LaserSVT 2003 Cobra Progress thread

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  1. that's what she said :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  2. HAHAHAHAHA...sorry i had too

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  3. Damn that's a nice piece!

    ^^^There ya go NightShifter, have fun with that one LMAO....^^^^

    Seriously, that's a sick gauge. Definitely go with the SVT wallpaper!
  4. Im such a nood with the following quesiton

    What can you do with you wideband? Does it give you tuning capabilities?

    Stop lauging at me!!! :)
  5. Very nice! I like the svt for sure. Should be fun!
  6. Cool. What other bushings? UCA/LCA and subframe??

    You don't need an allignment after the diff bushings or subframe. But the UCA/LCA you would. I have been told that the subframe bushings are a royal PITA and are useless. Keep that in mind. My shop that I go to, just installed the stop the hop kit and the customer said it didn't do anything.
  7. It lets me tune the A/F ratio to get the most power out of the car without blowing it up or making it spit fuel out the tail pipes :nice:
  8. I just ment the three diff bushings. I KNOW if I replace them my diff will sit 1/8" higher wich is enough to possibly cause issues. Also I would like to just do all the work at once. So on Saturday I will install the bushings/CC plates/wideband and Monday have it aligned and have the sensor bung welded in. :nice:
  9. what kind of gains can you see from a good AFR tune? That little thing looks awsome. i want one lol
  10. On a supercharged application like mine and with the way I am having my tune done it could net me 40+ hp :shrug:

    On a N/A car you would only be able to tune 10 horses or so out of it with a good tuner and a good wide band versus no wideband tune.
    This way I can data log myself and send it to my tuner via email and he can write the tune based off the datalog :nice:
    Its also a great warning device. Say I dropped an injector under high boost. The wideband would warn me of the lean condition and I can get out of it before I blow the engine up... which is a good thing :rlaugh:
  11. Sure is purty :nice:

    Can you change the color of the SVT on the screen? I like the 3D look but also like the SVT look if you can change the color. That yellow isn't doing it for me :D
  12. The camera washed it out. The SVT is red just like the stock gauges are. :nice:
    Its needle looks the same too.
  13. haha you said bung sensor:D:D
  14. i kinda dig the 3d screen....but the svt screen obviously matches well
  15. gottcha, I would say that one then :nice:
  16. That looks sweet man. I like the SVT screen. I think it would flow better with your car.
  17. I just got my bushings from UPS today. The directions are like 8 pages long. They want you to pull axles shafts and the diff itself....Eff don't need to do all that. I'm just taking the front crossmember out and prying them out and installing the new ones. The rear one will be cake as well.

    Where did you read that the diff will sit 1/8" higher?? I have never come across that. Let me know how they go because like I said, I'm waiting for my diff brace and would rather install both things at once.
  18. It will sit higher in mine because my bushings are so shot that 1/8" is how much compliance/space I have. :notnice:
    And no, taking off the exhaust and subframe crossmember is all thats needed... and the two sideways bolts on the pumpkins cover :nice:
  19. Well the bushings went out today as promised but wont be delivered till Monday when they promised Saturday delivery :(

    So I will be doing the alignment without them :shrug: