No Wonder Everyone Hates the 6!!!

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by 5-SpeedStallion, Apr 13, 2004.

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  1. Not as much as your 4.6
  2. Wow... What price numbnutz?
  3. No need for name calling...people are getting touchy on these boards lately :nonono:

    2600 to 3000 for a SC

    ~2000 to 2500 for H/C/I with fuel upgrades.

    so for ~5 to 6 grand you can be running in the 400 HP range easy, mind you the tranny will likely need to be upgraded after you blow it up. there is always the bolt on crap as well that costs you the nickle and dime here and there.
  4. Holy **** stop the ****ing flaming! We all own mustangs here and even if some of us know more than others we should TEACH the others what we know. Not bash them because they don't know. Everyone looking at this thread at one point knew jack **** about cars. If you don't agree with what someone has done with their car...MOVE ON. Unless you pay for their car, gas, and insurance take a big breath and drink a nice cold glass of STFU. :rolleyes:
  5. What kind of H/C/I is this?

    Supercharger should give around 240-260 to the wheels on 8 psi... right? How is it going to get an extra 150 with just H/C/I??
  6. Why dont you stfu **** :mad: :fuss:
  7. That's why I posted that a bolt-on V8 can get the same numbers as a cammed, bored, stroked, bolt-on V6. :shrug:

    Well for the same amount of money a GT can be in the 500-600 hp range, what's the point?

    I used to have a 4-banger LX and for $5-6 grand I could've had that sucker running low 11s....course the car wasn't worth that much, so it would defeat the purpose of investing that kinda money into it.
  8. :rolleyes: I think you should be the one to stfu. You would argue with a pregnant woman about when her baby is due. :notnice:
  9. I really dont care what you do with your v6erz... If you can beat the v8s Props to you. But why do you guys say it costs more to build up the v8? Superchargers for our cars are around 3-4 grand and gives around 340-360 to the wheels.
  10. NO ill just dragon punch the ****!

  11. Supercharger for mine cost around the same money but I will put down 380-410rwhp. So why bother with a GT? :shrug: Do you see where I am going with this? Some people like to be different. As long as it has a Mustang on it and not a bowtie I am fine with it. Lets all get along now.
  12. I figured that would shut up alot of people.
  13. You dumb ****... You didnt even bother reading this thread did you?

    Dumbass,... From this point on youll be banned from tang discussion! :mad:

    :lol: :rlaugh: :lol:
  14. Bottom line is V8 (Cobra) > V8 (GT) > V6

    Any which way you slice it, thats what it boils down to. Whatever you 6'ers say to make yourselves feel better is you're own preference :nice:
  15. I read some of it. And who cares if they think a V6 is better than a V8. They are just trying to stick up for their car. Nothing wrong with that. The problem with most V8 guys here is if a retarded little kid told you that 4+5 was 10 you would argue with them probably to the point of a fist fight that they were wrong. :nonono: Sometimes you just gotta let it go...
  16. One modded more than the other will beat it... But mod for mod it will always stay the way its listed. SO if you have a quick V6 good for you.
  17. NO the point is the v8 stangs was brought up for no reason... Hell the guy that started this thread owns a v6. Wacked out people we got here mang. :eek:
  18. And yes i would beat up that kid :mad:
  19. Maybe they are jealous of a V8 Mustang deep down....did that ever cross your peanut?
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