Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Ok so i figured id start a progress thread i dont know how much or how often ill update but the car as it sits now ..

    70mm tb
    Pro-m MAF
    bbk shorties
    bbk h pipe
    flowmaster catback
    93 cobra reps.

    5speed swap from my 93
    Paint the car Red Candy Tri coat-(new ford color)
    Eventually HCI dont no what yet
    Chrome 93 cobras or Saleen SC reps chrome
    Black seats, carpet headliner and rear deck....

    Day 1 registered 398680_2892965200655_1678710204_n.jpg

    after tint and a wash 408156_2950651922787_405484200_n.jpg
  2. That's clean

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  3. thanks man the pics do the paint justice trust me.. i have my 6 piece smoked headlight kit too im waiting to be done with paint before i put them in
  4. Nice Notch!
  5. Dude, that thing is sweet looking.
    Kind of thinking about the same wheels for my 90 notch but I may have to wait a while till I have the cash.
    Where did you get your repro 93 wheels, and what size tires are you running on them ?
  6. Awesome! Good call, too, on the 5-speed swap. Makes driving worth it.
  7. as far as the 93s go they were on there when I bought them with nitto 555 on them
    I believe the size is 245/45/17 but don't hold me to it .

    and the car is a dog with the auto it's horrible lol
  8. nice man. looks real clean
  9. Small update !

    Hids came from ddm tuning today...
    Orderd my ford racing rebuild kit for the t5 as ive decided to get the sand out of my vag and do it myself.
    Orderd my MM oe style clutch cable with quadrant and fire wall adjuster
  10. Man, do I love the way those '93 Cobra replica's look on a notch. Almost makes me wish I got them instead of my 10th Anniversary Cobras.

    ....I still think you should colour match your trim though. ;)
  11. When it goes for paint red candy tri coat it will be color matched... Opinions- Should i do the door handles too or leave it broken up with the black
  12. Me thinks its a 4cyl...looking to be a 5.0....
  13. door handles are meant to be black.
  14. i dont know what your getting at but its a real v8 car..... im doing the car the way i want it though
  15. thought so .. just wanted to see what others opinion was...
  16. i kinda like the painted door handles, mirrors too!
  17. Me thinks you're a dumbass.

    I'd leave the trim black. Love the look of black body moldings. Definitely leave the door handles, window trim, and side mirrors black too.
  18. It was a joke relax....go install your h.i.d.'s lol
  19. It was a got upset...told you I was kidding around..if you really have the h.i.d.'s install them..whats tough about that? Anyhow good luck making the car into what you want it to be..and dont be so uptight.:)