Drivetrain Pictorial Guide To Odometer Gear Replacement

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  1. thanks for such a great write up

    this was great just the info I needed. thanks :hail2::hail2::hail2:
  2. Thanks for the GREAT Post!

    My odometers quit working suddenly last week. I found this article thanks to Google. I ordered parts on Saturday, received the gears Monday installed them about an hour ago and everything is now working!

    Thanks again!
  3. I've been staring at the same mileage for years. lol

    I'll be tackling this soon. Kudos for the How-To.
  4. that is very good information.:hail2: the pictures help alot and show detail. :nice:mine doesnt work either. thought it would be more expensive to fix it. ive looked for the gear online and in auto parts stores. best choice is to order it on for $25. i found it on ebay ranging from 40 to 55.
  5. Jinx,

    It sounds like your guide is just what I need for my 95 GT but, I cannot see the pictures! I've tried a number of different links and 2 browsers with the same result. Do you have a copy you can send by e-mail or is there another location where the pictures are visible?

    Many thanks,

  6. Not sure if you are running a 32 bit or 64 bit browser. That may have something to do with compatability issues, however, the latest firefox browser loads the pictures just fine. If you need to link directly to the photobucket directory where they are located, just follow the link in the pictures. Hope this helps.
  7. a lot cheaper if you just go to a salvage and take one out of a mustang... 8 bucks
  8. Uhhh, negative. Those in the junkyard, providing they still work, are on borrowed time themselves. You're wasting your time and money if you buy one from a junkyard. Case in point, i did the same thing and bought an entire cluster just to get the darn odometer.. worked for about 4 months and stopped just like the old one.

    I have a new one in my car now and it works just fine a year after I installed it.
  9. Thanks Jinx...everything worked great. The only problems I ran into were
    1. Now the car gives an alarm beep for about one minute after I start it did not do this before, and
    2. I broke the speedometer needle stop post that keeps the needle from dropping past zero.
    Any ideas on either problem?
    And thanks again for the information...I would not have attempted this without these detailed instructions!
  10. Sorry for the long wait, I could have swore I replied to your post, but I don't see it here.

    My thoughts are to fix the pin first. The alarm may have something to with alerting you to the broken pin that the needles may detect during the start up sweep. Computers are damn smart these days. If you fix the pin and the alarm continues, then you might want to do some more searching or ask a Ford Tech.

    You might try the salvage yards for a replacement pin. They may have clusters that are cracked or broken, but you don't need the cluster, just the pin. However in today's economy, the salvage yard may make you buy the entire cluster for the stop pin. If that's the case, I would McGyver one :nice:
  11. Holy crap. My odometer is broken, and I live literally two miles from the guy who runs this odometer gear business. How perfect is that?
  12. And by the way, for those asking about grease, I read on the site that grease isn't needed, as graphite is one of the components of the gear material.
  13. Did the gear replacement today and it would have taken me perhaps 40 minutes if I hadn't run across a little problem.

    The old drive gear just crumbled when I took it out. The old black worm gear LOOKED ok but I'd ordered a new one just in case. Good thing, too, because it also crumbled when I was removing it from the odometer drive motor.

    The new worm gear (white) was a REALLY tight fit. I couldn't get it on as far as the old gear but I figured it was on far enough. WRONG. After reassembling and test driving, the trip meter ran for about a half mile and just quit.

    Took the instrument cluster out and looked real close : the worm gear was touching the drive shaft for the trip meter. Took the odo motor out and actually had to use a rubber mallet to get the worm drive on any further.(I don't recommend this because I could have easily damaged the odo motor.) Probably should have tried to enlarge the hole in the worm gear before putting it on.

    Anyway, a couple hours after I started, it's working fine now, thanks to the instructions here, and the PDF file I linked in my previous post.
  14. great write up, But am I the only one who is having trouble with the headlight knob coming off?

    Your picture shows some sort of white tab it looks like, mine only has a split piece of metal in the plastic tubing. I've tried everything (prying, pushing, pulling...ect) still nothing. Anyone have any words of wisdom?
  15. That white tab is just the camera flash reflecting off the metal tab. I recall pushing the tab in one direction to remove the knob, while others had success pushing in the opposite direction. Maybe it depends on how the tab got installed at the factory. :shrug:
  16. The problem I am having is there is tab of any kind. All I can see is just that metal tubing with the slit in it with no tab surrounding it of any kind. Maybe someone broke it off before me??? I'm at a lose on how to go about it now.
  17. ^^^ Valid point. Perhaps the original owner had attempted removal of the knob and ended up breaking the retention tab. They may have super glued the knob back on. According to the manufacturer, Acetone will break the glue bond. Not sure how it will affect the plastic.

  18. Well after much force, I finally defeated it lol. It was glued on by some apoxy so I'll either have to superglue it back on or just order another one.

    My worm gear is in good shape but the Drive gear is terrible ha. When I go to remove the Drive gear it is turning my mileage though, any tips on an easy way to get it out without turning them?
  19. Sounds like you're doing OK. Some movement is normal.