I Was Owned By Ls1

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  1. exactly, its more or same along the lines of when guys defened imports... this is stangnet.com, not myfinances.net or importloverJDM.com :rolleyes: :D
  2. Dont the LS1's have more major torque? Wouldnt a stroker Mustang take one easy?
  3. It's kinda funny all you guys talkin chit when I can go out and race the two I have all day long. Neither is special for it's breed. They are just good street cars.

    Whoever was commenting about me taking the interior out of my vette needs to pay a little more attention when he's reading.

    How many of you have both?

    It does not take any kind of wild combo to beat an LS1, weather it's a C5 (in my case) or a bird or Camaro. The NMRA factory stock classes were running low 12's five years ago. Those are stock head and cam cars.

    Think about that.

    Cliff :)
  4. I think he was talking STOCK for STOCK.

    Even the new '05 Mustang GT is still Slower then the old LS1's. Not by much, but after 3rd gear, the STOCK LS1 pulls even harder against a STOCK GT.

    You can modify any car to go faster, but right out of the box, the LS1's are still faster. I can admit the truth, can you?

    Let's talk about modifications to beat a stock LS1, if you can find any stock LS1's left that want to race...
  5. Yeah, on GT40 heads or seriously worked (read: expensive) stock heads... And, even they don't out-trap the LS1s.


    ps. Crazykid, I don't know where you are, but around here 90 percent of the LS1s on the road are still bone-stock... If you're at the track it's probably more like 50, but the vast majority of even the non-stock LS1s I see on the road have nothing more than cat-back exhaust or a lid.
  6. Speaking from expierience(sp?) also I would say a H/C/I combo would be the minimum to consistantly beat/keep up with an LS1. Everyone will jump on the "you can easily beat an LS1" bandwagon, but the ones who may actually do it routinely are modded, good drivers, bad LS1 driver or any combo of the three. I owned a 99 Z28 until it flooded and I can not tell you the number of Mustangs I raced... all outcomes the same. Mustangs are in all honesty (for the most part) hole shot cars. If you don't make your money up front you lost... If an LS1 is near you going into third... you may as well chalk it up. Now being a multiple Mustang owner LS1's are my target. The 86 really needs H/C/I and some boost to help stay strong up top and consistantly keep up, even with the 2004 Cobra its not always a walk in the park depending on the driver... Chevy really did it right with the LS1 engine... I only wish Ford had spent time refining the pushrod engine the last 11 years also... No matter what you do an LS1 should warrant respect because it really all depends on the driver!!! Just my .02

  7. Dude was not talking stock for stock, his car runs low 13's on bolt-ons.

    Somebody else mentioned needing a **** load of expensive stuff to beat stock LS1's which simply is not correct.

    My LS1 is stock with exhaust. Well not even a full exhaust, just flowmasters.

    BTW, I had to go to the local scrap yard to get records of one of my ex-eployees steeling materials and scrapping them for cash. While there I put the my C5 on the scale, 3277 with me in it. I go 190-200 depending on how much I stuff my face and how busy I keep. My car has every option except body side moldings.
    F-bodies about 3400, my fault.

    Cliff :)
  8. "Chevy really did it right with the LS1 engine... I only wish Ford had spent time refining the pushrod engine the last 11 years also..."

    Well said. Hopefully the next GT we get will be able to compete with Stock LS1's.
  9. It really is amazing to me the way ford put it aside... Think about it, to keep up with an LS1 performance wise you need MAJOR bolt-ons, and to keep up with it feul economy wise you need a Focus... Chevy was idiots for giving up on the F-Body and Ford was idiots for giving up on the push-rod engine...
  10. GM was not wrong or "idiots" for giving up on the F-bodies. Ford sold more stang verts than GM sold all models of birds and Camaros combined. It's probably the smartest thing GM has ever done. It's just like when Ford decided to drop the T-bird and give that market to Chevy (and Japan). I loved the T-bird but Ford couldn't sell them. Only sensible solution is to drop it and move on.

