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  1. Holy crap. If it had teeth it would have bit me. I need to cut back on the Jack n Cokes.
  2. Particularly when consumed as breakfast. :D
  3. BTW.... it Tastes great on Corn Flakes when you run out of milk. lol
  4. I did 4 years in the navy. At the end of the day it was like attending a non accredited college
  5. At the end of my first 4 years, I had accumulated enough credits through the Air Force to complete an associates degree minus the 5 general ed classes.
  6. Did 4 years in the Marine Corps. fellas. Looks like we have more in common than we knew.
  7. Cool. If I could do it all over again I think I would've went to school right away. I worked on gas turbine engines made by bell textron but couldn't get a job w bell because I didn't have any certification such as airframe and power plant lisc. They lead you to believe you can get out and get to work in the field you were in but that's not often the case. There are a lot of military retirees working at Home Depot. If you go in and only do 4 years you might be better off not joining and applying for fininacial aid and going to school.

  8. True story. I often wonder what my life would be like had I not made a career of the AF. I've gotten all of my tickets for airframe, power plant, inspector, mechanic, and a couple others that I don't recall the proper names for. Here's the thing though.... After nearly 25 years of wrenching on aircraft, I've no desire to keep doing that. lol

    As for the Home Depot guys... A lot of those folks do that because they don't need the high paying jobs and associated stresses. They wanna go in, stock a few shelves, not take chit from anyone and go fishing every weekend. That very thought has crossed my mind on NUMEROUS occasions.

    But I've got a knack for IT. I was a Novell certified network engineer before I graduated from high school even. So now I'm going back to school and finish up a degree in computer science and IT.
  9. How old are you noobz if ya don't mind, just curious? Oh and when I was getting out back in 04 they were the retention rate was at a decline. They weren't giving much of a bonus if any in a lot of rates due to over crowding and cut backs I suppose. Also say you couldn't make e4, e5, etc they were making reenlistment tough. There were a lot of people pna ( pass no asvance) the tests for advancement due to over manned rates. E4 is not automatic in the navy
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  10. somewhere around 69? ;)
  11. Lol sorry guys that's my thread....idk why I posted it in talk to be honest I just kind of did because I'm allways just on the talk side of things and have kind of felt more comfortable whith the talk guys answered idk I feel like there's different people on tthe tech side of things. Should have posted it there my bad guys :shrug::shrug:
  12. Ha no sweat I do it all the time, more eyes to help ya ;). Did ya ever get a handle on it bro?

  13. Well, I joined when I was 19 and just retired after almost 25 years so.....

    What year is it anyhow? :chin
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  14. Ha! I feel ya
  15. Actually no not yet lol I found out ny bypass hose is shot so hopefully that's all it is...its depressing me I want my car normal lol
  16. I know the feeling, it gets frustrating