It's official!! Chepie's going in for a new top!!!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by chepsk8, Jan 22, 2003.

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  1. Earth calling Super Dave....

    Should we organize a search party, or is he involved in a marathon Canasta game???
  2. Re: Earth calling Super Dave....

    I emailed superdave a couple weeks back, he hurt his back and has been laid up for a while, ill email him again and give an update.......

  3. Re: Re: Earth calling Super Dave....

    Don't rush.....let's run amok for a wee bit first!!! We're safe as long as the hungrymonkey isn't trying to take over stangnet.......:nice:
  4. Re: Re: Re: Earth calling Super Dave....

    Which brings up a good point. Notice since Monkey moved out there just south of where SuperDave lives that Super has vanished? Maybe Monkey got him!
  5. Re: Re: Re: Re: Earth calling Super Dave....

    Iv noticed you havent been around much either...... you too good for us closet club members now?????:notnice:

  6. Re: Re: Re: Re: Earth calling Super Dave....


    It's a plot between hungrymonkey and realmongo to take over Stangnet!!!:eek:

    They've kidnapped SuperDave and stuffed him in the trunk of his 'stang with his cards and fishing gear to make it look like he's off some where playing canasta with the trout!!!:eek:

    Run, run, run as fast as you can..........:spot:

    Hold on SuperDave.......The Closet crew is on it's way to rescue you..!!!:nice:
  7. what haven't we touched in this thread????

    Can we go anywhere else here? who haven't we bashed yet???
  8. Closet or Gutter?

    OK 65Stanger are you happy? I am loged in as myself!

    OK should I join the closet crew or should I be one of the first members of the gutter crew?:shrug:

    Boy my school is violent. People cutting people with box cutters :nonono:.
  9. Re: Closet or Gutter?

    You should join the gutter crew! when the closet crew goes to 'rescue' superdave only to find out they've been lured in to the chevy hall of flame while the newly formed gutter crew takes over stangnet! hehehe And all the while everyone thinks it's HM and RM :D

    (insert evil laugh here)

    Wait i probably shouldn't of said that.:(

    sorry chelle for mentioning your ultimate plan.... don't hurt me!....i'll go back to play in the jello... for now.... ;)
  10. Re: Closet or Gutter?

    :nono: I think I remember your dad saying you weren't allowed in the closet. :nono:

    Sorry, I gotta honor your dad's wishes.

    However, you can hang out just outside the closet. I don't think your dad will have a problem with that. :shrug:

  11. No closet's for D


    Deanna will hang with you! I'm trying to steer her toward the good things in life, not a smorgasbord of whacko's, floundering in a gutter full of jello and Tapioca pudding!! Yes, even her dad is in there on occasion!! But I deserve it!!!!:lol:
  12. :lol: hey i resemble that remark!
  13. Obo.....I hate to burst your bubble bubba, but the Closet crew was wallowing in the gutter long before the jello and tapioca were added......IN FACT it was I, BIG BLUE who dumped the first truckload of jello into the gutter, and I did so to soften Chepsk8's fall......... :D

    Deanna......Yes I am glad to see you logged in as yourself. When you are on under your dad's nom de plume I get confused.:confused: I am easily confused. (comes with advanced age) and I don't need any help getting there!!!:confused:

    Chelle.......I think as Deanna hangs out with you outside the closet door, you might let her dangle her feet in the gutter.....:shrug:

    Chepsk8.......What makes you think that letting Deanna hang w/ Chelle is going to keep her out of trouble..???:scratch: As for where else to go/who else to bash....give me time...I'm thinking, and just as I am easily confused, I have a tough time athinkin'.....smell the smoke???:D
  14. Smoke...

    BBFCM: Just exactly how does fur smell when overheated by an overworked cerebral cortex???

    I trust 'chelle completely with "D"!! (I hope!!!!)

    and I am making deanna log in as herself when she want to add to this tortured thread!!!:lol:
  15. Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Earth calling Super Dave....

    Suzi does not allow me to play in the gutter.:rolleyes:
  16. Gutter Playing


    You two could join in as a tag-team..........:eek:
  17. Re: Smoke...

    Think cross between wet mangy dog fur and burnt BBQ.......:eek:

    Golly gee willickers.....why not??? :scratch:

    She was one of the first ones in, I'd think she would want you to join in the fun too!!! :shrug:

    Oooooops!!! I seem to have lost my bathing suit again!!! BRB!!!:nice:

    :::::Big Blue takes a breath, and dives deep into the gutter:::::
  18. Time again for some sanity, and a glimpse at the original topic....

    Talked to the shop at lunchtime, all is going well. the bows are all re-set, and new tacking strips are on. The original top (what's left) is still on the floor!

    I am going up Monday to see the car, and will take pictures. BUT I will start another thread with the progress, since it no longer is revelant here!!!

    Oh, and by the way, we need to combine a few threads, and finally decide dress code for the gutter. I suggest cumberbuns, neck-ties, and nothing else, no matter the gender, skin/fur type, or humping preference...
  19. Re: Time again for some sanity, and a glimpse at the original topic....

    As I stated in the "friend" thread.....:

    As for the dress code......shouldn't that be an "undress" code...???:scratch:
  20. hangin with chelle

    OK, hangin outside the closet with chelle will be fun. Now I can help make sure "the crew" behaves. lol.

    Personaly I hate jello so I guess the gutter wouldn't be cool. Especially with the ideas 65stanger is commin up with I dont wanna be anywere near him in that gutter.:nonono:

    Chelle, i think you gotta gaurd the closet and the gutter now??:confused:

    65stanger,:nonono: c'mon now those sick thoughts are only suposed to be in the brains of "younger kids". I AM NOT SAYING YOUR OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friends and i think up some funny stuff in school but not like somthings you've spawn.:nonono:
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