Paint Color For My 86 Gt

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  1. Yes I know. The fact that they painted there cars the new SRT grey shouldn't mean I can't paint mine the new Ford Sterling grey. Ok what do you think about racing stripes on it? Maybe in titanium grey?
  2. I love stripes that dont jump out at you. When they are a shade or two lighter or darker than the car, then :nice:. Of course, this is just my opinion.
  3. Thats exactly what I am thinking and if the stripes had ghost flames in them that were only seen in the right light I would possibly take my car to car shows.
  4. Just dont go overboard to the point of being gaudy... What about ghost stripes? Then if you later wish you didnt have stripes, they wont be that noticeable anyway. ;)
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  5. The reason I must paint my car. I took the fiberglass doors off my car so I'm back to steel ones. Wrong color. My hood blew off at the races so new hood is black. I don't want to drive a multi colored car.
    I cant believe my buddy got this picture as it was happening.
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  6. I hear you. It would be tasteful whatever I do. No mullets here.
  7. 182660_1894676126386_2123102_n.jpg 2103_1099885977129_5787_n-1.jpg

    this is my friends 04 Tiburon in cobalt blue.
  8. FlameMustangCobra.jpg

    hahaha just came across this looks sweet.

    pic is from forza
  9. That is sweet but thats something that people would remember and the sound of my car draws enough attention to it I don't need the look of it doing the same.
  10. Always thought of that Ghost Stripes!!!:nice:
  11. how bout pearly white? 90 mustang2.jpg
  12. I have always wanted the lariat limited f150 because of its pearl white. It is not a color for my car though. Thx for the suggestion.
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  13. I've always liked black cherry pearl.

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  14. sounds like a stripper
  15. Im all out of mustangs
  16. I know a gal named Pearl but she def ain't no cherry;)

  17. Holy low mufflers batman
  18. Yes those are low mufflers. I think they may scrap a few speed bumps.
  19. I like the rims on tis car 6oe4.jpg
    anyone dealt with ccw?
  20. Those look sweet