OT: What does everyone do for a living

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  1. You're lucky, you only have one. I have two, Dumb and Dumber. :bang:
  2. I am the head sales rep in a bridal shop....i have to pay for school somehow...but one day i will have my custom hot rod shop

  3. Only two? How did you get off so easily???? I've got a whole stinkin' Downtown Phoenix skyscraper full of them :bang: Just remember; very reliable rumor centrals postulate that our new CEO's mission is to "fix" our company so that your Parent Company can/will buy us. (Same thing he did with Ameritech). :doh:

    Still Dreamin'
  4. Have a Associate of Science in Computer Animation...Looking for work as we speak!!
  5. Penguin that avatar picture sucks dude.
  6. undergrad degree, master's degree about to go to law school and currently work for Cook County Gov't in Chicago. Responsible for hiring, testing and application process for all Cook County positions. See why I have to work on my car. Can you say "Stress Remover" :banana: :banana: :banana:

  7. Really?! Would any of this be related with LLNL???

  8. Good point Ozsum67, I did use the term "handle" rather loosely, perhaps I should have said "When the student is unable to behave in such a manner as to not distract from the educational environment of the fellow peers." Yes there is a large shortage in Spec. Ed. teachers, which is a shame. My BD students are starving for attention and positive roll models. I don't know about the rest of your jobs, but just the ability to fill that hole with a Christian influence has me jumping out of bed every morning.
  9. It's kinda funny how really enjoying your job can do that. I've had jobs that were so bad, I looked for an excuse to call in sick. Now I enjoy my job to the point that I rarely take a day off. I can't place the importance of my job in the same level as yours, but I love it all the same.
  10. BBA,MBA Engineering/Quality Manager for a company that builds and ecoats class 8 trucks and the new Ford GT

    69 302 C4 coupe
    Roller rockers, Holly, Heidmen
    all new suspension - front and rear
    TCP rack & pinion
    Added power discs
    New interior
    New paint
  11. Retired from General Motors in the year 2000, At G.M. you can retire with thirty years in regardless of age . I retired with almost 34 years at age 52. It is great every day is a holiday
  12. Why? It's just a penguin :shrug:
  13. I work for Philip Morris USA (tobacco co.) as a Territory Sales Manager in Chicago.

    Prior to that I was a bartender and waiter for 4 years during my stay at the University of Illinois.
  14. I am a Network Administrator. I was a software tester before that.
  15. Work for ExxonMobil out of Mobile, Al. Title Operator.
    Turn 55 this month, so i can retire at anytime.
    NO, I don't control the price of gas!!!!!
  16. ...but do you get a discount? I work for a large Telecom company and I don't get any discounts now because I don't live in their service area, but when we were a SMALLER company, I got a $3/month discount off my phone bill...whoopie!
  17. Product manager - Beer !

    I am a Product Manager for a large Packaging Company. I look after all the Microbreweries across the US & Canada.... yes I get free Beer !

    I also own a small High Performance auto parts company that specializes in Classic & Late Model Mustang Brake Upgrades.... check me out...
  18. Mechanical designer (non-degreed engineer, Have Assoc. degree) in Applications Engineering for Hartzell Propeller. I design spinner domes and mounting plates & hardware to mate props with planes, model Blades and forgings for manufacturing, model propeller assemblies for aircraft companies for aircraft development.
  19. Uh oh! You just became the GBM's new best friend!:lol:
  20. BEWARE!

    watch your toes.....