Mustang Drop Spindles

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  1. some info from one of the guys on the site.

  2. TTT - wondering if there is any progress on this and if people are still interested. I will PM Degins if he doesn't see the thread right away. I am waiting for this and EvM's full 3-link kit to be available to complete the chassis/suspension and rear end parts of my ride, then go on to creating the power. Brakes are done.
  3. i'm definitely still interested.
  4. Still interested as well!
  5. It's still happening. One of 6 projects competing for time and money.

  6. thanks for the update Dennis. care to share the other projects?
  7. Besides the drop spindles.

    A rear disc brake system to compliment the Granada front system:

    Reproduction of the 68-73 type Mustang disc brakes:
    (uses 70-73 type disc spindles/brackets), including original type hoses (68-69 type and 70-73 type in production), hardware (mostly done with the rest in production), calipers (done), rotors (in production).

    Reproduction of 65-66 KH front disc brake system:
    Shields, calipers, brackets, hoses are being modeled. I am not impressed with the SSBC reproduction. Mine will be more dimensionally faithful to the original.

    Power brake system for 65-66:

    Power brake system for 67-70:

    Securing new sources for kit parts (MCs, proportioning valves):

    Update my website:

  8. Are you staying with the 65-66 port size I would think the 67 size would be a better choice?

    Is there a way to adapt the KH system to the 70 size spendle I woudl prefer a drop spendle with the KH 4 piston caliper. Just a thought this might be something you could intergrate while you are working up the molds .
  9. I should have said 65-67 KH system. The caliper will have a 3/8 input thread.

    Making the KH system work on the 70-73 drum spindle (or drop spindle) would require at least a new rotor. I'm not sure there would be enough demand to justify the rotor stocking order. Thanks.
  10. Just a thought.

    Thanks for the responce.
  11. I've been bugging degins about these spindles off and on for the last several months. I have a feeling he will get the spindles done before my rear disc brake swap article. I swear I'm going to do it. Tell you what degins, I'll race you :p First one to get it done wins a cookie.
  12. I said before that I would use the 3/8" port. I meant the 7/16" as you suggest.
  13. I'm quite (but not 100%) sure that the 65-67 rotor fits the 70-73 spindle if you use the 70-73 wheel bearings. They have the same OD. Only the ID is different. I once did the opposite: for a mock up of a project i was working on, I installed Granada rotors on 65 spindles, using 65 wheel bearings.
  14. That is what I thought as well but was not sure.
  15. Right you are. I just fit a 65-67 rotor to a 70 type drum spindle by using a 70 type inner bearing. Of course, the 65-67 bracket fits, so the 4 pot caliper and its shield should fit as well.

    I'm not sure many will want to use the early model 4 piston caliper on 68-73 cars, but choice is good, and I appreciate the advice and suggestions.
  16. personally, i think the 4 piston calipers stop better and believe it or not you have a better choice of pads for the 4 pistons than the 68-73 calipers
  17. here's a thought, you could offer the drop spindles and the 4 piston calipers as an optional package. i'd go that route if you do.
  18. REPLY

    I agree with 1.5 inch drop.
  19. Now you are talking :D

    This is what I was trying to say in the earlier post. If it works I’m in as well.:nice:
  20. I would do it even without the drop just for the beefer pin but the drop would be nice.