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  1. and you are sure that flywheel is the proper tooth count? I'm just bringing these things up because these are the exact issues we face when we put these cars together. Something like this is just what will bite you in the rear when you go to fire it up for the first time!

    I recommend using the 94/95 5.0 bellhousing and the proper flywheel.. reason being is that in the future when you need a new one/if you need a new one it'll be easier to find the parts. I only rig stuff to work when I don't have the part I need or the cash to buy it!
  2. Great work so far.It does look like you're making progress fast.I like that.You also appear to be having a good time doing it.Do you have any help or are you working alone?I do most all of my work on my own.
  3. Thankyou, I don't know if I'd call it a "good time" lol. I just wanna get it done, and I'm tired of spending so much time on it but it'll be worth it in the end I guess...
    And I'm working all alone. I had a friend help me pull the engine but him and I are fighting now I guess.... I have another friend who helps me for like 5 minutes on stuff that requires a lot of muscle (like carry the block to the car and from the car to the machine shop lol), but like 95% of everything I do by myself :)
    The 11" flywheel is 164 tooth for sure and the 10" is 157. I'm not sure what tooth count the 10.5" is.. (cobra). But the only reason I'd need to find parts clutch-related is if the clutch went, and that can be replaced with a 3.8L clutch which should be easy to find, or the flywheel, which by the sounds of it isn't so easy to find... But I guess I'd have to eh?
    Speaking of clutches, I've been planning on going with a stage 2 11" kit. Any opinions on this idea? Thanks

    Also, I ordered some headlights... I have a feeling not many people like this style here.
    Picked them up for cheap so I'll decide if I like them, and if not sell them.
    If I like them I think I'll do a DRL setup, something like this
  4. In the end you'll have a great feeling of accomplishment.I would have to assume you've worked on cars before.LOL. I'm really impressed with the task at hand you've taken on. The lights look good.In the picture of the Stang you posted with them,i hate that hood.Looks like a nose with big nostrils.LOL.Good luck and keep it up.
  5. lol yeah I'm not big on the hood either, I'm just going to keep the stock one. I don't mind the v6 sleeper look :)
    I'm on my 11th vehicle, and I've done my own work on all them so yeah I've been here before. :rlaugh:
    I like learning whatever I can... plus I rather mess up something and learn from it than have someone else mess up on it and pretend they didn't do it... lol :nice:
  6. I can't stand anyone working on my car other than myself. I agree with you about the "messing up and learning from it" comment. I can't imagine having anything other than my Sport.I've been driving '88 T-Birds for a looooong time. We've owned other cars (and do),but the Bird is my baby.
  7. Cool :)
    Personally I've never liked the thunderbirds but I see one here and there that's real nice looking. Most of them though have like sporty wheels on a rusty body.. just doesn't do anything for me lol
  8. Here's mine.Learn to love them from here on out !!!!


    I need a lot of under hood cleaning and wire hiding (It was really bad when I got it)....

  9. What's on the agenda for the Stang this week?
  10. Your car is sexy. I might even ride in it... :p is the stock paint? I like that color, and nice wheels :)
    And your engine bay looks perfect in that pic.. I don't see what you mean by you need to clean it up..
    Umm I just went to get my engine block, but my CC is almost maxed out and money is in the middle of transfer and I have to ship a wiring harness... and I need a haircut... lol
    Hopefully I can pick the engine and flywheel tomorrow
  11. I have the engine/trans listed on craigslist a guy called and said "hey I saw you have a cherry picker, do you think I could borrow it? I live near you" I'm like "uhh... it's not really mine so I don't really have permission to decide things like that" and he goes on and on about how he needs one really bad to get his car fixed.. I felt like I should help but also felt like it wasn't fair/not a good idea to me at all? I dunno
  12. i'm all for helping people,but i vote to stay out of it.
    what if the picker suddenly fails?
    engine falls on his foot?
    save yourself a potential headache.
    a good used picker is not that expensive.
    he can solve his own problem,just looking for an easy way out.

