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  1. Dayum, gimme your number. Your gonna be a refference. :lol: :rlaugh: Did you see the car at 66 ? Thanx though. It takes a while to make the kits, and it's nice when someone really appretiates it.

    THe primaries are 1 5/8 into 2.5 crossover. The DP and inlet tube are 3in. The inlet is SS 304 though. I ran MS with mine and won't use it anymore for an inlet. Scaly rust buildup even though no water.:nonono:
  2. After seeing your work..I wish I didnt build my motor to be 10.3-1 compression..:(
    O well. NA it is. But next time..I'm calling you.
  3. Did you see it there also ? Please indulge me. I'm just curious. We set cards out on Rich's car and Marios and I think we ended up having like 200-250 cards taken. We didn't even hand them out. It was voluntary for them to take it off the cars. So we were really happy about that.:nice:
  4. hopefully you get some leads off those cards, but it seems like word of mouth is working pretty good too.

    Im hoping to have it ready for the Hot Rot nationals up in Famoso next month, 80% of the fords up there were in the 11's, but no turbo's or blowers, this would make them go:scratch:
  5. nope, just been following your threads.
  6.! Just when I was thinking there were no turbo kits out there and I would be SOL. sir have a PM.
  7. They've been around a little while. Your right though, no one knows about them yet though.
  8. IM'd ya back...but here's the IM for those wanting to know a bit about my car....

    Haha...funny thing is I did a bunch of googling...found your old ebay ad. Then saw you said you were 10secgoal on Stangnet. Remembering I had an account there...since 2002 I came here searching.

    I appreciate you getting back to me. Right now I'm on the tail end of getting hired on w/ the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Chicago and therefore money is sorta tight as I finish up grad school.

    That price is very appealing and I'm just shocked more people haven't gone this route. Granted it is semi new territory for classics but just seeing what turbos do for Terminators got me intrigued to do it for the '69.

    As for the parts replacing I'm not worried about and figured I would have to go w/ colder plugs...easy as many family friends are in the drag racing business and I can pick those up rather quickly. As for the Holley...I've got one sitting on a '65 block 289 I'm rebuilding so I'm familiar w/ those carbs. You don't know how many times I've almost replaced the carb on my 306 as I'm less than impressed w/ Edelbrock carbs. They make a lot of great products but carbs are not one of them.

    As for the TCP rack I can try and get ya some pics of it but dunno how much good that'll do for ya and you'd probably be better off just checking out your customer's car w/ the rack. W/ that said I would recommend that rack to all Mustang owners as it has totally changed the way my car drives. Bolted right in w/ no problems either.

    I'll keep in touch but I'm shooting for maybe an early spring date for this to happen. (Hopefully by then I'll have my new job and all settled in...being engaged doesn't help my financial status any. )



    It's got a 306 in it w/ a C4 (2800 stall), 8" rear (hopefully w/ in the next 6 months a nice 9"). The car is not lowered but has a TCP rack which 10secgoal said he'd need to check out. The car will be lowered eventually but I think I'll wait til I get the turbo kit and see how much clearance I have on the DP before I go w/ the drop. Also I plan on putting some TTII 9.5" rears on as they're 17X8 right now in the rear w/ a 245 on the rear. 17X7 up front w/ 245's. Lips aren't rolled but I'll wait and see on that once everything falls into place.

    Here's the car this would be going on....

    BTW The engine bay is dirty in this pic and is now housing an MSD distributor and also has no power steering pump any more. Also the battery is being relocated to the trunk to clear up some more room. The tower bars will also be replaced w/ some sort of tubular type bars.

    The rear normally doesn't have that much height on it but after being in storage the air shocks had settled a bit and so I aired them up all the way for awhile so they could regain their seal. The rear on a normal day sits about an inch lower than in the pics....





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  9. BTW....when IM'ing 10sec he noted that my CR may be a lil high at 9.5:1 so I may have a good friend port the heads a bit to bring down the CR to around 9.0:1 or so.

    I'm sure they know some good ways to bring down the CR as they build drag cars when they're not restoring old mustangs or working their everyday jobs. This is the car they built for themselves....first '05 glass body....514 block....super fast. (4.2 in the 1/8th).....

    crappy cell phone pic...

  10. yeah, dont lower it till the kit is on, mine MUST be raised at least a inch:notnice:

    and if you decide to get new tires, either get a drag radial or MT 26/11.50/17, youre gonna need them:nice:

    my 275 tires(Kumho,not the best) are useless with anything past 1/2 throttle, while its fun, its not exacly safe in the wrong hands:(
  11. Im doing that now, tearing apart a 400 mile stroker to lower compression to about 8.9:1, that should have been done the first time(by engine builder):bang:
  12. Ya I saw they didn't do it right the first time. Sorry to hear that but I'm so jealous of your beautiful ride! As for the DR's....I'm probably gonna go w/ some Hoosier DR's. After my buddy's street/strip Fox GT has been through every DR imaginable we've determined the Hoosiers to be the stickiest. IIRC he's running the 275's and spraying off the line. He's bringing the front about 5 inches off the ground and running a solid 6.5 in the 1/8th and hooking great.

    Thanks for reassuring me that I should wait to lower the car. Trying to get my priorities straight right now.

    So in this order....

    9" rear end
    Lower compression
    Wheels w/ some good meat mounted on them
    Carb/plugs/turbo kit
    Line lock

    After that I think I should be very happy for a good while. :p
  13. You don't really have to worry about 67 and up too much. I didn't have to go low on them like the 65's.I first built them with racers in mind. Short and to the point, no sway bar. So ground clearance was not an issue on these cars. then everyone wanted their cake and to eat it too. So the crossover needs to go under the bar. I'm gonna try to use shorter collect of the 65's. They won't flow as much, but more people might be able to run them.
    Honestly if you keep the psi around 7-9 psi you'll be fine with 9.5-1. Rich ran 9.7 with 10psi and was fine. After the turbo kit, you probably won't need a line lock. :)
  14. Sounds good. Thanks for chiming in.

  15. Just a thought- Considering there appears to be a slight ground clearance issues, have you thought about trying to use that fancy oval pipe for where you go under the bar? I know it may make things a bit more complicated during fab and it will probably cost more, but I think as an option to get more ground clearance people might want it.
  16. The real problem is that it take X amount of time for the bend to bend. By the time it does finish bending, it's low.
    The other problem is that the V-band can't be moved up a mere 1 in to make room. Then it would hit the swaybar mount. Since we wanna keep it, the only other option is to put in much shorter collector. I just don't like them because honestly they are ugly, and don't flow as much. Flow isn't as important here, but every little bit helps. And when I charge over 1k for just a bunch of tubing, I need it to look nice.
    I'm trying to please as many people as possible with the kit. The 67 was so much easier with more room and no sway bar. There are just going to be pros and cons with this little amount of room to work with. I'm doing what I can though.
  17. great idea, but I have to wonder about air flow issues...what is the dif. between an oval pipe and fully round in terms of air velocity...just have to wonder..thats all
  18. Not worried about flow in oval vs round. But the collectors themselves. The shorter collectors has less time to transition from primary to tubee. It'll sharper. But I'm probalby being anal about it. I've seen some kits that just....dang.
  19. Oh, phast69, son't worry about those pistons, and you don't need a fordged crank. The stock block will exit the party long before even a short rod or crank.
  20. Well lets hope by that time I got the money for a Dart or A4 style block :p