Met the girl of my dreams today

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  1. and what is special about that date? :rolleyes:
  2. Hmmm, about 150 days after the world comes to an end?
  3. Which roughly translates to ............ :shrug:
  4. You set a date to get married?
  5. :cheers:
  6. Congrats my furry friend!
  7. Hot Damn!!! Congrats Fritz! :eek:

    Will we try again for a closet reunion? :nice:
  8. Fritz is bringing his bride into the closet???

  9. Or are they coming out of the closet? :rolleyes:
  10. alright so we need a damn role call here....everyone's going everywhere and its crazy. I know dan has a new job (congrats) in sub teaching....but other than that everyone is so damn quiet! I haven't heard from jimmy since about two blue moons ago....nor have i seen anything from andy since about the same time everyone just that busy or do i stink that bad?
  11. Been meaning to talk to you about taking a shower..... :rlaugh:

    Still alive, just been working a lot recently. Pretty active with Fritz and Dan on FB; but I don't hear
    from you too often? There are pictures on FB (and I think here) of my finally meeting with Dan and Deanna a few weeks ago. Also pics shown in the Arizona Republic about ensuing damage and cleanup of the Crowne Pointe (I still think that should be pronounced "Crown-y Point-y") in Chandler.

    Also spending some time helping my wife train her new horse; he's a good horse and pretty smart; but has a few habits that need correcting. Riding him can at times be like driving a '65 Stang with a alky'd/blown 514 Lima engine under the hood.... touch things just right, and you're going 3 time the Speed of Sanity.
    Other than that, it's just burnin' powder and sendin' lead downrange.

  12. good i was almost worried you're curmudgeon-ey old butt had wandered off somehwere...:rlaugh: ALMOST

    Just got back from the OR today, had my appendix 'splode and had to get that taken out. other than that I've just been busier than hell. Not sending nearly as much lead D/R as I've wanted to either :notnice: i missed a 400m shot at a coyote the other that made me MAD!
  13. Ouch John! I was admitted to the hospital on 11/6 with a really bad case of pneumonia...was vented and in the ICU for 4 days...this coming after I went to the ED for diverticulitis. Was d/c-ed to Robin's care on the 16th, was admitted again on the 30th for the divertic and d/c-ed on 12/5. Go to see the surgeon on the 21st, going to schedule surgery then......
  14. Well it is now OFFICIAL!!! Last night at the East Marion FD's annual Installation Banquet I asked the 1st Asst Chief to request the song "Marry Me" by Train and to have it dedicated to Robin and Fritz.
    We had the dance floor to ourselves, and as the song ended I said, "Robin, you are my best friend and the love of my life." I pulled the ring out, got down on one knee and asked her, "Will you marry me?"
    I caught her completely by surprise!
    AND she did say YES!!!
  15. Woo Hoo!!!!!!

    Any pics or video for us to see? Will it be as whirlwind as andy's, or you two just gonna be happy campers?

    (BTW - I did have a great first date last night...)
  16. Pics on FB....waiting for one of the guys to send me the pic he got of me on my knee. We're already Happy Campers!
    Congrats on your first date, now you just have to string two or three more (dozen) onto that!:nice:
  17. So CONGRATS!


    When's the BIG DAY???
  18. ROFLMAO!!! RM you have CRS to the max......just scroll up and you'll find the date!!!
  19. Waiting for the pics!

    Tryinig to get a second date, we seemed to hit it off quite well, she's cute and funny too.