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  1. What should they make a stroller with a cobra motor?
  2. Sales figures have shown it's not the younger crowd that's buyingstangs. They tend to be older. The younger buyers are getting mustangs used.
  3. Are those 17" wheels? I heard that 18"s were optional. Anybody have pics on what the 18"s look like? Hopefully they look like the concepts. I can't wait to start seeing rendering of what and 06 Cobra will look like. Hope to start seeing Saleen, Steeda and Roush shots as well.
  4. The interior is awesome, no doubt, I will def. be jealous. As for the exterior, I think I prefer my the 01+'s more. IMO they look beefier since. It's def nice though..wouldn't mind having one, and I probably will get the Cobra when it comes out.
  5. I gotta say, I like those pics. It definitely has potential, I can't wait to see what SVT, Saleen, Roush, etc will do with it.
  6. I just want to see what other paint colors will be offered! I love this car!
  7. I still have a very neutral opinion of the new production design. While I feel the new interior is a major improvement, I don't like the plainness of the front, the bubble hood, the fog lights, the rear side window, the exhaust, and the bottom of the rear. Like someone already mentioned, I wish I wouldn't have seen the concept, because the final version looks very cheapened.

    The front of the concept was such a great design. It had retro styling, but it looked so futuristic at the same time. What we're left with is a design that seems 5 years stale. What I mean is that if you pulled aside a sheltered person, set up an 80's mustang and a 1994 model, they could easily tell you which was newer. If you set up a 1994 and 1999 mustang, the newer model still jumps out. Now if you set up a 1999 and 2005 GT, I think this person would be torn as to which is newer.

    I guess this is good for me, as I don't feel as if my current model mustang looks outdated now. And as for the comparison pictures above, nice, but you truly need the same angle and scale to be fair. If the picture of the current model is angled more toward the front, it looks much more muscular.

    I would still buy the new model, but it's not a "WOW---I have to own that car" feeling. Eh, it's okay.
  8. I think it looks awesome. My original plan was to sell my vert and buy a 99-04 stang when the prices dropped a bit. But after seeing these pics, I am definitely buying an 05/06 GT. I'll take one exactly like the one in these pics without the spoiler. :hail2:
  9. For those that don't think it's agressive enough just buy an aftermarket hood or a body kit. Problem solved.
  10. I like it, and will most likely buy one in a few years, but it's a shame Ford didn't address the 4x4 Dad's Lincoln LS (same platform) sits very nicely. Is it that Ford can't make a solid axle car that doesn't lookin like a truck or am I missing something? :shrug:
  11. I'm not sure I like that too much. A lot of the underbelly of the car is visible....but that can be fixed I guess. It's nice looking....and it's growing on me...but that interior has got to go. The 99+ stangs have an interior that just flows with the lines of the car better. I too can't wait to see what SVT does with this ride. That could change a lot of unfriendly opinions about this car.
  12. And, what's with the shifter??? Looks like a friggen nipple :shrug:

  13. A guy from teamshinoda asked me to do these on brad's site!
    Have them in 8 yummy colors!

  14. Looks pretty good, the spoiler is a lil over-the-top and the color is vomit, but I like it. :flag:
  15. Stock...

    Lowered with the fogs removed...
  16. How about in Dark Highland Green :)
  17. Yep, like the TheHawk05 pointed out, lower it, remove the fogs, toss on an aftermarket hood and maybe a rear side window treatment and you'll basically have the concept car.
  18. Now that I see it in better pics, I dunno how much I like it. I like it but I dont LOVE it like the concept. I think itll grow on me. It has a longish look kinda like the 70's stangs to me, def not as bad at them though
    It just needs a lil work, it looks better lowered. It allso needs a hood and thoes 1/4 windows look like they need somthing, even though I was never a big fan of the old style ones.
  19. I must admit the car is growing on me. But I still don't like the front end.