Mustang II in Ford´s 2005 Commercial!!!

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  1. was it our commericial or the one with the cornfield? i was watching the games on Sunday and the ones I had seen were in the cornfield and not ours. I was mostly watching CBS sports and Fox. I was hoping they would have shown it but didn't see ours.

    Monday night football is on tonight with my Eagles. last week Monday night football also had the cornfield and not ours. i just don't understand. :shrug:
  2. can someone repost a working link plz ? I would love to see it and link is down

  3. hi, if you send me a PM with your email address, i can mail you a copy that i saved directly.

  4. Being one of those people who remember when the Mustang was introduced/ in it's inital form I think the FoxStang was / is a dissapointment. When Ford made the BloatStang in '71 it seemed normal as everything seemed to be getting bigger. The pinto stang was definately a BIG step in the right direction.

    After listening to five years of moaning about the II from the Mustang crowd the introduction of the FoxStang was like Sex after drinking Way Too Much Whiskey. Way too much anticipation and 'work' for a fizzeling payoff.

    I guess the Mustang crowd got a clue: Quit your ****en or it will just get worse.

    Let's face it, If the II was bad (it isn't) and complaining got the Fox chassis Mustang (pits) what would more wanking get us, a ProbeStang?? I shiver at the thought.

    So, in a way I guess it's a good thing the FoxStang was so popular even tough I could have done without the bland as hell, straight lined, no personality, 255ci, doesn't even look like a mustang Mustang.

    Thing that gets me is why the hell did Ford wait so long to fix the car? And they really haven't fix it properly, still looks Japanese.

    But I think I'll stop my ****ing as we've seen what that will get us.


  5. I can understand the designers of the time wanting to try something new at the time (the wedge, straight-line shape of the Fox Mustang), but they really forgot that the Mustang has a few design characteristics that should carry from model to model. The 70's seemed to bring us the stright-lined wedge design, and the 80's the jellybean design. The late 90's seemed to be a combination of the two (rounded bodies with straight creases and cut lines) and the 2000's seems to be heading into a utilitarian "military" phase with higher ground clearance, taller roofs, more pronounced wheel openings, and rugged bumpers. An SUV or pickup looks OK this way, but its funny seeing small cars with this design.

    Its ironic that in some ways the Fox Capri had more design elements in common with the older Mustangs than the Fox Mustang had 2 headlights, tailights with 3 vertical elements, and a more traditional grill. Whereas the early Fox Mustang had 4 headlights, tailights with horizontal elements, and a wedge shaped grill. If the Capri had had any side indentation at all, it would have looked like the Mustang for the 80's. :)

  6. Actaully saw both, but I think the Heritage one was on the west coast channel feeds of of DirectTv(the bar has the Sunday Ticket so they have all the games on) Didn't see it on the Monday game, I really hate TO bye the way- he needs to get leveled in the middle of one of his celebrations- Ray Lewis should have laid him out :nonono:
  7. HEHE, actually i was hoping TO was going to go in the middle of the field and dance on the large star and not the small one...again. (j/k) :D Anyway, yea, i watched the entire game and didn't see it either. If anyone could catch that on tape, with just a minute or two (or more) of whatever the show that it was aired with (so I can prove it was a commericial), that would be great!!! I would appreciate that. It will become an heirloom with the car.
  8. post

    hey estevaf! great thread!!!!!!!! :hail2:
  9. The early Fox's look so so, but the 87-93 I think looks killer, yes your right about them not looking like a mustang of the past, but times must and always do change. I still think the later Fox bodys are better that the II's, but I like all mustangs. I think it's funny that I came to this section to pay a complement and you got cocky with me. Come over to the fox board and talk bad about our cars, I know people are not going to be as nice as I am about it.
  10. 50 4 fun, don't pay any attention to Wart, he would insult his own mother just to be a prick and get a rise out of it.
  11. Hey 50 4 Fun, like I said in my previous reply to your comments. You are wecolmed here and I value your opinion deeply. Those opinions of one is not the opinions of the rest of us. Please don't feel we MII are all that way. :nonono:

  12. Hey 50, CobraIILover doesn't take critiquing very well.

    Fact, you could say he's rather childish about it.

    I must have written something that put a bug up his ass and he seems unable to poop it out.


  13. Just noticed your in Streetsboro. I'm just up the street.

    Where do you hang?

    I got cocky with you?

    So sorry you have that misperception.

    You stated you couldn't handle not having a Fox (or there abouts), I rendered my opinion on the Fox, you don't like it, not my problem, get over it.

    But then, this isn't the fox forum. Is it?

    I would have to have an interest in the FoxStang to visit the board.

    I have no interest in FoxStangs.

    And I've heard most people on that board are children, I have no interest in those either.

    And so it goes.

  14. I have plenty of bandwidth but no release from Ford allowing me to make copyright material available.

    Been tempted to put up the commercials but haven't for this very reason.

  15. But, just because only one person voices an opinion doesn't mean others don't share that opinion.

    And I happen to know some people do share to my opinion. Least to some degree.

    Just for the record.
  16. :puke:

  17. Yeah, but you also have a Chevy in your garage .... :rlaugh:

    Just teasing ya man, don't take me serious!! You'll only get heartburn!

    So what are thiose Chevies and Fords doing in the garage ... late at night ... when your not watching them ... ? Trying to make a Magnum??
  18. Well I don't hang in the BORO that much I just live there. I don't have the stang out that much, it has not been on the road in about two months, but I think here soon i am going to take it out. Do you ever go to the Streetsboro Wal-mart car show? I do sometimes, but i don't really do car shows any more. I am not mad about what you said, I just can't dislike a mustang all together. I don't really like the new 05's that much, but it's a stang so I will give it respect. Later I be back on here some time soon. Plus you guys have a hot chick on here so that cool.
  19. Hey Fastmustang II your a hottie :hail2: , noting like a fine women with a Stang I don't care what year stang it is that's still sweet. By the way I don't like the fact that ford did not include the Fox or the SN95 in that add :nonono: