New CAR!!! NEW Member!!! Asian!!! PLEASE YOU MUST READ THIS!!!

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    it was 7:04 am. I started my car waking up the neighbors.(saturday)
    it has been about a week since i started and drove my mustang.
    went to starbucks grabed some coffee and headed out to freeway...
    people turning around to look at what kind of car is that loud...
    i smile...
    got onto 101 hollywood freeway...just regular traffic

    so i decide to speed a little bit. but not much...since i have skinny tires in the front i am scared...

    i see 2 wide body looking cars...i get closer and closer
    2 911's side by side driving slow.. looking at eachother... admiring eachothers car. looking like bankers or lawyers going to work at downtown LA

    i decide to rev up telling them to let me by....
    nope they are doing the speed limits (70 lol)

    i decided to down shift for the first time in my mustang....WHOA:eek:

    i get pull back to the seat...i hear really loud exhaust note...i floor my gas.:eek:

    i hear loud motor winding of the 911 downshifts:jaw:

    my gas fully floored...911's gas floored...we were side by side for a just a few seconds....

    i am mustang is getting faster and i am fully 2 cars ahead...going about 120 mph...:crazy:

    he high beams me and slows down. i slow down. he rolls down his window...
    he gives me thumbs up...i laugh...

    my steering wheel shaking...
    i exit at hollywood and highland...

    stop at the stop light...taking deep breath....taking sip of my coffee thinking WOW my car is freaking fast.

    taking another sip of my cofee.... i think i am gonna puke....

    it is a GREAT MORNING.:nice:
  2. From what it looks like the cobra just has a throttle body onit, and thats hjow it should be. The egr spaceer on cobra intakes are built in. so no need for one...and i like what ur doing i think. Can you post some links to the wing and a couple of the body panels you got? But nice to see you spending your money on the the fox and not something else! :D
  3. can you also post a pic of your engine bay as a whole not just small shots of individual parts pweeeety please :D.
  4. I will post more pics this evening.
    i will lay out the body kits and other body girlfriend is gonna kill me!!

    she already thinks i am making a mess.. she asked me yesterday looking at a cobra intake yelling at me "WHY IS YOUR ENGINE IN THE HOUSE!!!!!????? take it outside!!!you are dirting the carpet!!!":mad: :mad:
    this is whatkind of enviroment i live in...and she has 2 dogs....GRRRR" at least my intake don't piss inside the house...:bang: :bang: ..

    i just got to work. yeah yeah yeah... i work weekends..and that's why i get more money overtime you i can dump it into my car..

    but i will do the whole shot of the car's engine bay and other little stuff i missed. thanks
  5. lmao! my gf always gives me crap too, but that justs adds too the fun! i love seeing her mad! hahaha and thanks man. it is amazing how much money you went right after it with! obviously if had the loot lying around id be spending like that too though. lmfao...the gf part is priceless!
  6. OK....i gotta slowdown because i think i am spending all my installation money...i just bought autometer phantom oil pressure guage and air/fuel ratio guage. just because it looks cool...j/k.
    Can anyone tell me how to install these>? thanks fellas
  7. wow, for someone new you sure know a hell of a lot more than some others on this site
  8. good progress...cant wait to see it all come togeather!
  9. Anyone know if 94-95 MAF & sensor will work on 87-93??? let me know. thanks
  10. hollywoodstang... Why don't you just install everything yourself, and spend the install money on tools + parts... With all the people here, you can do anything to your car and have it run right!

    Edit: I know the 94-95 have a flange on it that you have to cut off, but i'm not sure about the actual sensor.... You can reuse your stock sensor, but I think it takes some work.

    I thought you where going with 24lb/h injectors? The stock 94-95 MAS wont work with 24lb/h injectors.
  11. Yes it will, although I think you need to buy an adapter for one side. But as state above, not with 24s
  12. ahhhh....that's why

    ah,,,i get it... so i can't use the 94-95 maf....then i will have to go another route...but how or who can i take it get the sensors calibrated to 24lbs? the injectors i bought is 24lbs. and mine is orange so i know it's 19lbs.:shrug:

    and for those who have questions about why am i not doing it myself is because simply i do not know how and i do not have the time to do it or the tools and i do not want to mess anything up by doing it myself. if you know how to do everything and you are pro at it AND can give me a warrenty AND you can do a clean job you can contact me. and i will pay you to do the job.:nice:

    The reason why i take it to the shop is they are responsible for everything they do to this car...i am not just some punk kid who will get suckerd from some mechanic.:nono:

    i am a boss of a big if any mechanic mess my car up they will get sued PERIOD. and they know it. :owned:
    i simply do not mess around when it comes to my car and my money.:mad:
  13. so far i have spent about $3500 on parts and that's not including wheels and body kit and etc..etc..
    compared to import parts that's cheap i think...
    far as ovehauling...i still have to spend another $3-4k on paint and to make the body perfect.
    and another $2k to install all these parts i think....

    i planned to spent about $10k on this car to make it run perfect...and i will take a pause there and go on from there and on to get turbo or supercharger later on that year or following year.

    i am not doing anything internal until i visit arron's shop(mustangwerks) on rancho cucamamga. god know where that's about 1 and 1/2 hrs away from me i've heard...

    i think i am gonna have arron's shop polish all the main engine parts such as intake and heads and other little stuff and i am going to talk to them about the supercharger or turbo charger install. i have saved money for those parts aside already...

    i have planned this when i first got the car...and it's not like i jumped to this blindfolded. i had import experience remember??

    i had plans baby!!!
  14. Everytime I see this thread at the top, I laugh... "Asian!!!" Who the hell cares if your black, white, purple, asian, a cracker... whatever... Is being "asian" part of your tech question or what?
  15. Aren't you proud of your race? Well the azn's around here are extremely proud... They display it as much as they can....
  16. HICKFIED - I'd love to take you up on that offer to help with instruction/installation help. I am working on putting a vert togeather & need help in several area's. If you can shoot me an email at [email protected]... I can go into detail of whats on the ride & what I am looking to acomplish. Anyone else please feel free to drop a line as well. I was thinking about starting a post like this one to cover several questions... but I know the info is already on here somewhere (just need some direction).
  17. ok whatever man...i thought asian didn't get into mustangs that hardcore so that's why i post as it is. so if you have a problem come to cali and we will settle it. what?! not trash talk me. J/K

    anyways....i just bought(today) 24lbs injectors and c&l 73mm maf.
    so where do i take this to calibrated? or do i have to take my whole car to the shop or to the dealer? since cpu is in the car...and where is the cpu in the mustang? i didn't look for it. is it near kick panel like the imports? let me know. thanks
  18. What set of gt40 heads are we talking about here? I'm guessing that for $400 they are irons or p's.

    I'm doubting in this day and age, any magazine is going to put a gt40 headed auto car on the cover. May 5-10 years ago, but not now.

    Sell the heads and buy another set. Heads make all the power, they are the difference in driving a mid 13 car, and a low 12 high 11 car.
    You only paid $400 for them, you should be able to get close to that on ebay for them.

    BTW, any shop that you told what you are doing (with mag hopes) and they let you use those heads, either just wants your money, or they are clueless.
  19. sell the rims keep the ones on there now. They are kinda ricey