It's official!! Chepie's going in for a new top!!!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by chepsk8, Jan 22, 2003.

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  1. Re: SHE'S TOPLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    It took me a while to figure out that you were talking about Chepie. :doh:

  2. yeah i thought we were talking about mustsuzi
  3. Topless.....


    I wonder how Suzi would look in just her frame, bows, and arms.....:confused: Suzi, could you model for us???

    (Please, No more pics with Mongo's head!!!!!!)
  4. My turn to have some fun (Deanna)

    Ok my turn to gave some fun with this!

    Originally posted by chepsk8
    I'll change the sheets, wash the floor, and hide all the pictures. I won't tell if you don't......

    Ya....but how are you going to keep Deanna silent...???

    65stanger, you cant keep me silent! (evil laugh). lol.

    You and Ginger bread man gotta give me some hyjacking lessons!

    Is chiepie really a she?????:confused: I think of it as an IT. what do you think? It can be moody though, hmmmm.

    And i really have to say this........Gingerbreadman do you I had to put that in since you are in Western Canada.

  5. In the original pic that Mach 1 in the background looks like a really nice car!!!
  6. Re: My turn to have some fun (Deanna)

    I should have known better.....It is impossible to silence a teenage girl!!!:eek:

    You are doing fine on your first hijacking attempt....good choice picking your dad's thread....less likely to get hurt that way!!!;)

    You will notice that alot of people refer to their cars as if they are female.....especially guys.....dunno why except the just seems to act like they are...:shrug:

    And yes...the GBM does say "eh", he just can't spell it tho'!!!:lol:
  7. Re: Re: My turn to have some fun (Deanna)

    Actually, The Dodge, Clarence (our Jeep), and Harley are all males. I don't know why, but they just seemed like males. :shrug: Our other two cars are Its. Sadie is our only female car.

  8. Re: Re: Re: My turn to have some fun (Deanna)

    That's because driving around in the day sadie is refinded lady but at night she changes into an aggressive raging animal -> hence female :D
  9. Female cars....

    As of my understanding, Typically we guys refer to our cars as "she's", since they are objects of passion, beautiful to behold (usually), and temperamental as a scorned woman.

    My Japanese truck is an it, as it has no character or passion. Chepie is a flowering beauty, being groomed and sent to charm school to bring out her real beauty...:D
  10. my car is a he, it just wouldn't sound right calling a she "the phantom lord" besides he's mean and tough and for the last few years he's been pretty lazy, like me.
  11. Deanna

    well....for calling a car a thing of beauty cheipe doesn't fit that yet. cough. :D

    How come GBM hasn't come to my Canada joke?? I wonder if he can spell it?? lol

    Ok every body write this down. There is one and only one way to keep me quiet.........WHITE CHOCOLATE!!!! i 'll do anything for it!:D :D

    I saw you a few nights ago 65 stanger in a movie. Great job!:nice: lol! Very blue and fuzzy.

    As for the quote on Realmongo's head.....I dotn even wanna know...:shrug: lol

  12. Re: My turn to have some fun (Deanna)

    In the queens english its pernounced eeeeeeh??? you gotta draw out the e and hit a solid note on the h .........

    I say "eh" very frequintly, i am proud of it too, Ill give you one more try guy, that was kinda lame:rolleyes:

  13. canada

    They canada joke was from me gbm. DEANNA! I'm Dan's daughter. 65stanger and pakrat know alllllll about me.

    I talk to pakrat online but i never see him on the forums.:confused:

    :D Deanna
  14. i think the last time i saw pakrat on he was arguing with gp001 about something and i haven't seen him since:shrug: i mean gp001 is kind of opinionated but i wouldn't think that would run pakrat off, he's kind of opinionated too. me persoanlly i get a kick out of both of them. i haven't seen superdave in forever either
  15. Hello Pakrat

    That's true about Pakrat.

    I have e-mailed him about this thread, since he is also a 'vert guy. Hope he comes around.....

    As for Super-Dave, Maybe his retirement home does not have computers!!!!
  16. ouch, he's not gonna like you if he is lurking around, chepie, but i can see it now,sd's timeless wisdom 999 always pick a retirement home with computer access or close to a public library
  17. Retirement...

    Words of wisdom!!!:worship:
  18. What's the deal...???


    Why are you running amok using your dad's screen id..???:scratch:

    although I must admit "dis-ing" SD under the guise of your "old" man's screen will keep the early model mentor confused...........:D
  19. Who's dissin' who???

    actually, 'twas Dad bustin on super, in a round-about way!!

    Besides, I'm not that OLD yet!!! Just a big kid in a mature guy's body!!!:spot:

    No more news on Chepie, just called the shop for an update. news will be posted as it breaks.....
  20. Re: What's the deal...???

    hell for that matter simply changing your avater or not putting up your sig probly throws a wrench into the old mans tool box.........:p

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