Met the girl of my dreams today

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  1. Does she know you're a dyslexic, drooling geezer with CRS?

    I posted pics on FB....still waiting for one of the guys to send me one with me on my knee. Hope these will do for now..................

  2. Spent the last 2 days reading this thread. The whole thing! Didn't skim through. Drama, humor, hot rods, wheel guns, all things RC, an epic read. Read it all on my phone and when I started reading, I didn't realize it started in 06. Missed out on most of the pics, since alot of 6year old stuff isn't there. Congrats to all. My 17 year marriage came apart last year, right after she moved in with her new boyfriend. Oh well, live and learn.........
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  3. JetMech,

    Glad you enjoyed the read. BBFCM and I have been here for 10 years, seen each other through alot. Even met twice! We have some other epic threrads, but they got locked a few times!

    Been in your shoes, not fun, but it will get better.

  4. Fritz, I know you've been through a harrowing weekend (not the ring and all that, I'm talking about the packing and driving to the motel and the "Is there a tub?" stuff); but still, you can't place all that on Dan!
    We discussed this earlier at the last GCC Executive Board meeting. You WERE going to take "drooling" while I had "CRS" covered. Since you're starting to show tendancies towards CRS I'd guess Imagonnahafta take "Drooling" - but YOU, my friend are stuck with explaining this change in plans to Sue! She was sooooo happy that you were taking over the "Drooling" stuff and our bed-pillows were going to stay dry.

    The result is that all poor Dan is left with "Dyslexic". The good part is the he'll FINALLY have an excuse for Turn 9.... the bad news is that we'll have to get his name legally changed to "Nad" :rlaugh:
  5. I feel like Rodney Dangerfield...:confused:
  6. Lucky you don't look like him too!:D
  7. And I may be in Kansas within a month, maybe I can meet them finally?
  8. Kansas???:shrug:
  9. On the Kansas/OK border - Coffeyville for a work trip
  10. The PSP will let you wander that far?:banana:
  11. I'll be flying into Tulsa Monday morning in in Coffeyville for two days. I contacted Andy in FaceBook, up to him to meet me.

    Will he, and will I get to meet another from the closet crew?
  12. Stable.jpg I know that my Robin is my best friend and the love of my life, not only does she take good care of me and our home, but she wants "sally" finished and on the road as much as I do, she knows who Carrol Shelby was and she buys me Mustangs......!!!
  13. She got me the two red ones and a blue '06 with LeMans stripes!!!

    BTW --- Dan the Mfg of these cars also makes '65 Cobras!!!
  14. DSCN1869.JPG She got me the two red 'stangs ( '65 & '06 ) and a blue '06 with white LeMans stripes. I also have a yellow and a green '06........

    BTW ---- Dan, the mfg of these ( Kintoy ) also make '65 Cobras!!!
  15. (4) '07 GT500s are next to be added to the stable.....
    To finish out I'll need a blue '06 w/o stripes and red, yellow and green ones w/ stripes. ;-)
  16. I don't see the Ivy Green '65 in that lineup.
  17. They don't make one in Ivy Green....gonna have to buy one (white) and repaint it Ivy Green....
    At least now I have a winter project since the garage is too crowded for me to work on "sally", I'm gonna make her a "mini-me"!!!!

  18. They also don't make fastbacks or convertibles......
  19. This thread gets a new lease on life.

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  20. Like this dimestore gem?

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