    plus,anyone who will call for an item not for sale and give you a big sob story is prolly not someone you would want to deal with.

    just my .02.
  13. yeah I wanted to help, but I'm just not going to... He called me and talked to me like he's known me forever lol, was kinda weird and awkward saying no to him :-/
  14. I wouldn't get into loaning out engine hoists or anything else either.Good for you to saty away from that.The guy is probably on the level,but,no need to take chances.He can always rent one from somewhere.Thanks for the compliments. The Sport has nothing left from the factory.Nearly every single part has been replaced.The original color was Sandalwood (pale metallic gold) with tan leather interior. The current color is Dupont Effect Green. Very different,and way different from the rest of the Birds I ever see......which was my goal.I just have to be careful to not over-do it.Mustangs can take a lot of body mods and colors that a Thunderbird just CAN'T pull off even in the dark.LOL. .The engine bay is pretty messy right now.I am swapping to another Explorer intake and selling mine to a guy on another forum (I had a cool idea smack me in the brain last night for a unique "design" that nobody else will have) ,and I'll install my roller rockers at that time.The wheels I've seen on quite a few Mustangs,but a year ago I hadn't seen them much at all,and never on a car like mine.They fit the overall look I think.

    Hopefully you'll have more funds soon to get busy again.In the meantime,I'm sure there's plenty on the old Stang you can do,clean,or whatever.Keep the pics coming as progress happens.That's almost a requirement.LOL.
  15. Your car is very clean and nice, sounds like you've put a lot of work into it!
    And of course I'll post more pictures as I go! Sorta waiting on a billet clutch quadrant so I can install the pedals and I'll pull the shift bezel and shifter, get the floor ready for the t5... I still need a new driveshaft... but yeah I'll keep updating things of course!
  16. I got a Crown Vic aluminum driveshaft and had it shortened and balanced.It was about $140.00 total.A LOT cheaper than buying one from a company that makes them (The T-Bird has a longer shaft than a Stang,although they share a LOT of parts. Same chassis basically,mine is just stretched.I watch your thread and can't wait to see some progress.Budget builds impress me the most.I know what it's like not having a large budget.I spend zero dollars from my paycheck on the Sport.The money comes from selling parts,trading,or just getting lucky and getting free stuff.A friend of mine bought an '88 Bird for scrapping (good looking car),and said I could have anything I wanted from it if I swapped the heater core in his '91 Stang....done deal.I got my fenders,doors,and a bunch of other parts there.It's been a crazy build.Parts from a lot of different vehicles.....I see you know what that's like.LOL.

    Time to get some chow. Long John Silvers time.LOL. Back after supper and a Rambo movie. Have some progress by then.LOL..
  17. long john silvers?
    I don't think I've even ate there, I'm too cool.
    Speaking of free goodies, a guy called me this morning to give me some free 2006 GT mufflers, I couldn't go to detroit today so I told him I'll call him back tomorrow and hope he still has them. Didn't think it was fair to get "dibs" on something that he was offering for free *shrugs*
  18. Free stuff RAWKS !!! Is that a factory intake I saw in the above pics?Have you thought of a Cobra or Explorer intake (you can use anything from a Fox with the adapter elbow). Good luck with the mufflers.I have 40 series Flowmasters that are getting LOUD.They will probably be replaced in a couple of months.
  19. Yes, it's a factory intake. The 94-95's had shorter intakes for hood clearance. I haven't really read anywhere that other ones work, so I didn't want to much with it. Only paid $75 for the intake/throttle body so I can't complain :nice:
  20. Dang! you can get 75 bucks out of the factory stuff? lol

    Yes, pretty much all the street style aftermarket intakes will fit under our factory hoods. I had an Edelbrock Performer that rubbed the hood blanket some, but it wasn't a big deal.