends that is so they can tell what tranny make times are in the cars that have the problem.

    Put tremec 3650 in the subject line

    My Lawyer told me if I can get close to 500 people to send me info He will take the next step towards action into getting our problem resolved.

    We are going to send a formal petition with everyones names and problems to the NHTSA, FORD, and the Michigan ATTORNEY GERNERAL. He told me if there is a problem and I have documented proof that Tremec aknowledges there is a issue, I have 2 e-mails from them, from 2 separte technicians. We can take action , but we all need to come together.

    Lets not lay down and take it guys, we can make a difference!!!
  2. Are we talking about the crappy shift fork here or what?

    Mines still crappy the triax helped a little but occasionaly I still grind the piss outta 2nd because it wont go in.

    Course I wonder if the dealer would blame my shifter hah. Even though the problem was worse without it.
  3. 2002 GT

    Grinds when going into Reverse... 2nd - 3rd shift is very tough

    Ryan Floyd

    [email protected]
  4. Please e-mail me the complaint guys. It validates it more.

    Forums are not respected by the corporate world.
    They scrub everything off if you say it came from a forum.

    Thank You!!
  5. do we have to live in michigan?
  6. I'll email when I get off work, I have problems getting into 2nd gear.

    If I were to take off my triax id have MAJOR problems getting into it. Reverse has popped out on me a few times.
  7. You compain because is a bit hard to get into 2nd gear?... you should see the 5-speed trans that is in my friends Kia, that is a POS.
  8. Thanks for your e-mails guys we have received quite a few already.

    No you do not have to live in Michigan. The reason we are sending our petition to the attorney general in Michigan, is that Ford is located in Michigan , and so are we and my lawyer said he has dealt with him before and is a very good man. So things are good on our end, we just need help from you all.

    Thanks All !!!
  9. What is the desired out come of the petition?? What do you want Ford to do? They dont even make the trannys

  10. they don't make them but they make the car that they go in and should fix a problem with a vehicle that "they" produce. they also know about the problem and won't do anything about it. tremec may be at fault but ford knows about it and should deal with tremec themselves. i paid "ford" for my mustang. ford paid tremec for the trannies. it's a chain of crap

    bottom line is that "FORD" should fix the problem with their mustangs. or pay tremec to give us all a new trans.
  11. Tremec knows about this problem and as I stated in other e-mails there fix is to use 3.2L instead of 3.8L of DexronIII , How they can think this will resolve the issue is way beyond me.

    But anyways the complaint is with Ford, just like computer if something breaks you don't call western Digital you can Dell.

    Anyways keep the e-mails coming guys . We need quite a few more.

    Thanks All !
  12. I don't have a problem as of now, but I might be willing to make one, as long as I'd be helping out fellow Stangers. Do you think speed-shifting 2nd on every shift would help my trans along? Seriously, though, it never really grinds. But when it's cold, the shift into 2nd acts like it "wants" to. Does this mean I may have a problem in the future with it? I tend to rape 2nd quite often. I enjoy it thoroughly. :nice:
  13. guys i have a couple of q. first is this just a problem on 2002 gt and up? second did your tranny do this when you first bought the car, or is it somyhing that happens over time?
  14. I know I want my T3650 fixed so heres a

    TTT :nice:
  15. Dewayne,
    well my questions arent answered yet. What do you want Ford to do for each and every one of us with the Tranny, replace it, fix it??

  16. When mine is cold I get a little bump or notch going into second. But my old T5 and T10 did the same thing only much worse. Maybe some of you guys have it much worse, but the way mine is doesn't seem like a big deal, especially since it goes away as soon as it warms up.
  17. Its funny...seems like everyone is ****in about the tranny and finally something may be done and all of a sudden its fine or "not that big of a deal". Then there are others who want to know what is in it for them. We won't know what will be done until our voice is heard. Lets get it fixed. Thanks Dewayne!
  18. sorry ... double post
  19. I dont know if you have already done so but you should link this information and lawyer request to corral.net. If you PM one of the moderators they may let you make it a sticky thread on top.
  20. Thanks for the input guys !!

    I sent a moderator a request to make it sticky.

    To the question about what we want from Ford.
    What we want is out transmission to be addressed realistically.
    Tremec knows of this issue there is no formal statement from Tremec, but there support techs told me they know of the issue I have that e-mailed to me and documented. Tremec is no doubt working on this problem , and what I want for all of us is for Ford to say yes there is a problem here is a fix, or a replacement. Not all 3650 are bad I know that, my friends is fine, but certain makes there is a problem and I want that addressed ,and trust me it will get addressed in one way or another, we are not trying to get anything but what we paid for, If we get enough e-mails from you guys Ford has no alternative but to recognize this problem. Trust me guys Ford wants it's mustang owners happy. The mustang is there heritage, and they want us happy, and I know they will address this Issue , if we all come togther, if we dont then we are just going to have to deal with it, but I am not one of those people that sit well with that frame of mind, I want a functional tranny , and I will get one. I hope you guys want the same.

    Thanks to all of you that have joined us.

    I will be out of the office until monday so I i will not know the numbers until monday . I will post them in the afternoon.

    Thanks again all !!!!