    GM may be bringing back the Camaro, but I have seen or heard nothing to confirm this. Check it out, it's freakin badass! Problem with it will be that it's no more better built than the rest of their crap.

    The LS1 is a great engine. It's not better than Fords engines, just built to make more power from the factory. That is part of its problem though. Everything is made to flow out of the box. You can't just bolt on heads and get the kind of gains you will in a Ford engine, cuz the ones from the factory are massaged to a point that you have to get radical to make any gains. Ford did nothing wrong in getting rid of the push rods. The 4.6 and 5.4 are great engines too. Just not built from the factory to run with the LS1. Not because they can't, I don't know their reasoning. The only downside to the Ford engines in all of this is fuel economy. The LS1's kick Ford ass in fuel efficiency, while being more powerful. My C5 gets 29 MPG with an auto. The C6 bumped to 400 HP and they gained another MPG. That's just crazy.

    Cliff :)
  11. Give us your times at the track? E.T. and mph?

    The vette is way ahead of that fox you have in every category of performance, especially stock for stock.

    That would be me...and trust me...I read very well and respond better :nice:

    That is what you put...so I responded to it...

    I don't this is the question or concern. It is the fact that you don't know what is truely going on and you own both (supposedly)???

    I don't think you understand the difference (as Chris - FastDriver pointed out)...you can run 12.9's all day at 102mph but the ls1 will take you with no problems once both cars get rolling. Put some slicks (change the rear to a 12 bolt)/suspension/steeper gearing in the ls1 like the 5.0L can "have"...and see what happens there :D

    Done did...
  12. Yeah and at what mph;)


    That ls1 will pull him hard in the end...I think you get fooled by the flat torque curve of the ls1 on how truely "quick" it is...

    There is a difference between E.T. and MPH...to truely beat one car for car...you will want the power to trap higher than them. That will take an aggressive h/c/i combo. Not bolt-ons/gears/slicks...

    That's a start:shrug:

    Yes, those weights are right on with what we said.

    My lx 5.0L weighs (hatchback) at 3370 race weight (I'm 200lbs)...
  13. Here is my take, the cars are close enough in wieght to say they're even, and the f-body is having a nearly 20% larger engine so there has to be some provisions given to the fox.

    Case one at the track, a stock engine 87 speed density notch with a set of 4.10's and some traction will likly give a stock ls1 every thing it can handle,

    Case two my own car although modified have given (stock or not :shrug: )ls1's nothing but tail lights. On the highway or on the street, I litterally drive past them in third gear(traction is a serious problem in my car) and they NEVER catch up. I can't say as to any modifacation on the ls1 i raced on the highway but it really dosen't matter when it is considered that I currently have less than 10,000 (canadian) into my car. Far less than you can get a ls1 for(around here anyway).

    I feel the fact we are even comparing 5.0's to ls1's says somthing for the fox...its a way better platform for going fast, on a buget.

    My 2 cents :)

    P.S. This has gotten to the point it should probably move to talk. :)
  14. What do you currently have?
  15. i dont see why ls1 cars and fox bodies are allways compared. they are 2 very different cars. the ls1 is like 345 cube, aluminum heads,trick ignition, lower gears the stock mustang,bigger fuel system,bigger tb and maf. so to compare the 2 wouldnt u want to compare a stock ls1 car to a mustang with a 347 aluminum heads,injectors,tb,maf,gears,and an msd ignition? this is what i dont understand. how do you guys feel about this?
  16. Fox bodied 302's were old technology by the time the LS1 came on the scene. Ford should have came out with the factory SC long ago.
  17. :nice:

    BTW-comparing a 12-18 year old car with a 7 year old car says alot for the fox :flag:
  18. :nice: My point exactly :nice:
  19. always an intereting debate no matter which point you look at it..I look at it this way...no car payments makes me a happy camper...but Id love a ws6 or ss any day of the week over my stang
  20. Oh yeah!
    I remember driving a 1995 ss camaro. It was fast as all hell and handled like a gocart.