My parts are ordered

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 2k2SilverBullet, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. I just ordered Mac Prochamber, Magnapack w/4" Tips, C&L Upper Plenum w/Accufab 75MM Polished TB...... this is all my x-mas presents. Should free up some of the horses in the stang...spring time rolls around t/a and lower springs w/ uca/lca
  2. nice :nice: ..I love xmas time :D
  3. What kind of gains do you guys think i will gain from this setup. I think i chose the right parts, because i will be going to the boost side in about a year or so
  4. I would say around 30 HP...maybe I'm too optimistic but definitly good mods...
  5. awesome thanks
  6. damn...nice choice of parts.....I think you will like your new sound!
  7. the c&L + 75mm TB brings quite some HP with the prochamber...the cat back might get u 5HP.
    Do you have any kind of aftermarket headers or mid pipe already ?
  8. i hope so im hooked on the magnapacks and those tips are sweet, the only reason i went with this setup is because i seen nice dyno # from pc and they just flat our rock in sound
  9. nope my car is all stock except for gears and cold air for now. I got the prochamber as a mid pipe thats coming in next week. and i just ordered my upper plenum and tb
  10. Great you'll be as loud as me hehe.

    Tulsa in the spring :banana:
  11. you know it man.......13's here we come...if i ever figure out how to launch w/ dr's
  12. mean YOU....Im already there haha

    woulda been there if we stayed longer last time
  13. i know i was frustrated about the no 13 sec slip its kk though i'll get it with the new setup
  14. I'd say your looking at around 20 rwhp added. I did the entire exhaust and a CAI and I am hoping to get mine dyno'd this weekend. I will post the numbers as soon as I can. I want to get it dyno'd before I do my next mods!!

  15. how was the long tube install
  16. It was a bear at first, then we said screw it, pulled the K member and it went much easier, lol. Got to have a lift and a friend with some good tools. Or the cash to pay someone else to do it. SOTP was WOW!!!

  17. i hope i will have some SOTP after all this
  18. I am sure you will! I was surprised at how much more responsive it was without doing any head work. Tires rip much easier now, even while I am rolling!

    Did you order your plenum and throttle body from CRMotorsports? I know they are having a monthly special on that exact combo right now. I was thinking of doing that myself, then going for the DiabloSport chip and tuning software. Then I am seriously going to be looking at the stage 2 heads from Tim and his gang. I suppose I should start looking at a clutch soon! :rlaugh:

  19. Im getting mine from my friend dave at JD"s Performance great guy great prices. Im sending the money order tommorow for it
  20. What is his price for the set?